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Calipari already hard at work pursuing elite 2014 forward Stanley Johnson


John Calipari has six McDonald’s All-Americans in his 2013 recruiting class and one of the nation’s best players — Karl Towns Jr. — already in his 2014 recruiting class. Yet the Kentucky coach is right back at work and Friday was watching Stanley Johnson, considered the best West coast player in the 2014 recruiting class, play.

Johnson is down to six schools — UK, Oregon, UCLA, USC, Florida and Arizona.

The 6-6 forward told Rivals.com this about Kentucky: “Kentucky, obviously Calipari. They win. I want to win. As a player, they play fast. I want to be a pro, and they give pros out. That’s what I want to do in my career is be an NBA player. So going there would probably ensure that I’ll be an NBA player.”


The California standout is a veteran of USA play and has won gold medals with the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship team that went 8-0  and 2011 FIBA Americas U16 Championship.

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  1. Jimcats

    These ambitious kids can’t help listening to Cal, no matter where they call home. I find it interesting that the only 2 eastern schools he mentions are both SEC schools.

  2. King Ghidora

    Ain’t it great to have that reputation among recruits? It’s no wonder Cal can bring in a truck load of talent every year. He has everything going that they want. It’s worked out pretty well for the BBN too.

    I saw where someone else was hot after this kid, Johnson. It might not be automatic but I did see where he was teamed up with Towns in a game. Towns said he wouldn’t be pressuring anyone to become a Cat. That’s just because he doesn’t fully understand what it means to be a Cat yet. Sure Cal has a pro factory going but the BBN is so much more than that. They’ll learn eventually. :)

  3. coldspringmike

    Doesn’t matter where the player is from, Texas, California, Florida, New York, Michigan, Tenn, Kentucky,Alabama. If their good and Cal wants em, he’ll get em.

  4. Katbluefan

    It’s a sign of the times. The NBA only cares about what product it can put on the floor. The NBA uses the college teams as a way to find out if a kid is good enough to play in the NBA or the D-league, if not, send him over seas to play. Coach Cal has said many times he wishes that a kid would have to stay in college two yrs or more before going pro. All these problems with “one & done” is because of the NBA & Players Union. These kids coming out of High School know that their best shot at the NBA is playing at Kentucky.

  5. John

    “So going there would probably ensure that I’ll be an NBA player.”

    You have to be willing to do the work that is demanded here.
    I think this last class thought that all you had to do was wear the jersey.
    You have to do the work.
    If his attitude doesn’t change, I hope he goes elsewhere.

  6. John

    Calipari is doing what the NCAA current policy allows him to do and he has done a great job of getting the top talent , but where is BBN going too on this road, no longer will you have a Player that will set KY records (may be able to set a single season). Where is the tradition of knowing who will be playing for your team watching players grow. being able to see the number on the back of a player and knowing who he is without looking in the program to verify which player it may be, If hanging banners in Rupp is the most important thing then you may very well get what your seeking however hollow it may be, Gone are the days of watching Kyle Macy etc.. setting the traditions that use to be KY Basketball,

  7. Karen Sprinkle

    No offense, John, but with all the media coverage in Kentucky, especially this website, after the first few games, I know who the players are (and their numbers) without looking at a program. We all, including Calipari, wish that the players would stay four years but in our microwave society, everybody seems to want everything as quickly as possible. I’ve enjoyed watching all of our players, including the so-called one and dones, mature and grow as players and individuals in whatever time they stay at UK. Hanging banners is great, but as a fan, I just want to always feel that UK is legitimately in the hunt for a title. With Calipari, this year aside, being in the hunt is the norm rather than the exception.

  8. John H. DeRossett

    John just doesn’t get the BBN. Things change, and Kyle Macy was great in his day, but if you expect to win in today’s basketball society you have to get the best players. I’ll take Stanley Johnson, and root for him all the way to the NBA. The 1953 Chevrolet was great, but todays cars are more streamlined, and the players are better. Some UK records may never be broken, but we will be champions. John

  9. Larry Pup

    John I would rather see UK hang banners. They already have the tradition. Besides, things may one day change back, but don’t bet on it. To compete today you have to get the best talent. Nobody I know is better at that than Coach Cal. So for now, I want to enjoy all these great players while we can and win some more national titles. You don’t enjoy that? You have to be kidding.

  10. John

    This other John would want to go back to Tubby days where we could not get top talent.
    I want national prominence and hang banners.
    When did national championships become hollow?
    We know who are players are. We have many players that come back to our program after they move on. BBN loves our players and our players love the BBN.

  11. William F Hansford

    They’ll learn eventually. :)

    So true King Ghidora… The Big Blue Nation Love is uniquely “outstanding”!

  12. Die Hard Blue Fan

    Pull out a handkerchief, John. Quit your whining & get out of the 1970’s & 80’s! Welcome to the 21st Century, buddy! Yes, Macy was, is, and ALWAYS WILL BE, a UK Great. Heck, I know the man on a first name basis & have for 30 years now. He, personally will tell you that today’s players are not the same as when he played.
    The “tradition” that you speak of IS STILL THERE, it is just a different tradition. It is not the tradition of the Pelphreys, Farmers, “Monster”-Mashburns, & “The Unforgettable’s;” but rather one of winning championships, PERIOD!
    And, when, in your own words, “… if hanging banners in Rupp is the most important thing…” DID THIS NOT BECOME THE MAIN GOAL OF ANY TYPE OF SPORT? Winning is how you define a CHAMPION. So, if you want to wallow in your pity & are looking for 4 year players, go to the MAAC! And, while you’re there, NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP! Meanwhile, I and the REST OF THE BIG BLUE NATION, will continue to take Coach Cal & his great recruiting talent to the Final 4 and HANG THOSE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BANNERS!!!

  13. Krazykat

    Die hard blue – well said my friend it’s all about the banners baby! UCLA were coming at ya like another great Kentuckian would say ye ye ye ye live action!! That’s right no. 9 in 2013-14 can’t wait for the live action!!!

    1. Die Hard Blue Fan

      Back at ya Krazykat!!! I love it when I hear another TRUE KENTUCKIAN PREACHING THE GOSPEL!! Right on about #9 in ’13-’14 & that’s just the start of what’s YET TO COME! Wanna know why…… BECAUSE THOSE RAFTERS GOT PLENTY OF ROOM REMAINING!!!
      GO BIG BLUE!!

  14. Lorrie

    I too can’t wait to see them raise banner #9 next year in Rupp!! They may be raising #10 the year after that:)) GO BIG BLUE!!!!

    1. Die Hard Blue Fan

      Right on Lorrie!!! Way to go on thinking about #10 already!! Spread the word around the BBN!!! GO CATS GO!

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