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Calipari on leadership qualities of Julius Randle

Question: How would describe the leadership qualities of freshman Julius Randle?

John Calipari: “What’s happening right now, we’re playing him in a position as though he’s a two or a three. So he’s just now getting comfortable starting from 20 feet out. You still have to offensive rebound, which he is not. He’s not defensive rebounding the way he needs to. He is driving the ball better and recognizing better, trying to figure out when do I shoot jumpers, when do I drive?

“Yet that being said, he’s still playing hard. Yesterday, the thing, we had an unbelievable practice until 15 minutes to go, and then they all backed up, and it starts with one or two guys.  We didn’t finish the practice. But he is 6-9, 250, and he’s skilled. But I don’t want to play him under the basket. That’s not preparing him for what’s ahead for him. I could play him at seven feet and try to win college games, tell him, I’m really helping you, or I can make him play out on the floor like we did Patrick Patterson. Do you remember Patrick went from standing under the basket to playing at the top of the key offensively?  So it’s going to take him time.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    And there BBN is the Beauty of Coach Cal, Even if they are not a One & Done….With Coach Cal, they can Become One & Done. Or, Coach takes a Lottery Pick and gets Him in the Top 5 or Ten 10 NBA Pick….

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