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UK coach John Calipari says Cardinals should be odds on favorite to win national championship

UK coach John Calipari talks about Louisville


The more Kentucky coach John Calipari watches Louisville, the more impressed he is. How impressed? Well, enough to say today that the Cards should be the odds-on favorite to win the national championship.

“I’ve watched tape and they are really good with really good players. That’s most of the tape, I’ve watched some with (Gorgui) Dieng, but I’ve watched a bunch without. The reason is, their guard play, I’ve been saying for years how much I love (Peyton) Siva. I saw him and Eric Bledsoe at the same time in the Louisville Classic and I said, ‘that kid is ridiculous.’ Russ Smith scores with anybody, (Wayne) Blackshear is a big guard who can shoot 3s but a big guard. (Chane) Behanan is a beast, best offensive rebounder we’ll play all year,” Calipari said.

Wait. There’s more.

“You’ve got (Luke) Hancock, you’ve got (Stephan) Van Treese and the other guy that all do their thing, what they’re supposed to do and then you’ve got this kid, (Montrezl) Harrell, who is playing 13 minutes a game because the team is that good. If he were playing 20-25 minutes a game he’d be a top-15 pick,” Calipari said. “He’s on a team that he can get 13 minutes so this is a great challenge for us.

“If you ask me, I would say what I’m seeing right now, you’re talking about a team that should be or is odds on favorite to win the whole thing. That’s how good I think they are.”

Calipari wouldn’t downplay that his team will be a big underdog against the No. 4 Cardinals Saturday in the KFC Yum Center.

“Look, here’s what it is for us going into the game. We all know we have to see some improvement. This is a game that if you physically can’t withstand this game then it’s going to show because they are physical, they’re coming after you that way. We’ve got to be able to fight and battle for 40 minutes, be strong with the ball, make sure you’re getting open, those kinds of things,” Calipari said. “The score will take care of itself for us. This thing is, alright let’s battle, let’s go after it, let’s see what we’ve worked on. Yesterday we had a terrific practice but, you know, see how we do today and then we get on the bus and go down.”

Could being a big underdog work to his team’s advantage?
“I’ve got all young kids so you have no idea. I mean I go in game-to-game saying, ‘I wonder what’s happening here,’ trying different lineups, doing different things trying to figure out my team,” Calipari said. “They are, again, a Final Four team with everybody returning, a healthy Blackshear, a Harrell added to the team, that just took them another notch. They are a well-oiled machine; we are a work in progress. I still like my team, I like that they’re working hard, they’re getting better, I’m feeling more comfortable, yet really a work in progress.”

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  1. Jim Boyers

    Larry, I’m guessing you recorded all this stuff because the smoke Cal was blowing was WAY too thick to see a notebook and write down any notes.

    I didn’t realize that Loserville was the second coming of 1960-70 era UCLA.

  2. LindaS

    I don’t know which nose is going to grow the most, little slick quick ricks or Cal’s.

  3. Kokamo Joe

    Last year Calipari made no such remarks. At the time of the game UL was suffering lots of injuries and really were not very good. This time is different and UL is a real challenge. Can’t blame Calipari. If the Cats win, he will play it as a great upset and Cat land will celebrate. If the Cards win, the underdog played well and improved. Pitino sang the same song last year. Makes good sense when you think about it. Concerning Linda’s “Little Slick Rick” comment; this Pitino is the same Pitino who was the worshiped one when he sat on the UK throne before Smith. Why make snide remarks about a man who led UK during one of the greatest periods of our proud history. I see it is sort of like a man trashing his exwife. Only makes him look foolish for once lovng her.

    1. Anonymous


      GO CARDS #L1C4

  4. Cards n gamecocks Tom

    How’s that “Loserville” home cooking taste Jim?

    I’ll bet Cal would take his remarks back now that they’ve ACTUALLY BEEN VALIDATED

    Get used to it because once Siva leaves next year (good riddance in my opinion) we’re still bringing back starters. Have fun losing the eraser and keeping 0 for 6 free throw shooters…… these cards play with heart and play for each other, not for SCOUTS.

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