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UK coach John Calipari says biggest question about upcoming season involves “patience”

uk basketball logoBy LARRY VAUGHT

Kentucky coach John Calipari says he plans to do things “as a team that I have not done in the past that I think will help this team come together” this summer.

“Some of it is, we’ll watch some movies together, some things of teams coming together. A team, what they had to do to sacrifice for each other,” Calipari said. “More than any team I’ve had, shared sacrifice is going to matter in this group, and they knew that coming here.

“I told every one of them, ‘If you want to shoot 30 balls a game, you don’t come here. If you want to be the only guy that’s playing, the one guy that everybody’s talking about, you wouldn’t come here.’ I think again, it’s been laid out for them. Now the question is, will we all have the patience? Will I have the patience? There’s no choice.

“It may be ugly early, and we’re playing good teams early. Through January we may not be a very good team. The point is, by the end of the year, we have the talent, the size, the toughness, the skill set. How do we get each individual being at their best? How do we bring this team together? That’ll be the challenge of this.”

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  1. cmpop77

    Seriously? Wasn’t he just saying how they will chase perfection? Look out bbn cal may see this team like he saw your last group. Maybe bad news.

  2. John Wayne Brown

    Don’t think so Pop. You will hear a lot of BS about this team, but the desire will be there.

  3. LindaS

    Cal tells us ever year it is going to be ugly, they aren’t any good and all but one year that has not been true. I don’t care what he says, I’m so looking forward to basketball and so is evil twin sister.

  4. AndyP

    As Larry said on the Tom Leach show, it sounds like Cal’s trying to have it both ways. On the one hand he says 40-0 is not out of the question and then he says through January we might not be a very good team. One thing you can say about Cal – it’s never dull around here.

  5. King Ghidora

    There’s always that possibility with a large group of freshmen like the ones coming in. They may not gel before the end of the season. A lot of great players never really dominated as freshmen. Even MJ played second fiddle to Worthy when he was a freshman. It wasn’t until the tournament that he really came on. Look at Miller. It took him 3 years to really blossom. We can’t count any chickens here. We just know there are some great eggs around.

  6. Larry T Clemons

    Summer session will be a big help…IMO

  7. Larry T Clemons

    And, We Have Willie Cauley-Stein… Don’t overlook his progress & growth.

  8. Kokamo Joe

    The Johnson kid is rated at the best freshman at his position. Cauley-Stein had better work hard this summer. It will be interesting to see which of these moves ahead and becomes the dominant center. It will also be interesting to see which one will bolt for the pros after this year…or will both of them go?

    Then with Towns coming in next year, will one of this year’s centers stick around and challenge him?

    Think about it…Cousins, Davis, Noel, Cauley-Stein, Johnson and Towns–all in 6 years.

  9. Kokamo Joe

    I have often posted that one of Calipari’s skills is his masterful ability to project a public relations spin that covers numerous bases. This is another example. I expect that he sees a soaring expectation for next year’s team. He realizes that he will have what amounts to an all star AAU team that needs some adjustments at the beginning of the year. He is preparing us for a few possible early season loses, and then wraps it up with the idea maturity and cohesion is likely to develop by tournament time.

    Another example: at the Boyle County camp he told the audience that last year’s season was a learning experience and that every player profited. He was so skillful that he was able to gloss over a very bad season with a feel good image that the program will improve because of it that and that ever Harrow profited because “he learned that UK was not the place for him.” Imagine, if you will, Billy Gillispie making such a speech and HAVING THE LISTENERS NODING IN AGREEMENT.

  10. Larry T Clemons

    OMG…Here we go ! ” his (Calipari) masterful public relations spin ” – ” he was so skillful to gloss over a bad season “…and KJ to even suggest BG was Calipari, what a joke… You truly are not a Kentucky Wildcat Fan, anyone who MIND READS Coach Calipari as a Psychological manipulator is a Hater…I don’t have anything against you but I do have everything against the way you read Coach Cal….Again, Coach Cal was in the appropriate setting to be very proactive and positive for these young kids, In Their Hometown… ” and, HAVING THE LISTENERS NODDING IN AGREEMENT “, you imply Brain washing was going on, you’ve done that before…I believe LV was at that Camp, as a seasoned writer and observer, how come he didn’t see all this monbo – jumbo, that you continue to elude to ? Happy Fathers Day KJ…

  11. Larry T Clemons

    Kokamo Joe says, “Teams before last year had hold overs from the Gillispie era…players who could offer experience and leadership. Perhaps that was what was missing last year. ” Yeah, what was missing were Billy Clyde Gillispie ” recruits ” ! What a joke, NO KJ, what was missing was Nerlens Noel, (in case you missed it) and the weekly progress that was evident, until his injury…

  12. Kokamo Joe

    There is more to coaching, especially at UK, than recruiting and working with the players. At UK, public relations expertise is a must and Calipari is a master at it. To recognize this skill and give Calipari credit for his expertise is a COMPLIMENT and not a criticism as you indicate and it has absolutely nothing to do with hate. If you really read my remarks you realize that I did not write that Calipari was Gillispie. Instead I drew a comparison of Calipari’s skill at public relations to Gillispie’s ineptitude. That, sir is high PRAISE FOR CALIPARI.

    I repeat this example. Last year was not good. Calipari comes before about 200 adoring fans and explains that last year was not so bad. He learned. His players learned and the returning one improved. Harrow learned that UK was not for him. What other coach could do that. Yes, the listeners nodded in agreement, myself included. It is not brain washing…it is a skill that few people have, and I am delighted that he has it.

    Perhaps we see Calipari from a different angle. It appears that you are so supportive that you have assigned super human aspects to him, and any view that you imagine to be different must be wrong. I see him as the best coach in America, but as a man who has not walked on water….yet.

  13. Kokamo Joe

    Experience and leadership is what I am talking about. Last year there was a lack of both, and that had to contribute to the down year. Think about how these players were molded with Calipari’s recruits to form his successful teams: Patterson, Stevenson, Harris, Harrellson, Liggins and Miller. I could care less who recruited them, that is not the point. They provided experience and leadership. Without this experience and leadership our program would have not been as successful. Last year we did not have it and the program suffered. I see that as a fact.

    Next year we will have experience, but it remains to be seen if that experience translates into leadership or if the leadership must come from the freshmen.

  14. Larry T Clemons

    Gillispie’s recruits, Kokamo Joe says, “ Teams before last year had hold overs from the Gillispie era…players who could offer experience and leadership.” Your Words Joe…Don’t you remember how nervous & timid these Players were when Coach Cal first arrived ! Remember, BG took these Players, from the Basketball Court, to the Equipment Bus, to the Bathroom Stall….” Thats not the Experiences anyone was seeking out. Coach Calipari gave them their confidence back and in Harrellson’s Case, showed ” tough Love ” to move Him forward. He help TEACH Patrick Patterson to stretch out His Game, He made Liggins the Defender he is today, by showing Him Love and useful Skill Set. “Do you really not remember Those Months.” He literally, forced Darius Miller to be A Leader. KJ, you say I give to much praise to Coach Cal, but IF YOU READ MY POST, you would see MANY times, I praise the Whole Coaching Staff. And I see this Pattern, Now with Coach Stoops & Coach Neal Brown, I just enjoy what I see and State it So….YOU, accuse me & others of IDOL Worship, that’s just ignorant. KJ says,” or if the leadership must come from the freshmen ” you just contradicted yourself ! Geez, give both of yourselves a rest…and quite trying to speak for me, KJ says, ” It appears that you are so supportive that you have assigned super human aspects to him,” I never implied that, I believe it’s the Skill Set of ALL OUR Coaches. And YOU ALSO JUST gave Coach Calipari,” HIGH PRAISE ” but when other do, you call it God Worship….You have me confused, no wonder no one every responds to your statements, they’re confusing.

  15. Kokamo Joe

    Last year was the first Calipari years that he did not have older players from the Gillispie era. You will remember that Calipari brought players that he had recruited to Memphis to UK and he mixed them with the older kids that he inherited. Of course, he coached the older players. If you remember Liggins sat on the bench for the first half of Calipari’s first year. Yet, without these players, the Cats would not have reached the goals that they achieved. My simple point is this….last year we had very little leadership…upper classmen or not. We will have left overs who did not lead last year. The question is…will next year’s leadership come from kids like Poytress , Wiljer and Cauley Stein. And with less playing time will Polson be able to lead? Or must the leadership come from the freshmen? It is a simple point

    Re: gods…idol worship etc. If you cannot see the reverence that is given to Calipari by much of the BBN, I can’t explain it. The man is the king of the state. So what? That is fine if one understands that no man is perfect. Perfection is hard to live up to and it is unfair to the individual.

    It would be a boring world if every one agreed and walked in lock step. Let us just accept that we are all fans and leave it at that.

  16. Larry T Clemons

    You can Bet WCS will bring Leadership & so will Randle. So you’ll have it both from Vets & Fresh………..But, KJ, you accused ME, of God worship towards Coach Cal. I don’t try to walk in another mans shoes….How BBN wants to support Coach is a energy and voice, all unto its self. Do you not Recall the RUPP Years…

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