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Calipari says Noel dealing with injury in positive way and it is not career-ending injury

Kentucky released this statement from coach  John Calipari on Nerlens Noel’s season-ending injury:

Calipari — “I’ve been coaching for 22 years and this is the first injury we’ve had of this kind during the season, which makes it even more devastating. I met with Nerlens earlier today. The meeting was really positive, and I loved his attitude. The way he is already dealing with this injury lets me know that he is going to come back stronger than ever. The good news is he is insured, so he would have been fine even if the injury would have been worse. Obviously this is not a career-ending injury and it’s one that athletes bounce back from all the time.”

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  1. LindaS

    His attitude will be very important in his recovery. If he needs a ‘mama’ let me know, I’m volunteering. I’ll keep him laughing and loving the BBN! Get well, take your medicine and eat well and healthy. We will miss our Nerlens but know he is in good hands with Cal, the coaching staff, the medical staff, his teammates and Ellen baking him brownies!

  2. Anonymous

    Nerlens may not be the # 1 draft choice now, but, he will still easily be a lottery pick!

  3. Gene

    How does Noel’s injury compare with that suffered by Derrick Rose while playing for the Chicago Bulls last season? Rose has been sidelined for almost a full year. If similar, it might do Nerlens well to stay in school for another year. Wouldn’t be able to play but could be a great ambassador for the program.

    1. Jim Boyers

      I’m not absolutely positive, but I think Rose also broke some bones as well as tearing the ACL. If that is the case, it makes for a much, much harder recovery.

  4. eddie

    like they said on ESPN he should stay another year and that he really was not a number one pick but still a lottery pick

  5. Billy

    So sorry that Noel will be out for the season….but happy to know he has such a positive attitude. I will be anxiously awaiting his MAJOR comeback !!! Good luck with your surgery Nerlens…I know you’ll be back stronger than ever. To the rest of the team…I know you all will miss your teammate while he goes through his surgery and healing process…but I know too that you all will come together as a team….and do your best to finish this season to the best of your abilities. Hang in there and keep believing !!! You are a talented group of young men….with tons of potential !!! Big Blue Nation is behind all of you !! Good luck and GO BIG BLUE !!!!
    P.S. Does anyone know what Josh Harrellson is doing now…or where he is after being released from the Heat ??? I am still a huge fan of his.

  6. King Ghidora

    This is one BBN fan that is glad he got to see Noel play for UK no matter how long it lasted or will last. At least he didn’t break his leg two days before the start of practice. I’m well acquainted with how that can go, believe me. I’ve seen broken legs cost UK a title too or most likely they would have won it all anyway. Mike Casey went down in the off season so at least the team had a chance to make adjustments ahead of time. That was 1969.

  7. David

    I was not able to see the game, but I saw a still photo and it looked to me that there was a photographer Nerlens was trying to avoid a collision with. Did I see things right and if it is true I blame schools for allowing them to sit so darn close to the court and under the rim. The photo shows a camera man sitting on a chair and it look like Nerlens almost fell into him.

    Whats done is done, but am I the only one in Gods green earth that invisions the worst case scenerio and then make steps so that accidents do not happen. I hate that Nerlens is hurt but looks like it could have been prevented. Let the press sit in the front role seats but not on the floor!!

    1. Doug Kretzer

      Photographers and others do get too close to the playing floor for someone running all out to stop at a short distance. Same on gyms that have a below playing level bench area. Momentum carries the players a long way. Granted some don’t run very fast but people who play the game all out such as Noel does are very much in danger. As with a bad stretch of road, nothing will be corrected until so many have been seriously injured. Such a shame.

  8. Jim Boyers

    Nerlens needs to look out for himself and head to the NBA right now. He will still be a top 5 pick and would get the greatest of care on his team’s dime. There is no way he should return to UK for another season and risk anything.

    BUT, if he did, next year’s team would win every game by 30 points (and that is if they eased up in the second half of every game) and probably have the first 3 or 4 picks in the draft. Wouldn’t that be the dream of dreams for BBN?

  9. craig rowekamp

    Nerlens you need to know people are going to try to stear you all diffrent ways .You need to get together with coach,mom&dad and decide what is best for you and thats all.God bless you and I hope you the best in what you decide

  10. referee's

    If the referee had not been cheating and called the game fair this great player would not be injured. When he yanked a Florida player out the air and the coach went crazy he waived it off. Now had he made the call then Noel would have received his 3rd foul and Cal would have had him on the bench and this kid would be healthy today. Come on ref was the cheating worth costing a kid millions!

  11. Billy Taylor

    To Coach Thanks for keeping us posted

    To Nerlins – Way to have a great attuitude man and keep up the good train of thought it is your 2nd best medicine only being 2nd to the good Lords help in your healing,only the best to you.

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