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Calipari told Phillips people still love him, just wanted him to win more

In case you missed it Sunday night, here is the statement Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari issued about Joker Phillips after the UK football coach lost his job.

Calipari: “I feel for my good friend Joker. He and I talked earlier today and I told him that people just wanted to win more. That doesn’t mean they don’t love him, because they still do. Everybody does. I reminded him that I’ve been fired before. I told him that as long as he learns from this, he’ll be fine. He’s a terrific football coach and a terrific person.”

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  1. Lori Metcalf

    See, this is one of the things that drive me nuts about Calipari. Why did he feel the need to publicize this? If he wants to cheer up Joker, great. But why does he need to put it out there for everyone to see and say, “Gee, wasn’t that nice of Cal?” Why does he feel the need to issue a statement? Everyone knows Joker is a great guy. Everyone knows he just needed to win more. We don’t need Cal to explain this to us. He just has to have his fingers in everybody’s pie.

    1. Tanya

      Please shut up!

  2. grant

    wow that last line lori is dangerous

  3. Juan4UK

    Grant: Hahaha
    Lori: I get you. Maybe he meant well but it was bad timing. Best if Cal stays out of the paper on this one.

  4. Tom

    Coming from a guy like Cal, well, I’m sure that softened the blow of losing his job.
    Wonder if they’re going to consult him on the football hire? Didn’t he want to play AD and schedule Baylor in all sports across the board?
    Maybe he’ll give Mitch WWW’s phone number so he can work his magic.

  5. Theresa Crow

    First, Coach Cal is a talker and talkers never change. Two, Coach Cal is a strategist so you can believe that he is trying to achieve something by putting this out there–even if it is just to get the BBN to re-assure Joker that he is still a KY guy even if not “the” guy. Whatever Coach Cal’s motive is, I do not think it is so folks will say, “Wow, what a nice guy Cal is!”.

  6. grant

    cal probably felt compelled to say something given the instant and constant success he has had since arriving.

  7. RJ

    It never ceases to amaze me how people are so envious of success. What can’t you just take his comments as I am sure they were intended? I think I know how you will vote tomorrow.

    1. larryvaught

      Believe Cal was very genuine in his comments

      1. Tanya

        Absolutely he was. Good call

  8. Larry Pup

    Thank God for Coach Cal, and good luck to Joker. Last I heard it’s a free country. Coach Cal can say what he wants about this situation. He is a major UK story everyday. Good problem to have UK fans. Get over it and quit complaining about nothing. The big story is we need a good football coach.

  9. grant

    right on pup

  10. Al (in Canada)

    I think that Call anticipates being asked his opinion on anything pertaining to UK sports (and with good reason) and made his comments public simply to keep things clean and simple.
    Instead of every interview having a question about Joker and football he can simply say “it was in my release”, next question.

    Al (Cat fan in Canada) UK ’68

    1. Lori Metcalf

      A good point and well taken.

  11. Tom

    Lori, I see your point, but Cal probably wanted to nudge some fans to attend the last game to show appreciation to Joker and the players. In today’s world, unfortunately, people need pushing quite often, IMHO.

  12. Lori Metcalf

    I can appreciate everyone’s comments and speculations as to Cal’s reasons for making a public statement.

    I’m not at all envious of Cal’s success and I’m glad he is the UK coach and not someone else’s. I’m a season-ticket holder for football and men’s/women’s basketball and I love to see the Cats win in every sport. In no way do I underestimate Cal’s impact on all of BBN, not just those who follow basketball. I never said (or implied) that Cal didn’t have a right to say what he wants when he wants or how he wants. I don’t at all doubt his sincerity.

    My point was merely an observation and a statement of my opinion. Cal is the perfect man for the UK job because he has an ego big enough for the job. One has to have that to survive the BBN gauntlet. It just grates when I see him insinuating himself in situations that don’t have anything to do with him. Perhaps, as a poster above noted, he does assume people want to know what he thinks so he puts it out there. If that’s the case, it proves my point. Don’t try to read more into my statement that what is there.

    UK needs to focus on shoring up the football program, not just getting another coach in here. Without significant commitment to raising up a competitive program, we will be right back where we are in 3-5 years. A coach who can do for football what Cal has done for basketball would be a dream come true. But there can be only one Top Cat. Whoever does take the job is going to have to get used to second place in at least one ranking.

  13. Tanya

    your “observation” was quite ridiculous! UK needs to focus on “shoring up” the football program. HUH? We are UK, I hate to tell people, we are not getting the “cream of the crop” coaches just because Joker is gone. Period. You have to watch how you say things Lori…He probably felt as if he needed to make a statement BEFORE someone asked him to.

  14. TonyJ

    This is the way I see it and understood it. Cal is just reminding the fans to stay classy in his own way. Joker was one of our own. He was and is loved by many. Most fans wanted him to succeed and to right the ship but it didn’t happen. Fans like to see wins. Winning is important. However, we should still stay classy and remember Joker is STILL one of OUR OWN and he is STILL LOVED by BBN.

    I have no problem with that.

  15. grant

    Is cal one of your own? Do championships count if a coach or players are not one of your own ?

    1. TonyJ

      I can’t answer that about Calipari yet. However, Joker was born in Kentucky, played at Kentucky, coached at Kentucky. He gave everything he had. It was just not enough. He is one of OUR OWN even if he is not our coach anymore.

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