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Bud Dupree, JoJo Kemp on Kentucky’s Blue-White Game

Both defensive end Bud Dupree and running back JoJo Kemp had a lot to say after Saturday’s Blue-White Game. Here are a few of their comments:

Bud  Dupree

On how different the team’s performance was on the field compared to last year’s Spring Game…
What do you all think? We did a lot of hard work this offseason and spring. Everyone was on the same page and today we tried to show a little bit but not too much.”

On how much better the team is from a year ago today…
I think it’s really great. You know from last year to this year we made a big jump. The coaches made sure that we showed the fans as well as everyone in the country.”

On what he thinks the team has improved on as an overall team…
I think we have improved mentality-wise, we have the same team except a couple guys, so we have to have the same mentality to ‘want to’, to want to get better, to want to do it and to want to produce.”

Jojo Kemp

On how the team played today …
“We were very consistent today. Everyone went out there with a better mindset. We’re there to just compete and have fun and just play. We still messed up on some little things but you know that’s going to come as the season goes on. We’re going to start progressing more and getting a little more comfortable. ”

On how the team has progressed from last year …
“It’s much better, like I said before, everybody has the mindset to compete and we don’t want to lose like we did last year. Everybody has that different mindset and everybody just wants to compete. Go out there and play their best game so we can win. We’re trying to change the program around so that’s just what we have to do.”

On how he feels physically…
“I feel good. I’m coming out of my cuts a lot faster and I’m just going out there having fun. You know last year I was scared to make a mistake because I was a freshman and now since I’ve been there I’m just going out there and playing and having fun.”


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  1. Edward

    We are having fun as well, JoJo, the fans had fun watching you guys yesterday. WE had fun and we have hope for the coming season! GBB!

  2. Ira

    I had fun watching the game. Lots to cheer for!

  3. Larry Pup

    I am looking for this team to get even much better when The real season starts. Jo Jo will be breaking records this year, you just wait. He is a load. I was impressed with all the backs. They are tough hard nosed kids. This team looks bigger, stronger, faster, and more athletic to me.

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