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Calipari says all Kentucky has to do is “take care of our business” rest of season


His team had barely beat Missouri in overtime before Kentucky coach John Calipari was trying to make sure no one, including his players, thought the victory meant UK could let up now.

“The next game on our schedule is the biggest game on our schedule, the next one.  Everybody wants to talk the NCAA tournament.  I’m going to tell you what I said.  It’s a Bell curve, folks.  They’re going to take 68 teams.  They’re not going to say, This year we’re taking 46.  So that means some teams that have F’s are passing.  It’s a Bell curve,” Calipari said.

“All we have to do is take care of our business.  If we do that, okay.  If everybody loses, they lose, everybody loses, they’re taking a couple of us.  You can have an F and get in.  It’s a Bell curve.

“You have a couple teams.  I think Indiana is a little bit better than everybody.  Tommy (Crean) is doing a great job.  Miami, who I thought might have been the best team in the country, other than Indiana, what did they get beat by at Wake (Forest)?  By 15.  This team is supposed to be good.  They got beat by 30.  This team, supposed to be in the Final Four, they got beat by 30 the other day.

“How good can we be before this season ends?  Let me say this.  Our point guard was out early.  Willie was out two weeks.  We got our big guy going.  We’re trying to get back to how we have to play.  I’m proud of these guys”

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  1. Ben

    This KY team must realize that it plays well only when it pounds the ball inside the majority of the time. That opens up the outside game. if we play like we did the first 18 minutes, we will lose most games. If we play like we did the last 32 minutes, there is not a game we can’t win.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I believe Coach Cal is telling Kyle to stay down low…we’ll need that experience Tourney Time…

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    Coach is absolutely right. Beating Missouri means nothing if you don’t do well the next game and the game after that, etc., etc. The Cats need to keep building on that foundation.

  3. grant

    Well , Congratulations to UK first off. It was a fun game. Now , I believe Uk needs to pound the next 3 out of 4 opponents merely for style points. I think that if they just squeak by Miss.St. Arkansas, and Georgia it might hurt this good win a little bit from the standpoint of are the cats truly ascending or was this victory against Mizzou a fluke? . Good teams take care of business convincingly and do not mess around. I just don’t think that the ncaa comittee wants to see UK merely win by 1 or 2 against these next 3 teams because I honestly do not see them beating Fla., so they need to rip these next teams.


    That was a great opportunity for them to see where they can go. When they play like that they can be in every game they play and win most of them. They did not force to many bad shots and they made winning plays down the stretch. A sure sign that they are listening to Cal. I love games like this. I love the grind. The back and forth. It’s a great time of year for learning experiences like yesterday. The rest of the BB world had a collective shudder last night.

    This team has the talent. Now they are showing mental and physical toughness(out rebounded the best rebounding team in the COUNTRY). I Know it’s early but games like this could build the foundation for a trip to the ATL. This team has more talent even without Noel than the team I drove 12 straight hours to watch knock out UNC to make a Final 4. They may lack a true defensive stopper but they did a decent job by comittee last night and they matched Pressey big play to big play. We won because we didn’t count on one guy to win. Everyone did their part.


    GO BLUE OR STAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      ” Right On !!!

  5. Anonymous

    We will go as far as Alex takes us. I still think he is the key.

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