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Calipari still trying to get all his top players on the same page about playing time


Was Kentucky coach John Calipari surprised that all his players did not do a better job finishing plays in Thursday’s exhibition game considering how they are competing for playing time? This is the way he answered that question.

“We’ve got seven guys, maybe eight, that are going to play. They all know they’re going to play. I’m trying to get them on the same page. It doesn’t matter who starts next game. I may start Archie and Willie and Julius, I may do that next game just to see. Shouldn’t I see if we start better that way? If we start better it really doesn’t matter. If you want we’ll introduce seven players at the starting lineup. Two of you sit. How about that? It really doesn’t matter,” Calipari said.

“Darius (Miller) went from MVP of the SEC tournament, a starter Final Four, and not draftable. Was not draftable. Then he becomes the sixth man on last year’s team. Not only does he become draftable, they say he’s the steal of the draft, and now he’s getting minutes in New Orleans. So it really doesn’t matter. Shots don’t matter because Anthony and Michael Kidd(-Gilchrist) proved it. It’s can you play or not.

“Does somebody want to coach you? The only reason they’ll want to coach you is because you will help them win. Because in that league, that next thing, if you don’t win you get fired. So I don’t want anybody near me who can’t help me win, that’s how they are. And I think our guys prove that they help teams win.”

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  1. Ciprian Zisu

    I was actually speaking with Marquis Estill about how players were acting in practice and he said there is a lot of crying and moaning around instead of more focus on team ball. They will get their act together. I am not at all surprised to see them acting this way right now. They are very young. We should all be used to them like this, but as usual, come February or so, watch out.

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