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Every time Dominique Hawkins gets a chance to play, he seems to make something good happen with his energy and fearlessness. There’s not a loose ball he won’t go after or a rebound he thinks he can’t grab.

Sure, he’s not shooting a lot, or making enough, from the outside yet, but this team doesn’t need that. Just ask John Calipari.

“Dominique went in and made two or three plays just by hustle next to the goal.  Now, why aren’t my 6‑6 guards doing that?  He’s in there, just fighting like crazy, and it’s a great lesson for us.  You know, because if we can get our whole team playing that way, we become pretty good,” Calipari said.

3 Responses to Calipari says if whole team plays with Hawkins’ fight, “we become pretty good”

  • Bob says:

    He has a stroke. Just needs to c one go in. Then we become much more unpredictable. Go Cats!

  • Larry Pup says:

    The reason?? He’s a true “Kentucky Boy!” Just thankful he’s a “Wildcat.” That works and motivates, as the past has proven with others gone on before.

  • Little Baron says:

    I agree with both of you – seeing hia shots fall will boost his confidence and we will then see more follow.

    YES… we always need some home-grown KY players getting some minutes to transfer that deep rooted UK basketball love into our other young WildCat players. It’s awesome what a KY born athlete can do when he dons a UK WILDCAT jersey.

    You are SO RIGHT – we have seen it for decades! Since before Johnny Cox & Billy Ray Lickert, to Larry Conley, Mike Casey, Terry Mills,’Ronnie Lyons, Jimmy Dan Conner, Rex Chapman, Winston Bennet, Richie Farmer, John Pelphrey, Deron Feldhouse, Travis Ford, Scott Padgett, Chris Mills, Chuck Hayes, Darius Miller & MANY MORE to Dominique Hawkins, Scott Polson & soon, when given the chance, Derek Willis!


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