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Calipari did not think Robic said enough to get ejected after officials made the wrong call

UK assistant coach John Robic and referee Doug Shows. Robic was ejected in the first half. (Victoria Graff photo)

UK assistant coach John Robic and referee Doug Shows. Robic was ejected in the first half. (Victoria Graff photo)


Tennessee had used a 6-0 run to break a 7-7 tie and take a 13-7 lead when a play that eventually led to associate coach John Robic’s ejection happened Saturday. A ball was pinned against the rim on Tennessee’s end and the possession arrow showed the ball went to Tennessee even though it should have pointed to Kentucky because the Vols won the opening tip and there had not been a jump ball since then.

Calipari and Robic both tried to point that out to officials, but to no avail. Tennessee guard Skylar McBee hit a 3-pointer to push the lead to 19-10 and it grew to 24-12 when there was a TV timeout at 11:17 of the first half. Calipari again pleaded his case to official Doug Shows and assistant Orlando Antigua stepped between the two. That’s when Robic said something to Shows as he was walking away. Shows immediately turned and not only called a technical foul, but ejected Robic from the game.

“They (the officials) got the call wrong. John was disappointed about it. I don’t think that he said enough to get tossed, but they did it,” Calipari said.

Shows later called a technical foul on Willie Cauley-Stein for something he said on the court in the second half and Archie Goodwin was called for a technical foul for shoving a Tennessee player in the back after he was shoved first.

Calipari would not elaborate any more on the officiating.

“You can never blame it on the refs. This is all on us,” Kentucky’s Kyle Wiltjer, who scored a team-high 15 points, said.

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  1. Larry Pup

    What Larry V. just reported can be blamed on the refs. You can bet your boots on that! The game stunk from an officiating standpoint. It didn’t get us beat, but it sure helped UT. One of the worst I have witnessed on a 51″ Big Screen. Shows has an ax to grind with UK. It is pretty obvious just on that one call. They shoot 31 ft’s to our 18 in a game where UT was mugging UK guards all day long, and blocking fouls that were never called. Kyle is being nice, Come on.

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    The referees certainly did us no favors, but losing by 30 can’t be blamed on the officials, no matter how ridiculous some of their calls were. I hope the guys can get it together and soon. Go Cats!

  3. LindaS

    Calipari and Shows were going at it. Shows said, “No More.” Cal was heard to say on the radio to Shows, “We’re not very good but we didn’t deserve what you did to us today.” I don’t know the reason for Shows saying no more. However, I think Cal had a valid point. One friend on FB said that Cal should just go ahead and talk about Shows and take the fine. I agree, but then I think the other ref’s would retaliate. Jeff Drummond posted that since Cal arrived, Shows has called 24 T’s in 25 games. And they say the ref’s don’t have it out for Kentucky and Cal. It is a shame they can’t officiate a game fairly. Fouls were pretty even, but the T’s, all the players picking up 5 and Robic getting ejected was a bit much. botox mark must have Shows in his back pocket. Someone check his bank account in the Caymans.

    1. Larry Pup

      I’m going to say this and I’m through. The fouls didn’t start to even up until late in the game when it was already over. Clark Kellogg and his partner was even commenting on the number of times UT had been to the ft line as compared to UK in the first half alone. You saw the grabbing, and pushing, and under cutting UT was getting away with. was it enough to change the game’s ultimate outcome? No. But it certainly contributed to our loss.

  4. RJ

    I’ve read articles where the SEC reviews all games officiated by it’s crews. If that is indeed true, Shows should get a sit down.

  5. coldspringmike

    Karen, you are correct. Getting beat by 30 cannot be blamed on the refs. As coach says, we deserved it. Linda, geez, thanks for all the info on Mr. Shows, did not realize what a Cat hater he is.

  6. Pacman

    If Mitch had a pair he would contact the
    SEC about Doug Shows. Don’t ask the players
    To fight hard if you don’t have their back

  7. Steve

    The Shows stats are 24 games officiated during the Calipari era and 8 technicals on UK players or coaches including 3 on the coaches in the last 4 games.

    1. Steve

      Stats should read 25 games officiated to include UT on Saturday.

    2. larryvaught

      That is a lot of T’s for Shows on UK and way too many games for any one ref to have called. Has any other official worked that many UK games the last three years

  8. enjoyLife

    I’m neither a cat or volunteer fan. I just like the game of BBall. Face it. Kentucky just had a terrible day. SO far it’s been mostly shear luck for the cats. There are going to be days when other teams just play a better game. Both teams showed bad sportmanship–TN showed the most. Coaches know when to keep their mouths SHUT. The fact is in Florida that game was lost long before Noel hurt his knee. Wildcat fans need to grow up and face the fact that other teams are capable of winning. UK will not always be the best all the time.

    1. larryvaught

      Enjoylife, you are right. Just not a great Kentucky team and I don’t think UK would have won yesterday even with Noel

  9. LindaS

    enjoylife, I have said and even wrote something for Larry that he posted, that any team can be beaten on any night by any other team. It depends on effort, work, who wants to win the worse and how the stars are aligned. Well, maybe not the stars but it is all a matter of fate and fighting for the win.

  10. LindaS

    Got this from my FB page…Wildcat Country – Big Blue Nation
    Now why I don’t wanna say it cost UK the game yesterday, but records do indicate Official Doug Shows, has a problem with UK. Out of all the games he’s been an official during UK games, Kentucky has lost 17 under his watch. But here’s where it gets interesting. 1/11/1997 – Technical Foul on UK’s bench. 1/24/1998 -Technical Foul on UK’s Scott Padgett. 1/5/2002 – Technical on UK’s Coach Tubby Smith. 1/17/2004 – Technical Foul on UK’s Erick Daniels. 12/18/2007 – Technical Foul on UK’s Coach Billy Gillispie. 1/15/2008 – Technical Foul on UK’s Coach Billy Gillispie. 12/23/2009 – Technical Foul on UK’s DeMarcus Cousins. 1/2/2010 – Technical Foul on UK’s DeMarcus Cousins. Again same game, Technical Foul on UK’s John Wall. 1/22/2011 – Technical Foul on UK’s Coach John Calipari. 1/31/2012 – Technical Foul on UK’s Anthony Davis. 2/21/2102 – Technical Foul on UK’s Marquis Teague. Again same game, Technical Foul on UK’s Anthony Davis. 12/29/2012 – Technical Foul on UK’s Coach John Calipari. 1/12/2013 – Technical Foul on UK’s Coach John Calipari. 2/16/2013 – Technical Foul on UK’s Coach John Calipari. Again same game, UK’s Assist. Coach John Robic thrown out of the game. Again same game, Technical Foul on UK’s Archie Goodwin. Again same game, Technical Foul on UK’s Willie Cauley-Stein.

    1. Little Baron

      Doug Shows is one of the most dishonest, bias refs in the game, at any level, when he calls a UK game. Always was, still is, and always will be a crooked ref, calling games to negatively affect UK basketball. Whether a non-call, a made-up call, or an embellished call… he manages to disrupt UK basketball flow, rhythm, confidence… and manages to get UK players thinking and wondering if they can or cannot play a certain way.

      Stokes SHOVED Willie in the back, pushing him away from the basket, on one play, using his arm and body… it was a foul… definitely, but no call… at the other end, Willie gets called for a foul that simply did not happen. CROOKED…

      When UK took that brief, early lead, fouls were called in a hurry to change the momentum of the game, and to slow UK and spur on TN. The CATS lost heart, realizing they were not going to beat the stripes, no matter what happened.

      I long for the day when UK will get an AD who has the intestional fortitude to call out the SEC refs and SEC adminsitration for allowing UK basketball to take a beating everytime they go on the road. Until a BIG issue is made by UKAA, and some heads are rolled out the door, nothing is going to change.

      The Baron, the great Adolph Rupp, used to speak about the pathetic officiating, ever so often, in his post game interviews – I listened for years to those great interviews – and would say that a video was going to be sent to the SEC offices for review. Of course, the anti-UK, jealous type, have always had big jobs in the SEC and NCAA, and until a major confrontation is made… it will not change. Other marquee programs typically get fair, if not an advantagous officiated game, when on the road in their conference. But, UK can’t even get a fairly officiated game.

      Dan Issel/ Mike Pratt/ Mike Casey & Co, Big Sam Bowie, Winston Bennett, Mashburn/Ford & Co, The Unforgettables… the list goes on… The great CAT teams with great players were robbed on so many occasions through the decades. Unbelievable that such a great program with such awesome fans has sat by and watched it happen again and again… whether fouling out Mashburn in his last game of his So and Jr seasons (in OT, when UK had the lead) in the Elite 8 and FF, and watching us fall behind and lose when he was sent packing with 5 fouls… or when Dan Issel was called for his 5th foul in the Elite 8, as a senior, even though he was 5 or 6 feet away from the Jacksonville player… resulting in the CATS losing and not getting their game when we could have knocked off UCLA for the Title… (I was at that game in St John’s arena, Columbus, Ohio, home of the Buckeyes at that time, and was in the 3rd row, and saw that unbelievable crooked call that ended our run to the Title).

      Fed up with all the crooked officiating… It’s bad enough that there are many incompetent refs – look at some of the calls that were blown (were the refs illiterate, incompetent or just crooked?) at AZ earlier this year, etc… – but there should be NO ROOM for crooked, biased refs at any level in any sport.

      How I still long for an AD to stand up against the SEC crooks and the NCAA crooks (remember some of our seedings and regions we were shipped to, while the ACC darlings of the ncaa stayed within a stone’s throw of their home court?).

      Until then, expect more of the same.

      YES… UK played poorly, and I have seen it many times before, when a team just gave up early on, because they were fighting a lost cause.

      Surely Calipari knows it… surely, he must… though he does not say it… But consider, why is one of his biggest emphasis year after year, to PLAY THROUGH THE BUMPS… because fouls will NOT be called very often, compared to how many times we get knocked down and around. But, watch the other end of the court… when we barely touch a player and it is called a foul.

      Thankful that The Baron… the great Rupp, would not hesitate to call out crooked officiating… whether we had an UKAA willing to take it a step further or not.

      1. Larry Pup

        I agree and Sat. at Knoxville is proof.

  11. Ncrdbl1

    I despise Cal and hope he losses every game he coaches for now until the end of the season. I LOVE that the great and powerful Cal is getting exposed as a recruiter and not a bench coach. However ANYONE who says game officials cannot have an effect even on 30 point losses is a liar or a fool. I only saw the latter part of the game when the UK team was already demoralized and all but given up playing their game. But a game official can and very often does take a team completely out of their game plan to the point they cannot compete. Not saying that is what happened but it can be done and can be done in such a way. that it could produce a large blow out. If the stats are true about Shaw and the number of T then it should be investigated. Because anyone such as him Burr or Stuart should not be officiating games if they are going to allow their personal issues bleed over into the game.

    May i say in closing, hope you rot in hell Cal, from a life long Tigers fan.

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      WOW. Seriously. “Rot in hell”?????????? Bitter much?

      1. Larry Pup

        Amen UKFAN197TONE. I thought the same thing.

  12. Hoffmeyer

    Some interesting statistics brought out in above discussions.


    This link shows that Doug Shows did not referee any of UK’s SEC wins so far this season. But it shows Doug Shows refereed ALL four SEC Losses
    Coincidence or a fact the SEC should watch closely

    1. larryvaught

      I did not realize Shows had officiated all four UK SEC losses this year

  13. coldspringmike

    Larry, a high school BB ref once told me that a school or coach could ask for a different referee other than the one assigned to a game. If ture, could that also apply to the college game as well.

  14. Anonymous

    I wish that the negative nannies will stay off this very nice site. Larry’s followers are all very respectful. Good statistics, Linda S and Little Barron. As I was watching the game, I couldn’t help but feel the ref bias by Shows and had no idea that he had officiated the losses. Hope to see some form of complaint filed when there’s obvious bais. I do agree that we would have lost anyway, but we sure couldn’t play tough when the officiating was like that.

    1. Little Baron

      Doug Shows is definitely biased, and does not even try to hide it.
      Tony Greene is another with a tainted whistle that only blows against the CATS.

      Years ago, John Cloughery (spelling ?) called MANY games with a definite slant against UK… for years and years. I recall some specific games, which I re-watched and counted the blatant calls and non-calls. There were 13 key calls (or non-calls) in a game we lost to NC in the mid-90’s. I could not believe how clear it was when I replayed the game, and some in slow motion.

      And here’s the icing on the cake…. Bordreaux (sp?) who was anti-UK is now the head of the SEC refs!!!

      Yes, I believe a coach can request 1 (maybe up to 3) refs to not be allowed to call a game, but we all know what that would do to the “brotherhood of refs”… it would be a self-inflicted injury.

      That guy from Dook stepped on Timberlake!… but remained in the game… and Mashburn was called for a 5th foul when UK was in the lead in OT… and we then lost. Mashburn was called for a 5th foul when UK had the lead in the FF, and we were leading even though Brown had gone out with an injury… but when Mashburn was called for that 5th foul (a touch foul), it ended our chances and we lost the lead and the game…. Ford could not do it all alone. The list goes on and on…

      AMAZING that UK has 8 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, in spite of a lot of adversity, including injuries to great players like Bowie and Anderson and Mike Casey… (of course we did not get those titles).

      Big Blue Fan for so long that when folks ask me where I went to school, I sometimes respond… were there other colleges to choose from in those days :)

      1. Larry Pup

        I could not believe the number of fans on this blog that overlooked the job the ref’s did on UK last Sat. at Knoxville. Yeah, UK stunk, but my goodness open your eyes and look at the way they let UT play, but when UK tried to muscle up, a whistle and a foul. I don’t like to blame officials, believe me, but it was pretty obvious to me. Show has a thing against UK. The body language in one picture of Show talking to Coach Cal with his back turned towards Show is worth a thousand words. Robic getting ejected was lame.

        1. Larry Pup

          I misquoted his name. I meant Shows.

        2. King Ghidora

          I somehow missed this thread. I’ve been saying all season that UK should leave the SEC. They not only get bad calls on the road, they get bad calls at home during SEC games. Anyone who watched the Vandy game saw the refs put Vandy back in the game by getting first WCS then Harrow out of the game. Both were essential what UK was doing to Vandy but both had to sit long periods of time because of fouls. Then Wiltjer also had to sit. The calls were just obscene. I mentioned several of the bad calls in another thread but I could have mentioned dozens of them.

          It’s as bad as boxing or it’s getting that way. You have everyone else then you have UK. Everyone else wants to compete in the league. UK still dominates the league and all those other schools use their votes to put in UK haters as refs and as conference officials. It’s obscene. It’s no longer sports. It’s larceny.

          Some day someone is going to have the guts to speak up or better still file a lawsuit against the SEC and the NCAA for unfair calls. The sad thing is when the NBA got CAUGHT cheating teams the fans barely noticed. I’m still wondering why the fans didn’t desert the NBA. Apparently they like to see their favorites get special treatment. This all goes back to the so called Jordan Rules IMO. Jordan is the worst thing that ever happened to basketball IMO. Now everyone thinks it’s ok to cheat to get the results you want. And what most fans in the SEC want is to see UK brought down. Not gonna happen any time soon but you can see how much the league wants it to happen. As soon as they see blood in the water they go for the throat and try to make UK a third rate team. They would have beat Vandy by 30 if not for the bad calls. They should have gotten that win which would have helped the team a lot.

          I am thinking hard about giving up being a fan of the sport because it is not a sport. It’s a business, period. If I want to watch business I’ll get a copy of the Wall St. Journal.

  15. UKFAN197TONE

    Tony Greene is another one that should be relieved of his duties.

  16. joe bailey

    and TEDDY TV, should be scratched. How does UK still get Shows??

  17. Adam B

    Quit your crying Cat fans. Shows wouldn’t be doing all of this if y’all wouldn’t cry so much and let him officiate the game. That’s probably why he doesn’t like you. When things don’t go yalls way y’all are the 1st to balme the stripes. Typical Kensucky fans.

    1. Adam B

      My fault blame*

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