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Calipari believes 30 to 40 teams now have legitimate chance to be in Final Four


Kentucky coach John Calipari said today that there are “30, 40 teams that could get to the Final Four” based on what he’s seen and heard.

“And I don’t think there’s any clear-cut national champion winner. If you talk about Louisville, they got to be right there as one of those if you’re talking four or five. Possibly a Duke. I like Michigan. They’re doing it shooting. Scares me sometimes, because sometimes you go on a run, you’ll go a month and can’t make a shot. And if that’s what you’re relying on, your team goes south. But I think Michigan right now may be playing better than anybody in the country. I think there’s like 30, 40 teams that could get to the Final Four,” said Calipari.

Is UK one of the 30 or 40?

“At this point, probably not, but by March that’s what our plan would be. And I would tell you that even teams like VCU, teams like Butler, those teams all have a chance,” the UK coach said. “You have teams ranked in the top 20 that, I think one team got beat by 30 at home last night. I mean, that’s why I say it’s one of those years. It’s just like a couple years ago where, I’m worried about my team. That’s all I got to worry about. Get my team right.”

He says the lack of a dominant team is good for Kentucky this yer.

“It’s great for all of us out there. OK, who’s going to have their team playing the best in March? Because that’s what it’ll be about. Whose team is playing the best in March?” Calipari said. “There are different teams that have played well early. I mean, Arizona’s playing well. Couple crazy wins, but they still won those games. They’re learning how to win. You might throw them in that bunch. I don’t know. But again, I haven’t seen Arizona play three minutes. So I won’t know. But it feels right now like it was a couple years ago.”

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  1. Mike Flannery

    I still think Indiana is the team to beat this year, Michigan’s defense will have to improve. Louisville will be fine if they can get some consistent 3 point shooting.

  2. Jim Boyers

    UK is ABSOLUTELY one of the 40.

    Mark it down.

  3. grant

    The way he always talks he knows nothing of what goes on outside of UK basketball. “Coach your team”

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