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Calipari offers 5-9 point guard Tyler Ulis a scholarship


John Calipari recruits the nation’s best players, but he’s also not afraid to go against the traditional rankings if he sees a player he likes (Willie Cauley-Stein, Derek Willis, Dominique Hawkins) and he has done that again by offering 5-9 Chicago point guard Tyler Ulis a scholarship. Ulis visited Kentucky Friday and his AAU team Twitter account announced he left with a scholarship offer to go with ones he already has from Michigan State, Florida and Vanderbilt.

He is ranked as the 38th best overall player in the 2014 recruiting class by ESPN.com and the eighth best point guard.

Does this mean Calipari still does not want Emmanuel Mudiay or Tyus Jones, the two highest ranked point guards in the class? Absolutely not. In fact, many still believe UK leads for Mudiay, who will play in the Marshall County Hoop Fest and McCracken County Hoop Fest this season.

But Ulis is really, really quick and can create for teammates. He could be a perfect backup to  Mudiay for a year and then take over the point guard spot.


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  1. ukscat

    Wish Luke K. would commit so he doesn’t miss the train

  2. bigcatstanding

    hope like heck he comes, this kid is legit in my opinion he’s the best in the class. Played against Jones had 20 some points and just short of 20 assist. Jones was asked last week in a interview who was the best point guard he’s playing against and he said Ulis by far.

  3. Tcat

    Ot ohh Larry, Jeff Sheppard isn’t going to like that last sentence. I must admit I don’t like the way it works either, I don’t see it changing though…

  4. Seymour

    I remember our last #8 ranked point guard and I am not so sure I want another one. If he makes it as a backup for his first year, I would expect Cal to recruit over him and he would still be the backup PG the next year. I think that Cal can find another top PG somewhere for the second year.

  5. bigcatstanding

    So ( Seymour )to listen to you talk sounds like you should be doing the recruiting and offering scholarships, Coach Cal doesn’t offer scholarships for backup players those positions are for walk on. Sounds like you really know what you’re talking about not/ like the kid name Floreal tell me what he could possibly do for the team being just a walk on. From the sounds of it he should carry water and towels. I’ll go ahead and educate you on him he is the fastest player on the team 6 foot 4 has tremendous talent. In high school he was 1 1000 of the hundred meter state record. There’s your backup and your 4 year point guard.The only thing that will stop Ulis from leaving early for the NBA will be concerns of his size, sound familiar. Did you not here the so-called number one point guard in the country said that Ulis was the best point guard he has played against. Enough beating my head against the wall. let’s hope and pray he’s dyslexic hoping he don’t hear all the so called critics / Kentucky fan’s. BBN IS CBB ILF#9

  6. bigcatstanding

    Here’s some names of players that either didn’t make the top 40 or was barely inside the top 40. Doron Lamb / Wayne Turner / Anthony Epps / / WCS / Darius Miller / D’Andre leggins / then you have a player that barely even made the overall list Josh Harrellson. and the biggest part of this overall, this kid wasn’t even noticed until a few months ago. Ulis wasn’t even on the list, to jump that many positions from nowhere, should tell everyone what a serious talent he is. To keep analyst from looking stupid they don’t jump a kid from zero to hero right away. even if he wasn’t a great scorer his passing ability alone makes him awesome, but guess what he is a great score. This kid has the best floater in the Lane as anyone I’ve seen since Wayne Turner. So everyone calm down and stop being such negative Nellies, and let Coach Cal handle things he’s done pretty good so far right lol. BBN OWNS YOU YA YOU LOL

  7. Gene T.

    Please everyone just welcome this kid.He is a legit talent. I’m starting to understand other ppl commits about us UK fans. Good grief, give this kid a chance. I for one think he may be the perfect fit for UK. I hope he is, and not a 1 and done. He is a great talent. I am BBN all the way, but some of you need to lighten up.

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