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Calipari hopes Goodwin sees that less can mean more for him and the team


Kentucky coach John Calipari hopes freshman guard Archie Goodwin finally understands that doing less can mean more.

Goodwin took only seven shots at Auburn — he came into the game averaging almost 12 shots per game — in Saturday’s 75-53 win, but he had 12 points, just three below his team-leading average. However, he also had seven rebounds, three steals and one assist in 35 minutes of play that included only two turnovers — one below his average.

“I was really pleased with (Goodwin’s) play. When I tell you that, his shot selection was really good. He played and drove to make his teammates better instead of trying to shoot the ball,” Calipari said Monday. “And then defensively, he took some pride in his defense. Now you have an attacking player who’s taking pride in his defense versus a player who’s taking bad shots and an unenthusiastic defender.

“Archie had 12 points trying to score about half as much as he’s being trying to score and he scored two or three points less than his average and that’s because he missed free throws. So what I say is you can do less and score more if you’re efficient and you’re playing for your team. He’s learning that.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    I’m Calling That, ” Karma Koaching “…

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    Archie is getting there and just needs to continue his progress. I think his mindset, especially when the Cats have struggled, is that he has to make the play. He seems to be slowly developing trust in his teammates that they can make plays as well.

  3. Doug Ridley

    Glad he learned something in the Auburn game but looks like he retrogressed in the ‘Bama game. He HAS to get better along with Alex if they are going to be a very good team.

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