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C.J. Conrad on Damien Harris: “From what I can tell, he likes Kentucky”


Like other Kentucky football commits, Ohio tight end C.J. Conrad knows plenty about Madison Southern’s Damien Harris, the nation’s top-ranked junior running back.

“Damien Harris, he is really good,” Conrad said.

While Conrad does not know Harris well, he has a “good” feeling about UK’s chances with him just as Luke Hiers, the nation’s second-ranked center and UK 2015 commit, does.

“I do feel good, but it is hard in recruiting to ever know,” Conrad said. “From what I can tell, he likes Kentucky and we certainly want him in our recruiting class.”

Conrad says he’ll be active on social media selling UK all he can to other recruits like quarterback Drew Barker did with the 2014 recruiting class.

“I am very good friends with him (Barker),” Conrad said. “He is really a good quarterback and really great on social media. I’m not like that, but maybe nobody else is, either. He was really, really good.”

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  1. David

    I hate to sound like a broken record but if Damien Harris were to commit I believe the flood gates could open for some other high profile recruits namely Wide Receiver 5* George Campbell. On the defensive side I would love to see us fill the middle linebacker needs, my first pick would of course be 4* Justin Hilliard but to be honest I would be almost equally excited over the kid from Indiana 4* Darrin Kirkland Jr. For this year coach Stoops needs to give Jason Hatcher a shot at linebacker, next year he can move him back to defensive end, I am thinking he is to valuable to play backup and we need him on the field

    Wish list besides Damien Harris would be, Trenton Thompson #1 DT and overall player in class, then DE CeCe Jefferson, then WR George Campbell, then Justin Hilliard or Darrin Kirkland Jr. then OL George Brown, last but not least Darius Fullwood. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Damien Harris and four of these guys I just mentioned. I am a loyal fan and member of the BBN till the day I die. Go Cats!!!

  2. Edward

    Sing it loud and true David, there many of us just like you out here. A significant number of
    Sing it loud and true David, there many of us just like you out here. A significant number of us have been out here for decades wishing for something like what is happening in UK football to come about. I do honestly believe that we now have the greatest Coaching Staff on campus since Paul “Bear” Bryant was in Lexington. We are going to get Florida soon and pass the “doorstep” mantle of the SEC to another school. “till the battle is won”

    Don’t forget about Rivals.com 5* DT Daron Payne of Birmingham

    1. David

      Yeah Edward I forgot about him ( Darron Payne). When I was young man playing at Trinity in Louisville. Coach Kennedy told me something I never forgot when I asked him to switch me to offense. He said David we play our best 11 on defense if a team cannot score against us they cannot beat us. So I would love to see coach Stoops build our defense up to championship form. Coach Brown has the horses in the backfield and I think the receiver corps is much improved. Quarterback is going to be alright if the offensive line can protect him. So lets hope coach Stoops puts his best 11 defensive ball players out there to give this offense some scoring opportunities.

      1. Edward

        I am believing that this coming season the Defense will have some opportunities to score. Agree with your Trinity HIgh Coach, however when I played for Elizabethtown High our best 11 played everything. We didn’t have a choice, only lost 6 games in four years. We often sharpened our claws with preseason scrimmage with Trinity, St. X and Corbin. Love the game, remember going to some great games at Stoll Field as a student at UK.

        1. David

          Sounds like you guys had a great team and I am sure you guys were in good shape having to play both ways. We had a bigger school we had at least 70+ guys dressing out on varsity team. Was blessed to play on a state championship team. Now my dream is to go watch Kentucky play for and SEC championship sometime in the near future and to stay competitive in the SEC for the remaining days of my life. I do not think I am asking too much. lol.

    2. TrueBlueJohn

      Edward, I hate to disagree, but the best coaching staff ever assembled at UK had to be Blanton Collier’s staff that included Bill Arnsparger, Chuck Knox, Howard Schnellenberger, Don Shula, John North, and Ermal Allen. All of these men wound up being either successful college head coaches, or head coaches in the NFL with the exception of Ermal Allen who was Tom Landry’s defensive coordinator for several years with the Dallas Cowboys.

      1. Larry Pup

        I would have to agree TBJ. Collier’s staff was probably the greatest college coaching staff in history. Collier also had Tennessee’s number too. His teams won some big games. One of the biggest mistakes UK ever made IMO was when they fired Collier and hired Bradshaw.

      2. Edward

        TBJ, you certainly present a good argument. However I wasn’t considering who is the best coach of coaches, but who was the most successful in the WON LOST COLUMN and who owns the best quality wins. One of the “Bear’s” mythical national championships is now claimed in part by Kentucky.

  3. Paul

    Expect to see the Harris recruitment to come down to the last second. Unfortunately, that’s the way it works with the top recruit in the nation. What we want and what we get – are two entirely two different things – – happens to UK in BB also over the last 30 years.

    1. l

      UK got Elam, they got Barker, they got Boom Boom, DH is thinking about Kentucky, so don’t count Stoops out, stay positive.

      1. David

        Stoops also got Hatcher when everybody thought he was USC bound, so I have hopes of landing Harris. Fingers are crossed!

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