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Brumbaugh on Jason Hatcher: “What he has been doing is unbelievable”


Freshman Jason Hatcher has played in all seven games at defensive end and/or linebacker and has 15 tackles and two quarterback hits.

“Jason for a freshman and what he has been doing is unbelievable. He works and wants to be good,” Brumbaugh said of the Louisville native. “He has a hurt hand right now, but I will take him. I have been lucky to have him. A guy like that that wants to work and get better.”

Hatcher did not tell Brumbaugh — or anyone else — when he broke his hand during an earlier game until the game was over. Since then he has played with a cast on his hand.

“It told me a lot about him when he didn’t tell us he broke his hand. He realized other guys were down and raised his level of play and tried to get in there and do it,” Brumbaugh said. “He broke his hand in the first half of the game and kept playing. Not many guys would or could do that.”

“Back in the day, probably that is what I would have done. When you have your team out there and you don’t want to let those guys down and give everything you have got, you play. That’s the way it is in the SEC. Defensive linemen have to bang every single snap, and we know that. That’s why he understood that and said just he was going to play.”

Brumbaugh knows it is rare for a true freshman to have the success on the defensive front that Hatcher has had.

“You are 15 inches apart from a guy and they are 300-pound guys coming off the ball fast and physical. The more that you understand that from a technical standpoint and if you get your technique and footwork right, it will let you have more success in this league as a young guy,” Brumbaugh said.

“But it is different. The physicality is different. The footwork of offensive linemen is different. Those offensive linemen are athletic and you have to be ready immediately. It’s not an easy transition from high school.”

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  1. Ira

    No it hasn’t been easy for Hatcher as a Freshman. But I have been proud the way he has played as a true freshman. The hustle, the kid doesn’t quit. We need more kids like him out there every play. He has made plays for us and keeps going even with a bum hand. Got to love his effort. Turning into one of my favorite players this year.

  2. David

    Being a Trinity Grad, I was ecstatic when Jason picked the CATS over USC. Glad you stayed instate Jason to help turn this program around. Go CATS!!!!

  3. Edward

    Thanks for coming to UK Jason, you will never regret the decision to come here.

  4. RJ

    We need a bunch more like him….

  5. shinny

    Way to hang in there Jason! You will love your Jr and Sr year–thats a promise!!!

  6. Ira

    I tell you another kid I like out there as well, it’s Blake McClain. He is another true freshman. He has made an impact for us as well as the nickel corner. My 2 favorite DB’s on the team have to be him and Dixon. Dixon has turned into a really nice surprise for us. Wasn’t sure he would be under Joker, but under Coach Stoops defensive staff and him fussing over the DB’s as his hobby, you can tell the difference it is making in Dixon.

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