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Calipari: Alex Poythress was “exhausted” when he “pulled himself”

In Sunday’s postgame press conference after Kentucky’s loss to the Dominican Republic, UK coach John Calipari was asked what happened to Alex Poythress in the second half when he had to come out of the game and did not go back in.

“He was exhausted. I told him before the game, with the way he played yesterday, play five minutes today,” said Calipari Sunday. “Play 10 minutes today. Don’t go out there and not play.

“Don’t hurt your team. Just don’t play. We’ve got other guys that want to play. So he was tired. He just pulled himself, which was fine.”

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  1. Paul

    Pretty unprecedented situation. Who could know even with 2 platoons kids could “flame out”.
    It was probably 90 degrees and 90 percent.
    “Swamp conditions”
    Nice show Cats !
    Who thinks the little man is the # 25 recruit now ?????????????????????????????????????

  2. Anonymous

    Tyler Ulis IS the purge.

  3. Mike

    Surprised that Poy got that gassed. Thought he might be in a little better shape than that. He did have 4 great games and then 2 not so great. Kind of like last year when it consistently was 2 steps forward and 1 back. Hope he is able to get more consistency this year because he will be one of the keys to our success.

    1. Anonymous

      I sort of agree with Mike on Poy. He had that same old look on his face in the last two games that said “I’m not going to do this.” He is a good player, even great at times, but at other times he just tunes out when it gets rough inside. Tired? They were all tired. Tell me Ulis wasn’t tired, or Willis, or Lee, or Towns, or the Harrisons. This is Poy’s year to shine. He has got to suck it up and go hard every min. he’s in there. If he don’t there are players who will out perform him, and his playing time will diminish. For example Lyles when he returns, etc. Cal as much as said the same thing here when he said “don’t go out there and not play.”

  4. Karen

    Mike, I don’t think Alex was the only one who was gassed. it’s probably a bit too much to expect them to be in game shape after 2 weeks of practIce while playing in a non-air-conditioned gym (6 games in 8 days). I believe Alex will be fine.

  5. Judi Cole

    Yes, Karen, I agree with you. Alex will be fine. Mike, it’s not good to start criticizing. These young men played 6 games in 8 days against grown men. They proved to me that this will be a special year. There were some spectacular plays and great glimpses of how talented and deep this team is. GO CATS!!!

  6. TheProfessor

    4 great, 2 not so great? Over the full 6 games, Alex Poythress was the most efficient player on the entire UK roster. He will be the leader of this team as it marches through the schedule toward the first Monday of April. The only player that could contribute more than Alex is Willie, and he was not able to go this past week.

    Kentucky’s front line is formidable, and its success will depend on the quality of the guards ability to feed the post and knock down the 3 pointers.

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