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Calipari expecting Andrew Harrison to play, not sure about James Young


Kentucky coach John Calipari said Thursday that freshman point guard Andrew Harrison, who missed two exhibition games with a knee bruise, did practice Wednesday but freshman James Young did not.

“I made him (Young) run up and down the court limping because he was late for treatment. But short of that, no,” Calipari said. “But Andrew was good.

“Then when I watched the tape, we’re a different team, which is nice to see. He still doesn’t throw lobs cause he hasn’t practiced with us enough. He’s trying to throw wraps that one, they can’t catch, and two, they can’t finish. But that’s OK. I can get that sorted out. And he knows when he didn’t throw it. But, he makes us different.”

Calipari wasn’t sure if Young would practice Thursday or play against UNC-Asheville.

“Don’t know. Until I go, until I get in there, I don’t know,” Calipari said. “Alex (Poythress) was good again yesterday. Alex has been really good. You know, he’s narrowed his game and he’s trying to play harder and he’s not caving in and stopping. You know, there’s no excuse, and he knows it so he’s — he’s playing. He played well yesterday.”

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  1. Roger D. Meredith

    Let’s go CATS….
    Let’s Give Them Something to Talk about ….
    okay, something to GAWK about…

  2. AndyP

    I hope James Young can go tonight. We need our starters at full strength in these two warm up games in order to have our best chance of winning the Michigan State game.

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