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Brown knows importance of Louisville to UK, also not afraid of high expectations


LOUISVILLE — He knows the state well, but that doesn’t mean Neal Brown didn’t relish an opportunity to spend most of Friday in Louisville.

The new Kentucky offensive coordinator along with head coach Mark Stoops and defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot made an appearance on a live radio broadcast attended by hundreds of UK fans, met with former UK players and then spoke to a crowd of more than 800 at the Jefferson County UK alumni luncheon.

“There’s a lot of good high school being played in this city. This is the biggest media market. Obviously, we want to make our presence (known). Obviously, we’ve got a rival here. We want to get in this area and make some noise,” said Brown.

“All of these luncheons and charity events we’ve done this summer have been great turnouts. Fans are very excited. It’s big to get into the biggest media market in the state.

The Jefferson County Alumni for them to show up in record numbers gives you a lot of energy, to go back and tell our guys about the enthusiasm.”
However, that enthusiasm comes with a price — likely unrealistic fan expectations for a team that finished 2-10 last year and likely will be short on depth and talent at many positions.

“I think there’s heat all the time. It’s good. It’s a lot better than nobody caring, I’ll tell you that,” Brown said. “The interest level is high. The fan base has an understanding of where we are at. It’s going to be a process and there’s going to be some stepping stones and some building blocks in this process.  The product we’re going to put on the field, they’re going to be proud of. The kids are going to work hard. We’re going to be exciting to watch on offense.”


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  1. Jimharris

    Our team was so predictable and unimaginative last year that it was often painful to watch. Besides often being unable to execute, we also had poor offensive plays called–and a defensive stance that everyone in the stadium knew was coming. Just not fun to watch, for the most part.

    For sure we’ll have some poor execution since we’ll have pretty much the same players back. And our new HC and staff will screw things up now and then. But the fans will, as always, be there with strong support because OUR TEAM IS FUN TO WATCH–even in losing efforts. And there’s lots of excitement as we look toward next year, knowing we’re not only watching a fun team, but also a team that is getting pretty durn good.

  2. dennis dambros

    Come on Larry, it’s ok, go ahead and say it. It was KSR.

  3. Larry Pup

    Jim I would not write this season off before it even starts my friend. Different offense, and coaches, new freshmen that may be able to help, new DC. Yeah, I look towards next year, but I look for UK to do well this year if they can stay healthy. I say be positive, we can win a few. A big part of winning is believing you can. I say count the wins and losses after the season is over.

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