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Calipari, staff will be honorary grand marshals for Pegasus Parade — and will again show off championship trophy in Louisville


Grammy Award-winning singer Cyndi Lauper will serve as the grand marshal for the 57th annual Republic Bank Pegasus Parade on May 3 in Louisville, but Kentucky coach John Calipari and his coaching staff will serve as honorary grand marshals for the parade and my guess is that a lot more fans are going to be excited about seeing Calipari than Lauper.

The UK coaching staff will be accompanied by the national championship trophy for the parade route along Broadway.

“We encourage members of the Big Blue Nation to don their blue apparel and come out to the Republic Bank Pegasus Parade to celebrate the University of Kentucky’s first national championship in 14 years,” said Mike Berry, President and CEO of the Kentucky Derby Festival. “This year’s Wildcat team dominated most of the regular season and made a stirring run through the NCAA tournament. This will be a great showcase for Kentucky fans from all over the area to celebrate the team’s tremendous success up close and personal. We expect the streets will be packed from the start of the parade to the finish.

So do I.

Lauper will treat parade goersto a mini performance before the parade marches down Broadway at 5 p.m. when UK fans will again be able to applaud Calipari and his staff as well as see the national championship trophy.

Tonight Calipari, his staff and his players will be honored before the Cincinnati Reds game in Great American Ballpark. The trophy will also be on display at the game.

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  1. Karen Sprinkle

    Do you know if there are any plans to have a parade for the team in Lexington?

  2. lunchbox

    geeeee……i jus heard that when terrence jones was in pikeville signing autographs he was charging $45…or it may hav been 45 for this guys an his sons im not sure…im not sure this is true but these kids r about to make millions…to charge us poor folk from eastern ky $45 jus dont sit well with me…ppl in ky r workin there butts off to feed there familys an pay the gas bill, an these kids r gonna b making millions for playin a game….i hope what i heard on pike tv wasnt true

  3. metalarmdad

    I guess I will have to restate my past statements about Louisville not being part of Kentucky if Cal and the Boys are going to show off the N.C. trophy to the L’ville fans. The Birds had a good year also.

  4. lunchbox

    maybe they were jokin idk…didnt sound like it

    1. Jim Boyers

      They were not joking. Anthony is coming to Northern Ky, where I live and the price is $80. For the price, you get 3 special posters and he will sign 2 items. Darius will be there charging $20, which is more in line with what the exiting players usually charge.

      If you think I am making it up, you can go to this site: http://www.ukwildcatshop.com/

      In the players’ defense, I don’t know if they set these prices or the venue does. I almost have to think that the venue sets the price and takes a large part of the income. $45 and $80 are really out of line with the reality of the current times.

      1. larryvaught

        Jim are you paying the $80 or know anyone who is. Would be interested in their perspective. Anyone else who might be going contact me and let me know

        1. Jim Boyers

          No I’m not. I think that is a little over the top. AD may well be worth it, but I just can’t justify doing it.

          1. LindaS

            MKG was $50 last night in Louisville. That is supposedly what AD’s will be May 7. I got Terrence’s but could not afford MKG’s the next night. TJ was $20

  5. Larry T Clemons

    If UK doesn’t bring #9, I hope Louisville does…

    1. Jim Boyers

      I like your postings Larry, but that is SACRILEGE.

      I am now going to try to erase the memory of reading it, from my mind.

      What was I typing about here?

      Crap, I can’t remember.

      GO BIG BLUE!!!!

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Sorry Jim, Grew up in Louisville, went to School at UK…Always, bleed blue, but always like to see Louisville do well also. I’m not upset with Pitino, actually, my feelings where, ” if I can’t have him at UK, I wanted him at Louisville. My nephew was a Ballboy for Denny Crum and later a Manager for Coach Pitino, with their previous Final 4. Could give you more tie in and reasoning, but I don’t want to bore you. Lots of Family, Louisville Alums, I’m the UK ( Winner ) in the family….They seem to be more upset over the decades about their Team(UL), while I have always been very Proud of UK , Kentucky always had some wonderful Teams and special players. And BBN is Happy…Hope I salvaged a little bit for what it was worth, always like your post too !

        1. Jim Boyers

          I was just kidding.

          I like Pitino, for what he did for us, as well. Though I really don’t like him being at Loserville.

          1. LindaS

            Agree, Mr. Boyers.

  6. Jim Boyers

    Cyndi Lauper? What the h…………………..

    It would have been cool last year because she could have brought some pro wrestlers for Enes to hang out with.

    Hopefully there are enough people who will get that little pop culture reference.

  7. LindaS

    The boys won’t be with Cal. Only the coaching staff. If they NBA or NC2A which ever it was, did not make them declare in April instead of June, the boys could have been included. But no, someone had to go and change it. I think botox mark and his band of merry men did this on purpose, anything to spoil my fun. Some of the boys will be at the biggest Derby Eve Party with Cal. The Barnstable-Brown Party. (Dale Barnstable, the father of the Barnstable twins played for UK. 1946-1950. He played on the ’48 & ’49 Championship Teams.) The gala benefits the American Diabetes Society. It cost bundles to go if you are lucky enough to be invited.

  8. coldspringmike

    Larry, speaking of Cal and his staff, any word on staff members ? other than Rod do you see all returning for 2012-2013 ?

    1. larryvaught

      Looks like now that Rod is returning as well. At this time, would say all are coming back

  9. lunchbox

    when i was a kid id done anything to hav had a richie farmer signed pic, an when my son (which is do in july lol) wants a uk players autograph ill tell him to get a job cause $45 $80 way to much…JIM i wasnt thinkin of how it works

  10. LindaS

    I got Mickey Mantle’s for $75 before he died, I would have paid much more for his, but not $50 for someone who has not played pro ball yet.

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