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UK coach John Calipari did not think Kyle Wiltjer played that badly against Duke

Kyle Wiltjer dunks against Duke. (Victoria Graff photo)

Kyle Wiltjer dunks against Duke. (Victoria Graff photo)


Sophomore Kyle Wiltjer had 19 points in UK’s season-opening win over Maryland, but managed just five points on 2-for-5 shooting Tuesday and one basket came on a fast break dunk.

However, Calipari did not seem that upset with Wiltjer’s play after the game.

“Kyle led. He did some good things,” Calipari said. “They took him away. They did a great job saying he is not getting a shot off. They were out on him.”

Calipari said there was one time when Wiltjer tried to put a move on Ryan Kelly and had his shot blocked that he should not have shot.

Wiltjer had four assists and three rebounds.

“He got some tough rebounds in traffic. Four assists. He did not play that bad,” Calipari said. “He is little better than that. He played 11 minutes a game last year. When you are not making shots, what else can you do. Today he did not play that badly.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    And, there were times when he was wide open for a three and Goodwin and Mays BOTH missed him, sometimes they didn’t even look and the flubbed the play and lost the ball….Duke got 12 more points on threes than we did and that lost us the Game. Kyle needs to tell his team to look for him, when they get bogged down…Anbd more, hell, his a pure shooter, hello….I was not going to bring this up, until this story got posted, then I had to defend Kyle, WE have to get him the Ball….

  2. Steve

    Kyle have a lot of offence to come.He need to learn to slide his feet more in the short range to defend his man or on help defence .This is good for Kyle to learn from

  3. King Ghidora

    When the young guys start drawing the attention of the defenses then Kyle will certainly get his shots. Duke concentrated on preventing him from getting open and yes some people missed getting him the ball when he was open but that will all come with time.

    This team is going to be great before all is said and done. They just need to gel IMO. Maybe they never will, I don’t know. But if they do watch out because they will be very good.

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