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Calipari trying to figure out how he can find way to play Marcus Lee more


Freshman Marcus Lee, a McDonald’s All-American, did not play until early in the second half against Transylvania but had three points, two rebounds and one blocked shot in nine minutes to impress Calipari.

In fact, coach John Calipari said the only reason that Dakari Johnson — nine minutes, eight rebounds in 17 minutes — didn’t play more was because he wanted to give Lee an opportunity.

“Got to get Marcus Lee in the game. You got to play Marcus Lee, so who doesn’t play? Somebody, somebody. Who is it? Because he goes in with that kind of energy, he changes the game,” Calipari said. “Dakari played well. He did. The only reason he didn’t play more is because I wanted to give Marcus Lee some time.”

Lee was energetic on the bench before he got into the game and on the court he was talking and several times showed the superb leaping ability he has. Calipari says he’s just as good in practice.

“Always does the same thing. It’s just that he’s at a position, he doesn’t have a skill set to play a four at this point,” Calipari said. “So now I got to figure out, do I got to play him at some four and how do I do that, because Dakari has to play. I think Willie (Cauley-Stein) is good enough to play. Now you got three guys at that kind of position (center). How do you play all three? One of them has to play another position.”

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  1. phillip Barker

    Nice problem to have…will have a lot of guys playing harder and looking over their shoulders.

  2. Little Baron

    Think BIG, Coach Calipari! Every now and then, showcase the amazing size we have by playing a 4 minute stanza with the most effective 1-3-1 defense since one of UK’s legendary Rupp’s Runts. Willie out front, Dakari under the basket, Marcus in the middle, Julius & Willis on the wings. That’s two 7 footers, a 6-10 and two at 6-9. Don’t worry a out who plays where on offense… There won’t be any set offensive plays because we will score off of steals and blocked shots every possession!

    It would be interesting (& fun) to see this Tower-Team at least once, averaging 6′-10 3/5″ :)

    1. John

      I would love to see that scenario at least once per game. I have always loved the 1-3-1 defense. No coach in the NCAA could prepare for that type of length.
      I think it would also be an awesome practice set for our other guys to see that in practice.

  3. King Ghidora

    I’d like to see that lineup LB! But I think I’d put Randle at the point. The guy handles the ball like a PG. He is a superstar in the making IMO. I think he’s got the talent of Lebron but of course it may never develop. But when I saw him drive from the left side, cross over and dunk with his left hand which was his back hand I about hit the floor. He was flying down the floor at the time too. He’s amazing. Of course WCS looked pretty good handling the ball too. But I think Randle is the guy to run the show with that lineup. Point forward is not that unusual in the NBA. I really think Randle can do it.

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