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Calipari on block/charge: “Play defense, quit flopping”


For years college basketball coaches have complained about the inconsistency on block/charge calls. So how confident is Kentucky coach John Calipari about the block/charge rule change?

“I’ve been saying it for how long have I been saying it? There are a lot of things I’ve been saying for five years that are coming to fruition. Block/Charge, I’ve been screaming about. Well you’ve got teams that can’t play, so what they do is just flop in front of people and just start flopping,” Calipari said. “Well that’s not our part. Recruit better players.

“I mean, just do what the NBA does: if it’s even close, it’s a block. Stop it. Play defense. Quit trying to, you know, have a bearing on the game because you’re not this, we’re going to do this to play. No. You’ve got to play basketball, and if you’re in there flopping around … If you’re on the ball and a guy sticks his shoulder down, that’s a charge. If you’re standing there and his head is down, he runs you (over), that’s a charge. If this guy’s driving, he comes over, ‘Well his toe was (makes random noises) … We had to blah?’ What, that’s a charge? No. If it’s close, it’s a block. What I hope they do. Good for the game.

“We have to play that way too now. Now you encourage more blocks versus charges. Block the shot. Come weak side and block it. ‘Well, I can’t so I’m just going to flop underneath this guy and hope they give me a charge.’ And the crazy thing was, if he was outside of the are, what did they do? They called it a charge. What in the world? But, they’re saying they’re changing it. We’ll see.”

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  1. TheProfessor

    These kind of rule interpretations are there to neutralize the superior talent, the quicker player, rather than let the flow of the game expose the talent differentials that exist.

  2. gene

    What will Lulaville do if this does come to pass?
    Siva and Smith won national title by perfecting the “flop” along with the “grab and hold”.

  3. Jerry

    Perhaps if several coaches got together & spoke with one voice on this issue it would get changed.

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