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Q. Even with both teams moving forward from it, you obviously know how much that win meant to Robert Morris fans. Did it resonate here? Do you think this is a game fans were looking forward to?

CALIPARI: Oh, yeah. Like I said, look, this is not a revenge game. I’ve watched them on tape; they play really hard, they’re well coached. It was a good game for us because the one thing we’re not doing right now is competing at the level of the other team. In other words, we want to play harder than the other team, and I thought there were times we did that today against a team that really competes.

“Now, our fans didn’t want to hear what I had to say. They’re like, ‘No, we want to smash these guys.’ But again, what happened last year for them and their program and their school, they shut down the school. The kids did not have to go to school that day. The game ended, they gave them two weekends off; don’t worry about coming. And I grew up there, so I respect that program and that school, the people associated with it.

“At the end of the day, they deserved to beat us. We deserved to end our season right there”

2 Responses to Calipari after win over Robert Morris: “This is not a revenge game”

  • King Ghidora says:

    Wow! They called off classes? That’s amazing. It’s a great compliment to UK’s program really. Nobody notices if their team beats Morehead. :)

  • Larry Pup says:

    Yeah right. It’s not a revenge game. UK beats them by 38.


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