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Calipari uses Twitter to explain Kentucky’s recruiting success


No college basketball coach seems to understand the value of Twitter better than John Calipari. He never misses a chance to promote the UK program and just when it seems there is no buzz about UK basketball, he creates some like he did over the weekend.

Calipari posted a series of messages on Twitter Saturday to explain UK’s recruiting success — and make recruits take note of Kentucky during an open recruiting period.

Here are the messages he sent out to over 1,200,000 followers:

“You want to know why players are picking Kentucky? Here’s what I think: Their families trust us with their child.”

“They know we’re about education and they know we’re going to do what we say.”

“They know we have their child’s interest on the forefront of our minds. It’s players first.”

“Players know they are going to get better on and off the court … and if they work hard and play for their teammates, they can reach their potential and their dreams.”

“Lastly, we’re not trying to recruit kids to our style of play. We’re recruiting kids to try to do everything we can to make them better.”

“It’s more about them being the best player they can be than playing a certain style.”

“All of our players get better, and that’s what they’re looking for. Bottom line, they know our .”

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  1. Ben

    I think this is more UK posting out Cal’s talking points. I doubt that Cal actually does his own twitter posting. I am not taking anything away from Cal, he just as so much to do. Most schools handle the social media for its coaches! Cal does a fantastic job of running a successful program. He is truly a great leader.

  2. King Ghidora

    I love it that Cal goes right to the public with his message of how and why the BBN operates as it does. He skips the filter of the media which is so often opposed to everything UK. The results have been staggering in their success IMO. Cal has not been afraid to confront that media either. Now UK is being perceived as “America’s Team” as Craig Victor, the nation’s #19 recruit, put it. UK has been able to throw off the shackles of the media and talk directly to fans and recruits alike. And it has been a great asset in both arenas. There are certainly still jealous fans who will slander UK at every opportunity but their barbs look more and more desperate and baseless as the truth continues to be told. UK fans know that the slander of pay offs and grade fixing has been directly addressed and UK has come up smelling like a rose. It’s very easy to counter the jealous now because the truth is common knowledge and it’s Cal and UK blogs (like this one) that tell the real truth about the BBN program. And as more and more dirt comes out about the so called pure programs of the ACC it becomes incredibly obvious what we have known all along – that UK is the place that does things the right way while the media darling teams have operated with impunity thinking the media and the NCAA had their back at every turn. The new media speaks with a loud voice. It was an NC St. fan that dug up the dirt on the UNC fake class scandal after the NCAA gave them a free ride (as usual). It was pretty hard to argue with copies of transcripts showing that UNC basketball players had indeed received credit for classes that didn’t exist and that the scandal extended much farther back than UNC had claimed (in their own investigation of their football program). Now the governor of NC and certain media figures have taken on the Tar Heels and the NCAA for their scandalous methods.

    With Cal revealing the truth of the UK Way, as the approach espoused by Cal is coming to be known. We no longer have to take it from the national media with no way to speak up. Cal and the rest of the BBN new media from the fans up to the bloggers now have the ability to point out that UK has had excellent results with getting players through their second semester. Before there was no way to respond when some irresponsible, biased reporter made claims that such things weren’t true. Thank goodness for the new media and those that know how to use it well (like Cal and Larry).

  3. Larry T Clemons

    And thank you, King, ” For A Great Post “.

  4. Kokamo Joe

    I continue to marvel at Calipari’s expertise in public relations. As Larry wrote in his column, no coach in the country realizes the value of twitter and that when the UK buzz dies down, he creates it anew. He is a marvel to witness.

    Is it the UK way that brings the best of the best to UK? It certainally does not hurt to have Calipari talk about “kids first” etc. I continue to think that it is Calipari who is the kingpin to getting these recruits. He molds them and moves them out to make room for future recruits. The success is now snowballing. His 2013-14 team is star studded and he is already offering the 2014-15 team.

    Is UK America’s team? It…or rather Calipari (since Calipari coaches UK the program takes on his luster) is America’s favorite of the aspiring high school kids who have ambition of playing in the NBA. I would say that because of Calipari’s success in both recruiting and winning, UK is not America’s team. Jealousy prevents that. As you have posted the national media, and I expect fans of the other major program would look for anything to criticize or harm the program. That happens when you are on top.

  5. Larry T Clemons

    Can you marvel in silence…. UK is not your Team… KJ, you insult Coach & harm Our Program… And if a Young Baller says, ” UK is looked at by other Young Players as America’s Team ” who are you KJ to say he’s wrong, (there you go Mind Reading, again) ? UK will only never be America’s Team To You. More Non Kentucky People Watch UK BASKETBALL, than any other College Team…More NBA Players watch Ky Basketball, then any other College Team…Ky also has more International Fans than any other College Basketball Program. Calipari, is doing a World-Wide Mind warp on everyone, with his PR Skills, right KJ….Are, maybe he’s getting Good Players to Play Great Basketball to continue what RUPP, HALL & PITINO did with Our Great Kentucky Program…Yes Coach Cal uses 21st Century Media, that was never used by any other UK Coach, duh ! They didn’t have twitter. I’m still waiting for a Positive Post from KJ, you almost gave one last weak. And, I’m still waiting for you to uncover those post were you say I trashed Louisville’s current Team…???

  6. Larry T Clemons

    Kokamo Joe, It’s called KENTUCKY BASKETBALL, ” NOT ” Calipari Basketball, except in your mind, of course. BBN (Big Blue Nation) & BBI (Big Blue International) has always been growing, even before Coach Cal, imagine that. Coach Cal is just BBN & BBI’s new Coach Rupp in the 21 st Century…. Don’t you think UCLA would love to find themselves a Modern Coach Wooden, ” Of Course they would ! “

  7. Kokamo Joe

    Can you read? Do you read? Here is my quote ” it is America’s favorite of the aspiring high school kids who have ambition of playing in the NBA. Now, come on Larry…where did I write that the “young baller” was wrong.

    I continue to think that there is no “America’s college basketball team” IT IS TO US AND THERE ARE PLENTY OF US. But there are several hundred basketball teams in the country and I expect that each of them have fans that would disagree with that idea. Are we America’s team to Duke, North Carolina, Notre Dame, U Conn, Kansas and a host of other major programs? What Cats do you think that the newspapers and fans in Phoenix support.

    We have the largest and most loyal fan base in the country. Transported and traveling fans proudly display their colors.

    Positive comment? Check out this quote “I continue to marvel at Calipari’s expertise in public relations. As Larry wrote in his column, no coach in the country realizes the value of twitter and when the buzz of UK dies down, he creates it anew. He is a marvel to witness. You say that that comment is not positive. In fact almost all of my comments are positive.

    UK is not my team? How wrong could any man be?

  8. Kokamo Joe

    Just a few years ago half of the BBN was up in arms over Tubby Smith. Petitions were circulated with the intent of chasing him from UK. Others supported him. Then came Billy Gillispie many of the BBN thought we had a winner. He began to recruit and commit UK to 8th and 9th graders and a couple of them moved to…Shelby County and Clark County. Then he soured and after a couple of years he was gone. We also remember the turn around from Sutton that Rick Pitino brought to us.

    Leaders, in this case, coaches bring success to college programs. It is easier at a school which is rich in tradition like UK, but it takes a very good coach to bring the type of success that Calipari is bringing to UK.

    Make no mistake, our success is due to Calipari. YOU ARE CORRECT…HE IS THE NEW RUPP. Did we have this success before he came? The rock star status that UK fans give their players, and the atmosphere at UK are important, but IMO it is the ability of Calipari recruit great freshmen year after year after year after…and his ability to mold into better players and then send them on to the pros as soon as possible is what is rocking the BBN now.

  9. Anonymous

    KOKO JO, you said it RIGHT HERE ! ” I would say that because of Calipari’s success in both recruiting and winning, UK is not America’s team. ” Man, come on, I’m copy/paste YOUR WORDS, then you ask Me, ” Now, come on Larry…where did I write that the “young baller” was wrong. Re-read your own words, ” UK is not America’s Team”….Your words Dude…. forget you reasons for the comment, but you did say it !

  10. Larry T Clemons

    KJ, I don’t expect a Packers Fan to agree that the Dallas Cowboy’s were America’s Team, ” But They Were ! “

  11. Larry T Clemons

    Still waiting for that post where you accused me of trashing the Louisville Cardinal ??? I did not intend to post above anonymous, I’m proud of what I say and stand behind it….KJ, you a UK Fan, don’t say it, show it with your Post… And thank you, I know I am correct….

  12. King Ghidora

    Please try to remember that it was a potential recruit that said UK was “America’s Team” KJ. None of us said it. I just repeated what the kid said. And from the looks of the recruits coming in I’d say there is something to it. I saw other comments from potential recruits just this week that talked about how UK was the place to be for recruits. They all seem to want to be part of the BBN. That sounds a lot like “America’s Team” to me. Obviously there is no official title for that honor. Why take a shot at the team saying it isn’t? Yes Cal has recruited extremely well but so did Pitino, Hall and Rupp AND Sutton. Sutton just got railroaded before his team came into existence. He had a magnificent group of players coming to UK when the NCAA came calling. They didn’t want UK to be back on top just like they didn’t want it when they investigated every lame accusation the media cooked up about UK when Cal came to town.

    Yes Smith failed to bring in the talent after initially signing great talent. He did some things that soured not only his current players at the time but potential recruits on playing for the BBN. Yes Clyde was a lunatic that didn’t have a clue how to run a major program. But the vast majority of my life UK has been a dominant force in college basketball. I’ve seen all the truly great UK coaches. Cal has done extremely well but so did other coaches at UK. Maybe not as well but close and we really haven’t seen Cal do things on the level Pitino did. But the difference is that Cal wants to be at UK. Pitino looked at UK as a stepping stone obviously. I don’t think Cal has any desire to go elsewhere. He’s tried the pro game and it didn’t work out because pros don’t want to be told how to do things unless they think you’ve been a pro player and know the game from that position.

    I think a lot of us just wonder why you would say things like “there is no America’s college basketball team”. Do you think we don’t know other fans don’t like the Cats? It was good to hear a recruit say that. We aren’t so stupid as to think the world agrees with him. But clearly it is something some people think. So why try to shift the emphasis from the program to the coach? The program was very good before the coach came. Yes there were lean years for a long time but I remember other lean periods where titles didn’t come. No team has stayed on top of the sport continuously since the beginning. Not even UK. But UK has been the closest to do that by far. They have been incredibly good for 75 years for the most part. They are the best program. They did it without the massive cheating that UCLA did and as it turns out as UNC did. They did it without the NCAA in their back pocket too. In fact the NCAA has fought them tooth and nail.

    So why not call UK America’s team? They have overcome adversity and achieved success unparalleled. That sure sounds like a team that deserves the title to me and the way things are going since Cal came to town certainly would make people think they are America’s Team. Again clearly some do think that. Isn’t that the most we could ever ask for? A recruit who’s obviously dying to be a Cat said that. That’s high praise friend. That’s very high praise. He’s holding out hoping to get that offer from the Cats. What does it take to be America’s Team anyway? There are 346 teams in the NCAA. There are more in the NAIA. Is it reasonable to think all those schools’ fans are going to think UK is America’s Team? Of course not. ESPN tried very, very hard to make Duke America’s Team even calling them that many times a few years back. I just wonder if anything could ever make you think the Cats should have that label. It doesn’t seem to be possible to make you think that. People wonder why you are so critical of the program, the fans and other things while supporting opposing teams and fans. At least I do. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

  13. Larry T Clemons

    Oh No, Kokamo Jo…Now KING is reading My Mind…Cause he told you exactly how I feel. Thank You King ! I figured no one else was responding to KJ, because I was doing an awesome job, but he was wearing on Me…And you are so right King, In the History of Kentucky Basketball, we’ve been Higher on the Mountain Top, many times, but, Coach Cal and our Teams are still climbing, and that’s where the true fun is, ” watching it unfold ” with admiration, respect and a whole lotta Joy !

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