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UK coach John Calipari on how Harrison twins having same DNA can help Wildcats

uk basketball logoBy LARRY VAUGHT

Kentucky coach John Calipari remembered his days at Massachusetts when asked about how he might adapt to having twins Aaron and Andrew Harrison on the team.

Question: Do you have to do anything different with the Harrison twins to get them involved with others on the team?
Calipari: “We have talked about it. What were the myths when John Wall came here? (Ball hog.) What else? (Not a good teammate). We heard it all. Then you all were stunned this kid is a great kid. One thing happened during the year. Everybody figured we had to take him out, and so their whole defense was geared to him. So it got harder and harder, and he came out (one) day and said, ‘Not having fun.’ No kidding. It’s really hard. They are trying to take you out now, and you have to figure out what you are going to do. But at the end of the day, everybody walked away and said what a great kid this kid is.

“Every kid on the team, you have different guys that will come in with myths. One of the things they will say is, ‘Why would you want to play with those two? They only play …’ Well, who started that myth? Everybody recruiting against us. So all of a sudden they fed it to media, fed it to everybody. They know it is out there. They know it is a myth. But when you watch them, they don’t even hang together. (It’s) like they are not living in the same room together. They will have their own two or three guys. But they have the same DNA.

“I had two kids when I was at UMass that were not twins and not brothers, but born on the same day in Puerto Rico, and spoke Spanish. Those two were like twins. My team got really good. They could look at each other and knew what it meant. They talked in Spanish. Go back door. The defense didn’t have any idea what the dude was saying. And the guy went back door and he just threw it to him. If they were yelling at each other, they were doing it in Spanish.”

Question: Do the Harrison twins speak another language?
Calipari: “DNA the same. They can look at each other and they know what the hell they are talking about. I asked those two (Puerto Rican players) to come in, and I had two Dominican kids on my team who spoke Spanish, so I had them come in and I asked them, ‘How do you say ‘FU’ in Spanish?’ and I made them all say it. How do you say your are an a–hole? I went through all this. I said if I ever hear that stuff pointed to me, you are out of here. I just want you to know.”

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  1. Little Baron

    I just told a great friend and fellow UK grad, life-long WildCat fan, that I believe one of the most valuable things this team has is the fact that our PG has his TWIN brother, who he has always been with and close to, as a special support when he faces tough, challenging, different, unique and mile-high events this year – both on the court and on the campus. It is a major transition from High School to College, and everyone has to make it. For some it is easier than others, but I believe having a twin to share all the ups and downs with will be a major bonus for our talented PG, which will translate even further into our season’s success. He will be holding the reigns, and we all know how critical it is that we have a solid, stable PG to lead the best of the best, if we want to be successful.

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