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Brown says quarterbacks Smith, Whitlow have both been sharp in practice


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said after practice today that he planned to tell quarterbacks Jalen Whitlow and Maxwell Smith who would be starting Saturday against Western Kentucky even if he wouldn’t tell the whole team or media.

Offensive coordinator Neal Brown said both quarterbacks have been “really sharp” in practice.

“It’s kind of the way you want it to happen. When you get kind of centered in on what you’re going to do, they’re getting a lot of reps, especially the first game. I guess we’ve been repping Western Kentucky since last Thursday, Wednesday or Thursday. So we’ve got a lot of reps in the things we’re going to do. We’re going to be relatively simple, so they’ve been sharp, especially the last two days,” Brown said.

The UK coach said he won’t go into Saturday’s game with a set run-pass ratio.

“I don’t really go into it with thinking exactly what we want to do. I think whatever we’re better at during the course of the game is probably what we’ll do. I think we’ll be a little bit different than we were at Tech. How much? I’m not real sure yet,” Brown said.

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