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Calipari on Kentucky-Indiana series, including ‘poor’ IU students, and future tripleheader


John Calipari says he was just trying to follow in the footsteps of former Indiana coach Bobby Knight — who has been a huge Calipari critic in recent years — when he lobbied for the Kentucky-Indiana series to be played at neutral sites.

“I wanted to do what Bobby Knight did. He decided the series should be at neutral sites. When they did it, it was huge,” said the UK coach Tuesday. “I liked the idea because we had to move someone to a neutral site. The logical team was them. We could not find a place in Kentucky (to play). To make it more beneficial to them, we offered to play two years in their state at Lucas Oil Stadium. But we are not doing more than two-year contracts.”

That offer to return the series to neutral sites was rejected and the annual UK-Indiana series has ended after last year’s buzzer-beating win by the Hoosiers in Bloomington that resulted in a court-storming by happy fans. Indiana countered with an offer to play two years at a neutral site and then a two-year home-and-home deal that UK rejected which set off a flurry of criticism nationally of UK and Calipari.

“When we schedule, we are doing it for us, not for anybody else,” Calipari said. “Schedule for America. We are not scheduling for America. We are doing it for us.”

He went on to note that former UK coach Adolph Rupp played eight neutral site games across the country in 1948 to make UK a national program and that both former UK coaches Rick Pitino and Tubby Smith bought into neutral site games and played them annually. He explained how UK was one of few programs that could go to “football stadiums” to play and fill the site with fans.

“That makes the purists mad. We are not scheduling for the purists. I am scheduling for my basketball team,” Calipari said. “Neutral games are good. We are going to have 18 league games (an increase of two SEC games), including Missouri and Texas A&M, two NCAA teams (last season).”

He said he told Indiana coach Tom Crean, a long-time friend, to “move on” from the UK-Indiana scheduling controversy. He said Louisville, Indiana and North Carolina don’t play each other and really have no reasons why they don’t. Calipari said he wanted to play Indiana and does not “know why we are not playing” any more.

He also didn’t buy Indiana’s theory that neutral site games in Indianapolis would be unfair to students who wanted to attend the game.

“They are only two hours away. Are they that poor that they cannot get to the building? Our students are going. They would get up there,” Calipari said.

However, Calipari wasn’t through talking about Kentucky-Indiana.

“I am scheduling for us. Not anybody else,” the Kentucky coach said. “We offered a two-year schedule in their state. I wasn’t mad or mean. We have got North Carolina back on the schedule (in 2013). We are having a dialogue with Duke. You have no idea how bad I want to do a tripleheader (with women’s basketball and football) and just overrun a city.”

He said other basketball coaches like the idea of a tripleheader and he’s already talked to a “couple of teams” about tripleheaders that would have to be in November when the UK football team has an open SEC date and a neutral site is available.

“It’s not easy or everybody would play tripleheaders,” Calipari said.

He said UK football coach Joker Phillips told him just “not to make it Notre Dame” when lining up a tripleheader.

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  1. Jimcats

    Don’t know how it is today but when I was in school, few of us had cars so 2 hours away might as well been 20 hours away. Cal is out of touch or maybe still trying to justify one of the dumbest moves of his career.

    1. Kathy

      I would have to disagree Jimcats… most college students drive nicer cars than some adults I know…. They can get there, UK college students find a way to get everywhere they want to see the Cats play…

  2. Theresa Crow

    I went to college in the late 70s, and everybody had a car. If I were a student and a big game like that was 2 hours away, I would find a way to get there. Jimcats, Do not for ONE minute believe that Coach Cal is out of touch. He is insightful and an innovator–in a few years, everybody will be doing what Cal is proposing now and most likely nobody will remember that it was Coach Cal who led the way!

  3. KC

    Bloomington is only about an hour from Indy or around 50 miles away.

    1. Rick

      48 miles!
      I still can’t get over the fact that IU AD Fred Glass said “We decided it would be safer to let the students rush the floor, because that would be safer than staying in the stands.
      That’s a coverup, plain as day. I can’t believe no one has called him out on that, and asked ” why no security?” Remember the WHO tragedy in Cincy. I was there. IU needs to get their heads out of their butts and show some responsibility.

  4. Catapult

    The arrogance of Cal is truly astounding.

    I am now undertanding that without question, the Calipari era will not end well.

  5. grant


  6. DaveUK4Life

    Jimcats, I commuted 90 minutes one way in order to attend college my college of choice. I made about $15k/year curing college. I also drove 4 hours one way by myself to see the Cats play in the first two rounds of the NCA tournament in 1999 with the hope they would meet Kansas in the 2nd round (they did and the Cats won!). I made $24K that year.

    The idea that a paltry 2 hour car ride is the same as a 20 hour ride is kinda funny- in an absurd way. You can eat lunch at home in Bloomington, drive to Indianapolis to go shopping, and then be back at home for an early dinner.

    A 2 hour drive can be easily accomplished, if one really wants to see the game.

  7. havocUK

    Jimcats don’t know when you went to college man but well over 4/5 of the people i went with had their own car. More then easy enough for people to carpool

  8. Larry T Clemons

    It’s the fear of BBN, we have Catlanta and BBN will walk, drive, hich or whatever to get to Indianacatoplis…

  9. JPB

    I know it’s hard for Coach Cal to understand, but *most* students don’t get paid to go to college.

  10. metalarmdad

    I went to college in 1965 and had a car which freshmen wasn’t allowed to have. So I don’t buy into Jimcats statement. My family wasn’t rich and I had worked since I was 12 mowing yards and saving my money to have a car. I still say the real reason for not playing in Bloomington is the treatment KY fans and team received this past year,

  11. LindaS

    JimCats, if a student wants to get to a game bad enough, he will get there unless the planets are aligning against him. Students are carefree, devoted, a little nuts and true blue. Trust me, car pool, bus, hitch hiking or accepting a ride from another devoted fan, they will get there. Look what Baylor did for there students this. $1 bus ride to the NC2A. I bet the University of Kentucky would consider something like that too.
    Catapult, I truly resent you calling all this arrogance on Cal’s part. Think about it. UKvsIU use to be held on a neutral court all the time, why change things now? It gives the every day fan who cannot attend games a better chance of going to the game. Student sections are guaranteed and the students do get tickets. They are not left out. booby nightmare would not play in Lexington and it actually worked out very well for the schools, the students and the fans. The fans going to these neutral site games or even away games don’t sit on their hands and try to see who knows they are at the game for appearances sake only. They show their love, their appreciation and devotion to the team and the program. They yell, scream, applaud, boo, and participate in the game from their seats.
    Sure Cal is arrogant, but he has earned the right. It goes along with being confident, sure of what he is doing and the love all the fans pour on him. Arrogance is the prime ingredient for the coaching job at UK. You have to have it or you would never survive. However, you seem to forget what a truly wonderful human being Cal is when off the court. He gives back, he teaches young boys to be men, he represents a father many of them never had, he is a mentor and above all he is their friend. I’ll take Cal’s arrogance over booby nightmares and little slick quick ricks any day of the week.

    1. King Ghidora

      You’re absolutely right Linda. I hitch hiked to the state basketball tournament in 1974 without any way of getting home at all and I lived in Greenup Co., in the NE corner of KY. I managed to find a ride home after I got to the game but I didn’t even start looking until after halftime because I was looking for a free room to stay for the game the next morning. I didn’t find one and I didn’t get to that last game either. GC lost in the semi-finals. I wasn’t real anxious to go anyway because we were playing Male and we had almost no chance of winning because of the way things were set up for Louisville teams. Still I would have liked to have been there but I had no money for a room and no one else seemed to have one to spare. I nearly stayed to sleep on the street but I didn’t want to go to the game looking like a bum. The bottom line is I did crazy things to get to ball games when I was young.

      Also I know it’s only about an hour from Indy to Bloomington if the traffic is bad. It can be quicker than that if you go at the right time of day. A Saturday morning would mean no traffic problems. Not only that but probably half of the IU students are from Indy. So they could go there from home very easy. I managed to go home almost every weekend from Lexington to Greenup Co. when I was a freshman and my car was a beater to put it mildly. Heck I lived in Cardinal Valley and hitch hiked to class for a whole semester because my car quit on me. I moved to campus the next semester because of those problems.

      I realize hitching ain’t what it was back then. It’s a lot more dangerous now because of all the nuts around. But I also know that most students have access to cars or friend’s cars. I rode all over the country with a friend when I was in college. We put 7 people in a Nova and drove to Cincy to a bar one night and drove back too. That was pretty stupid actually but we survived. The stupid part was that the reason we went to that bar was they had pitchers of beer for a nickel. They had a good band too.

      And to all you guys who show up when there’s an IU story here, why not come back to support the team instead of just to bash Cal? Sorry but the Hoosiers brought this on themselves no matter how bad you hate it. I know how the UK alumni and boosters operate. They carry grudges for decades. You might as well forget trying to hound Cal into playing your team again. It won’t happen. And UK will go on being UK and IU might be good for a while but they will drop off again like always.

  12. big tim

    all iu would have to do is rent a couple school buses to get fans to the game but let me guess there to broke

  13. Always Neutral Sites?

    Just for the history books and those posters claiming that “Think about it. UKvsIU use to be held on a neutral court all the time, why change things now?”
    Uhhh….not quite accurate. Of the 56 games between the two schools, they’ve met 29 times at neutral venues (counting NCAA tournament games). Haven’t the schools been a home-and-home series since 2006. To act like this request for a home and home series is some jarring change of events is ludicrous.
    Cal claims he is doing this for his team but in doing so he certainly didn’t think of his fans. There was nothing outrageous about the proposal. Two neutral site games and then a home and home? Huh? How is this anything but acceptable to both sides?

    Cal held a press conference a couple months back to announce the destiny of his freshman. To nobody’s surprise, they all announced their intention to leave campus and enter the NBA draft. However, did anyone catch the moment of uncomfortable comedy when Cal turned to his players and said “…and you’re all going to finish out the semester…..right?” This was met with a sheepish grins and laughter from the players.

    So…..when does Cal hold the next press conference where he holds up their grade sheets as proof that his players stayed true to their coach and did indeed complete classes? Has this been announced yet?

  14. Mike

    I guess IU’s main concern is their students wont have any many left over after traveling to washington DC to attend an IU home football game. Pretty certain DC is quite a bit further from bloomington than indy is. Would be fun making fun of IU’s execuses if they didnt make it so easy.

  15. John

    Quite a few bashers here.
    Keep it civil or LindaS will kick you in the shin.

    1. Anonymous

      Ah, Jim…I wouldn’t but my Louavull Slugger might! LOL Don’t bash my boys or their coach!

    2. LindaS

      Now I wouldn’t do that….just remember, don’t bash my boys or my coach.

  16. Jim

    Oh the students! I was a student once. Do you really think the UK students care about IU? Only hoosiers care about IU. How long was the championship drought, before Cal just won number eight? I could care less how Cal schedules the games. There are some national sports writers who are in denial, that Calipari is the running the best college basketball program in the nation. That is understandable. But, why is there always a few fans that always have to find something to gripe about? If they won the lottery, they probably would complain about the color of the money they received.

  17. Always Neutral Sites?

    Jim stated that “Calipari is the running the best college basketball program in the nation.”
    Right now, there is no doubt about it……as far as the athletic side of it all goes. Academically, he’s walking the program on the razor’s edge and if his pattern of history repeats itself, he could well leave UK in the same position as UMass and Memphis.
    The guy can recruit but I’m still waiting to see that press conference where Cal proudly holds up the 2nd semester report cards of those freshman who promised they would finish out their term at UK.

    1. BB4UK

      Well “Always Neitral Sites?”, here’s what you’ve been waiting for:


      Cal actually announced the grades a few weeks ago. Sorry to burst your bubble on hoping the guys stopped going to classes. This says it all: UK posted a 974 in the Academic Progress Rate last academic year, tied with Vanderbilt for the highest mark in the Southeastern Conference.

      Now, maybe you can move forward with your life and stop being a troll on a UK site and go join the camraderie of whatever team you supposedly root for.

      1. UK Faithful

        I don’t know……..the question becomes that with Cal’s background, the things learned over the Rose situation and his general history, is UK going to be prone to problems down the road?
        That’s great to hear about this semester but what is he willing to do to hang on to elite kids that may not qualify? That becomes the question: long-term history. Could it come back to bite?

  18. LindaS

    Anthony Davis had a 3.17, T Jones made the deans list and several other players.
    2 players graduated. Kyle Wiltjer had a 4.0.
    Now, Brandon Knight left last year with a 4.o and 60 college credit hours. He and Wall both attended classes last summer to help them obtain their dream of a college education. Both promised their mothers they would finish. There were some others but these were the only ones I can remember.

    1. TheProfessor

      Linda, that is a great memory, but the facts are always lost on the haters. Don’t waste your breath, or your precious neurons.

      1. LindaS

        I had to put in one more post, you know how I am! Where is that Louavull slugger when I need it? LOL

  19. Matt Slone

    Very interesting comments here for sure. While I would like to see this series continue on a personal level, I’m backing Cal for sticking to the vision he has for our program! Seems more than a fair offer to me. If IU doesn’t like that venue, and big revenue from a game of this magnitude, I’m sure other big names will step up to fill the bill!
    It’s a new era for sure. In Cal I trust!!

    1. Erin P.

      I agree, Matt. Neutral site games are good for both sides and I, also, trust in Coach Cal’s methods, thoughts and ideas for the future of our BIG BLUE program.

    2. Always Neutral Sites?

      I get the big venue stuff (playing on aircraft carriers and what not). That’s great, it’s a new era. Be an innovator……but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. There was nothing wrong with 2 neutral site games and a home and home split. These have been home-and-home since 2006. Why the sudden drama over a compromise?
      Hell, if Cal wanted to be a TRUE innovator, why not go full bore? Re-route all of the non-conference games to huge arenas, foreign countries and football stadiums? What is wrong with that? UK gets huge exposure (global exposure) and then start the Rupp games when it gets to conference season. Just don’t schedule any Rupp games until SEC play. This seems like the maverick vision needed. Think outside the box. This isn’t about playing games at Rupp. Actually, limit the Rupp games. UK fans travel and just book as many big time venues and avant garde setups as possible…..right?

      1. King Ghidora

        That aircraft carrier stuff is nothing but a gimmick. Tournament games are not played on ships outside. The seating has been very limited to this point for carrier games.

        I think the way UK really needs to innovate is to build their own basketball stadium and play all their home games there. I’d say that was innovation but Syrupcuse has already done that with the Carrier Dome. But IMO UK needs a venue that seats 100,000. I’m guessing they could fill it for every game. Now that’s vision. It ain’t some hokey, one of a kind carrier game.

        UK has always had problems with teams who whine about their jealousy. Everyone my age remembers how Cincinnati complained about how UK wouldn’t schedule them for years then when they got their chance they stalled the ball the whole game because they knew they couldn’t compete. Why is it any different that IU wants to play in the Assembly Crackerbox because they know they get all the home game calls and the players are more worried about surviving the game than winning the game? I have the video showing that mild mannered superstar Anthony Davis had to punch his way off the floor. No team in their right mind is going to be willing to do that.

        Crean must have learned by now that all his crybabying isn’t going to change things at UK. Cal doesn’t care what the press thinks and he certainly doesn’t care what IU fans think. Ain’t it great? End badly? Ha! Cal is Rupp made over. The next arena will be Calipari Arena. No that’s not right. It will be the Calipari Dome. :D

  20. Rod B

    Someone needs to call a waaambulance.. Cal is right, the treatment before and after the game in Bloomington was reprehensible and I would be d—ned if I went back either.

    1. Always Neutral Sites?

      Well, you go ahead and call the “waambulance” Big Rod and I’ll send a year’s supply of tissues to your house in return. Deal?
      Were you at the game? I was.
      Cal and Crean are friends and I never heard him once say anything about “treatment” in Bloomington. This is drummed up anectdotal reports from a few disgruntled UK fans. I saw and sat around IU/UK tandems at that December game. There were husband/wife fans decked out in blue and red, college buddies, old-timers rooting for their respective schools. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. The was some good-natured stuff during the game…..but this conspiracy theory out there that purports that UK fans were in grave danger is ludicrous.
      The court rushing might have been the only thing that was a little risky for any fan but it wasn’t like the Who concert in Cincinnati.
      Please, stop with this urban legend and trying to drum up stuff to create a situation out of nothing. It was a rivalry game for God’s sake! There is going to be some banter back and forth. But, saying it was “reprehensible” is outlandish.

      1. King Ghidora

        That’s what they said about festival seating at concerts until people died. You comparing the deplorable events at Bloomington to those people’s deaths is off the charts rotten. You don’t know that people won’t die. Look around. People die at soccer matches a lot and it’s over exactly the kind of thing you are excusing. That is EXACTLY the reason UK will never go back to Bloomington. You think the threat of death can help you win games. That’s sick. And don’t deny it. That’s exactly what you want. The endless excuses for what happened are hollow fits of rage that you can’t get your way. If IU had grown up there would be a series now on neutral courts. But IU and IU alone refused to address the riot in any way. And that’s what it was. People did get hurt. Players were attacked by IU fans. You are off base by 10 miles on this. Get over it. You will never get your way by acting like a Hoser.

        I tried to get tickets to that Who concert pal. Don’t tell me it can’t happen. Jumping over rows of seats to get to the floor, attacking UK fans, attacking UK players and being as rude as it gets is a sure way to end a series. You did it. It’s over. It’s your fault.

        1. Always Neutral Sites?

          C’mon King. Now you’re really reaching here. You are one wild dude!
          Can you point me to Cal’s comments or an official UK statement that indicate the series is ending due to safety issues? This is your assessment of the situation and yours alone.
          The entire negotiation broke down because UK wanted neutral site venues throughout the series. And, larger neutral site venues does not resolve any so called safety issues. Please provide the video evidence of “players being attacked” by fans. I watched the whole thing unfold and saw none of this!

          Please watch this video and tell me where you see a full scale riot? Point me to the shots of UK fans in the stands being harrassed? I see one guy in a blue wig with fans behind him in red texting on their phones. I see that Davis and Jones are able to walk off the floor. Security is behind them. The only contact here were two UK players colliding with each other attempting to block Watford’s shot. One went to the floor and there was a bit of risk to that player as IU players mobbed Watford. He sustained no injuries.

          I’m anxious to see your evidence of the full scale riot. This had zero to do with safety issues.

          1. King Ghidora

            What does a replay of the same shot shown 200 times have to do with what I said? That video was obviously closely edited. I have the original. I know what it shows.

          2. Always Neutral Sites?

            Please post the original you have. I want to see it.


  21. LindaS

    AlwaysNeutralSites? I think you are out numbered here. Get your butt back to Bloomington and continue worshiping your picture of booby nightmare.

    1. Always Neutral Sites?

      Thanks Linda.
      That’s the UK fan response I was looking for. I bet you’re a real peach. Is this the same “southern hospitality” that Big Blue Nation always touts?
      “Well, I do declare y’all. We treat all our opposing fans with pure grace and charm. We would never, ever do that! My name is LindaS and I is the queen of BBN! Have you seen my Ashley Judd doll?”

      By the way, I think “Booby Nightmare” and Joe B. Cheatin have a fishing trip scheduled this week followed up with a golf outing: “The Eddie Sutton Classic” sponsored by Emery Worldwide with the Chris Mills trophy at stake.

      1. King Ghidora

        Yeah you have presented the perfect example of how to be a Hoosier here. Intimidate, threaten and harass all you want. You are just proving what I’ve said here since the day of the Bloomington game. I lived in Indy for years. I know what people are like there and in Bloomington. I’ve been lots of places and the very worst people I ever met were in Indiana. I don’t say that about any where else. Go ahead and look. You won’t ever find where I’ve said that about anyone else. I’ve seen the deaths from the rotten Hoosier ways friend and I’m not joking one bit.

        You IU types have been lurking on this site for months to jump on any mention of what happened in Bloomington. It really irks you that you can’t bully Cal into giving you what you want, doesn’t it? GOOD!!!! No one deserves it more.

        And what would a Hoosier know about hospitality? You bully and threaten anyone who dares come to Bloomington. And yes I have been there lots of times but I’ll never go back. The last time I was there it was a total nightmare and it was caused by a group of IU students. My wife was threatened. Do you have any idea how rotten that is? I’m guessing you don’t because you’re a Hoosier. Yeah tell me again about how people in Lexington aren’t hospitable. Ha! IU fans are the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ll even give you an example of “Hoosier Hospitality”. This was a former IU student. I knew him all too well unfortunately. He was the boyfriend of my wife’s cousin. He ended up nearly beating her to death before she finally left him. Then he went on to national fame. Here’s his story. Here is the Indiana Hospitality. And I’ve seen dozens of examples of such things. I know of at least 3 people who died because of it. One was left alone in a ditch to drown because he OD’d and his “friends” didn’t want to take him to a hospital. Another was shunned by his “friends” and ended up taking his own life. And here is the story of the third one.


        Now what’s that you were saying about hospitality? Letting your pack of dogs kill visitors is not very hospitable IMO.

        1. Always Neutral Sites?

          So……your bad experiences in Indiana qualify you to create a blanket statement that the entire state of Indiana is “the worst” group when it comes to hospitality? Our dogs are even the worst of the worst?
          There are bad apples in every group. One incident of domestic violence means the whole state of Indiana is a bunch of “wife beaters”?
          Sorry you had bad experiences but to paint the canvas with a wide brush is very Hitler-esque. Based on your rhetoric, you’d have all of BBN goose-stepping in line to this mass hysteria.
          Using your logic, should I assume that all of the Kentucky folk are card-carrying members of the white supremicist movement based on the exploits of Adolf Rupp?
          Crap goes on everywhere but it should not serve as an indictment of the entire state or university.

          1. King Ghidora

            Hitler-esque? And you wonder why I dislike Hoosiers. You really don’t see how you using that word makes you look do you? It wasn’t just “one” incident BTW. I saw 3 people die in 3 years that I knew or they died because of people I knew. I saw a woman beaten nearly to death. I was threatened by a mob of IU students. My WIFE was threatened by a mob of IU students. My wife was harassed by punks from Indiana. I was harassed by those same punks but that doesn’t bother me. It does bother me when they harass my wife. These are all separate incidents and I’m far from done. I saw people bragging about stealing money from their friends. I saw blatantly stupid attempts at lying to friends to take their money. And I only lived in Indy for 2 years. Two of the deaths happened the year after I moved out of that hole.

            One incident? Ha! I could name at least 100. I could talk about the gangsters that stole the social security checks of the two old people that lived in the other side of a duplex a friend of mine lived in. They stole those checks every month. They showed up on check day. Those people were starving. I could talk about the state policeman who told me to leave the state and never come back because I was driving around looking at the country side with my wife. I was in a new car and I had money in my pockets and I wasn’t a thug or a law breaker. The state had a campaign called “Wander Indiana” where they invited people to do exactly what we were doing. But a cop told me I would go to jail if he ever saw me again – for no reason whatsoever.

            You really need to get out of your state and get some perspective. I lived there and I’ve lived other places. Indiana was FAR worse than any place I’ve ever lived. It wasn’t even close. How many dead friends does it take to convince a person that people in Indiana have a rotten streak?

            The fact that you compared me to Hitler just proves my point. I won’t respond to you anymore on this board. You know I have valid reasons to think what I do. And I could be here for hours regaling you with similar stories. Indiana is a hole. You’ll never convince me otherwise. Ask anyone from UK who went to that Bloomington game. Oh yeah. They’re all Hitler-esque. Right.

          2. King Ghidora

            I did forget to mention you don’t have a clue about Rupp and his mythical racism. That’s just more hot air from the media and people like you. Those low life attacks on people you don’t know are exactly what makes a Hoosier a Hoosier. You’re proving every opinion I have of you and a large part of your state. Thanks. You make it easy to show why Cal was right to tell you people where to stick your home and home series. You people worship the absolute biggest jerk ever associated with college basketball and you think you can slander others for things you can’t possibly prove because they aren’t true. Unlike you I have a mountain of proof to support my views. But logic means nothing to people like you. It’s all personal attack and bullying. Knight taught you his ways didn’t he? Choked anyone lately? Kicked your kids? Thrown any chairs? These are all things that are easily proven. It’s also very easy to prove Rupp was not the racist you slander him as being. But I won’t bother because you wouldn’t listen anyway.

          3. Always Neutral Sites?

            There are so many disturbing things mentioned in your posts that go way beyond IU and UK basketball or the states of Indiana and Kentucky……I just don’t know where to begin? There is some anger and rage you contain that is beyond normal. There is some real hatred in your soul about your life experiences in the state of Indiana. I get that.
            These are things you need to be telling to a professional therapist, not me.
            If I met you in life, I’d probably even buy you a drink! For the record, let’s make something clear here: I did not call you “Hitler”. I was referring to your logic as being like Hitler’s (i.e., Hitler-esque): broad-based hatred of an entire group based on one’s personal experiences and ideologies of that group combined with an attempt to influence others of these core beliefs.
            Let’s just agree to disagree on this. I’m not going to argue here with you on Bobby Knight (while certainly some IU fans will try to excuse his behavior, most will candidly tell you that while he was a fantastic coach he was also a horse’s ass) or Adolf Rupp (a documented history of prejudice and racist ideologies that former players have backed up).

            Life is too short to hang on to this much hatred from your past. Best of luck to you in the future, sir.

  22. larry t clemons

    only Godzilla can take down Ghidora…. King Ghidora 6 vs Always Nuetral 0

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