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Calipari says that Kentucky has “the classiest fans anywhere”


Kentucky coach John Calipari started and ended his postgame press conference with the same theme — Kentucky’s “classy” basketball fans.

“One of the things I want to say is we got to have the greatest fans, the classiest fans anywhere, where they give a standing ovation to Cleveland State as they walk off the court,” said Calipari after Monday’s win. “I want to know what other arena that would happen in. They enjoy basketball. They enjoy the challenge.”

After breaking down the game, Calipari again praised the UK fans.

“But it was a great crowd. Again, let me say classy, classy move by our fans giving them a standing ovation because they deserved it,” Calipari said. “They never cease to amaze me, our fans. Yeah, they’re into basketball. Yeah, they’re watching the tape three times, all that other stuff. But they’re classy about what they do.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    Coach Cal….I hope our Players realize, they just need to give us good Basketball…..If the opponent does, they deserve The Recognition also ! BBN is all about OUR TEAM, but BBN Will Always Be True To The GAME. ” The Game Of Basketball “, taught to us By Coach Rupp. But, I have to admit, were learning a few new moves from, that New Kid, You Coach Cal….And we think YOUR THE CLASSYIST COACH IN BASKETBALL.

    1. Anonymous

      Amen, that Coach Cal, is also awesome

  2. King Ghidora

    I have to agree that Cal is the most classy coach in college basketball. I think other coaches hate it because he wins without playing dirty like they do. That’s a lot of the reason we see people bash Cal. He makes them look bad so they try to drag him down to their level.

    Cleveland St. certainly came to play last night. They went out and established their style of play and UK’s young team didn’t figure out how to shake them out of it until late in the game. Eventually this team will learn it takes solid defense to turn the tide in a basketball game. Plus they need to learn not to hesitate to shoot. You have to be lights out confident to shoot well consistently. I thought Poythress gave the team a big lift when he hit a big shot late in the game. Cal already mentioned the play of the Harrisons and how they took the team on their shoulders. So did Randle once the team got out of their funk. If these guys ever learn how good they could be they will be extremely dangerous. I really liked the way Randle went to war on the offensive glass many times in the game. When a team that play tough comes in and it seems like they’re throwing the ball in the ocean when they shoot (it’s hard to miss of course) you just have to put out the extra effort. Randle needs to learn another move besides that spin move. Every team in America knows it’s coming and they just set someone in the way so that he spins right into them. That’s a high school move really even if he looks good doing it when it works. But he has a lot of talent to work with. He’s learning that the best thing he can do is just attack the basket and grab every rebound and put it back up. He has a tremendous upside. He worked hard in that game last night and we can’t really ask more than that. The rest will come in time..

    Maybe they finally learned they have to put on their big boy pants every game if you’re a Cat. Being pushed hard at home by a team like Cleveland St. and then coming out with the win can be good medicine for this team. They shouldn’t get too discouraged that things didn’t go well for a while. Even the 2012 team struggled early in the season at times. Old Dominion came within 10 points of beating that team. There are good basketball players everywhere these days.

  3. helen cooksey

    I used to have a racehorse who loved to come from behind down the stretch. It was exciting for everyone but me. Last night was not exciting. It was nerve wracking. I guess I am a wuss… I did see some promising things however. With the new rules, I believe the kittens will become more proactive about attacking the basket and drawing the foul. I was so proud of their improved free throw percentage as I believe it will be a huge asset in the new climate of the game. I really enjoy your articles and read your page every day. Hello from Nashville and happy upcoming holiday!!

  4. Phillip Barker

    Spot on as usual King…an immediate quick, jump hook as soon as he gets the ball would be a nice addition! Also, he needs to know where his shooters are so that a quick outlet pass back to the perimeter disrupts the moving zone. One nice skill that Willie has is his situational awareness…he generally knows who’s open when they double up on him. Incidentally, I almost swear that Derek Willis is still growing right in front of us. I don’t know what goes on in practice but we have got to find a way to get him on the floor–his overall game is just too good not to be out there!

  5. ukcrazycat

    I guess I have to admit that I’m one of those fans. I record every game, watch it again right after the game is over and I’ll watch it again right before the next game. Unfortunately, I rarely get to go to Rupp and had to watch it on tv once again, but if the crowd would keep the intensity they had last night through out the entire game, Rupp Area would absolutely be the greatest basketball arena in the nation.
    The players need to feel Big Blue Nation behind them and keeping up the intensity will only feed them more confidence. Come on BBN, keep it loud in Rupp and be the 6th man on the floor. Go Big Blue!

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