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UK coach John Calipari hopes Andrew Harrison learned from Wilbekin’s play

Kentucky defenders attempt to guard Florida's Scottie Wilbekin Saturday. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)

Kentucky defenders attempt to guard Florida’s Scottie Wilbekin Saturday. (Victoria Graff photo/all rights reserved)


What did Kentucky coach John Calipari hope that freshman point guard Andrew Harrison — 20 points, four rebounds, four assists, 34 minutes — learned from the final few minutes of Saturday’s loss to Florida?

“The only thing I wanted him to know is you saw what a veteran guy did down the stretch.  That’s all you need to learn from this.  You’re as good as anybody out there.  Now watch what he (Florida point guard Scottie Wilbekin) did down the stretch, and he got the ball to the guys that needed it,” Calipari said.

“He got fouled when he needed to get fouled.  He controlled the game.  He went fast when he wanted to.  He pulled back when he wanted to.  He played well.  That’s just you learn from it.”


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  1. Darrell

    What is he suppose to learn he did the same thing only he was doing it first and he ended up scoring 20 points. Every time Scottie drove to the basket there was a foul called and when they decided to show replay I didn’t see a foul, what I saw most of the replays was Scottie pushing off. Not trying to push blame but did anyone else see that too? I hate to say it but Cal got out coached

  2. Little Baron

    Willis, Hood & Polson would have hit 3’s as well as anyone on the team, for the season, if given half the minutes our 3 perimeter players were GIVEN (not earned).

    Calipari steers away from most players who can shoot and hit the 3 consistently.
    There are no set plays for shooters to get a solid screen for launching a 3, and since our ball movement is as stale as month old bread most shots are contested.

    Wiltjer would have been a MAJOR contributor this season IF Cal & staff REALLY wanted him back and had worked to keep him.

  3. Little Baron

    My prior comment (about shooters) was inadvertantly posted with this article.
    So, here is my comment about Wilbeken…

    Why does Cal want Harrison to learn from a player that would be on the bench for Cal?
    — a SENIOR, former WALK-ON (if I recall ?), not very “athletic”, not “long”…
    How about having him watch Polson some?

    If our PG is STILL not getting it done, then he needs another season.
    That means he needs MORE BENCH time THIS season.

    I do agree that officiating certainly had it’s share of bias calls, especially when the game was on the line. Another reason to put a team away by going up 12 to 15 when you have them down 7 or 9, instead of slacking off a bit.

    Randle has been clobbered all season, with many fouls not called, so it will only get worse. No wonder Cal got upset with some calls!!!
    That means

  4. Don

    Little Baron makes great points about the three point shooters and our offense..Been saying this for a while myself.

    1. Little Baron

      It sure makes you scratch your head, Don, trying to figure it out. The 2010 team needed a 3-pt shooter & we may have won a Title… maybe even been undefeated with that team of top talent including Patterson (JR) & Miller (SOPH). Either giving Hood some valuable minutes during the season so he could step in against WVU with experience, or of Meeks had been encouraged to stay.

  5. george

    wah wah wah

  6. TheProfessor

    The general sense I am hearing and reading this morning is that the Florida Defense was the difference. I do not see it that way at all. It was UK’s lack of defense that was the difference.

    Florida scored 69 points on a mere 57 possessions (fewest for a game this season for UK), which is an efficiency over 1.2 points per possession. That is the weakest performance by this defense this season. It is not the 69 points yielded that makes it so, but the fact that Florida only needed 57 possessions to post that many points.

    Kentucky scored its 59 points on the same pitiful 57 possessions, and efficiency of 1.04 ppp. That is the ninth lowest offensive efficiency by this team this year, but against what some had proclaimed the best defense in the game leading up to this game, I might have expected that the Florida defense might have held UK to something close to its lowest efficiency production of the year. Again, it is not that UK only scored 59 points, but that they did so with only 57 possessions. Any team can reduce opponent scoring by slowing the game and reducing the number of possessions.

    The same bugaboos that haunted this team in November emerged again when the opponent was very difficult.

    1. Free Throw shooting
    2. Turnover margin

    AND, Florida negated the one strength that UK has had nearly this entire season on the Boards.

    Those three factors are why this was a 10 point home court loss instead of a single digit UK win.

    Isn’t it interesting how the same flaws emerge from the shadows to bite this team when they needed a win the most?

    Go back through the annuls of your big blue history and tell me if that characteristic has not been observed in most years? My review, my memory is that the problems a team displays early in a season are the same problems that knock it out of the big dance at the end.

    UK dropped to #18 on Pomeroy this morning, and the huge Florida win has lifted them to #2. It is not the winning or losing that did that, it is the relative performances of these teams, efficiency based, that did that. Florida probably secured a 1 Seed last night, and UK has probably slipped into 5 seed range.

  7. Anonymous

    Let’s hope the Ohio thing works in basketball recruiting – – we need a great shooter.

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