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Calipari says NBA team will be able to “mold” Goodwin into “whatever they want him to be”


Kentucky coach John Calipari said he gave freshman Archie Goodwin  ” the information, what was out there, what we were told” before Goodwin put his name into the NBA draft.

“We sat down and talked to him and he came back and said he wanted to put his name in the draft and we said, ‘Great, let’s go for it,'” Calipari said Wednesday. ” I’m not going to sit here and give you everything I said or my opinion because I don’t think it’s fair but they get everything they need and whatever decision they make – I’ve been on the phone right now with probably five or six NBA teams about Archie.

“You think about it, basically, if you draft him he’s 18 years old. You’re getting a high school player, the old days when the high school player could come out, that’s what you’re getting. You may have players in that draft that are four years older than him. Think about what I’m saying, three years older than him.

“The whole point with him is where do you project him? Would it have been better for him and maybe for us if I had played him at point at the start of the year? Maybe, but at his age they’re going to have a chance to mold him as a wing guard, point guard, whatever they want him to be. Workouts will be important for him but I think he’ll be fine because if you have a good attitude and you truly have a huge work capacity like a Brandon Knight you’re going to be fine. There may be bumps in the road but you will be fine. Someone will take him in a good position and he’ll be fine.”

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  1. Cathouse

    Reading between the lines I think Cal is saying he needed more time at the college level.

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    I agree, Cathouse. In discussing Willie and Alex, Cal noted that they were not delusional. You’ll remember Archie famously said in the RM post-game interview that no one on the team was ready for the pros and that they were delusional if they thought they were.

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