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Brown expects Javess Blue — best junior college receiver in country — to make immediate impact at UK


In just a few weeks, one player that could make a huge impact on Kentucky football should arrive on campus.

Butler County Community College receiver Javess Blue is a player that offensive coordinator Neal Brown is counting on to make an immediate impact next season.

“Any time you go out and sign junior college guys, especially high level junior college guys, you expect them to step in and immediately compete for playing time. He is a kid that (assistant coach) Chad Scott did phenomenal job recruiting. A guy we actually signed at Texas Tech and didn’t do what he needed to do academically,” Brown said.

“He went to Butler and had a solid freshman year and this year I thought he was the best junior college receiver in the country. Really proud of how he handled himself. Physically, he is ready. He looks how you should look. It is just a matter of him getting here in the summer, learning what we are going to do and then going out in fall camp and competing.”

How is he different than incoming freshmen receivers Ryan Timmons and Alex Montgomery?

“He is older. That is the biggest thing. He has had to play against better competition just because of junior college,” Brown said. “You are talking about at Butler where they were runner-up in the country. He is just an older, more mature kid. That is the only real difference with him, but it is a big difference.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    If Coach Brown likes him and thinks he can make a difference early on, that is good news.

  2. TJ Wren

    We will see who is better demarco robinson a jr. or javess blue.I personally think you have javess blue aj legree demarcus sweat reshad cunningham alex montgomery and on the slots it will be ryan timmons demarco robinson and maybe the kid that played with patrick towles.We should have a pretty solid rec. corps who from top to bottom can have a really solid year and the best part is everybody plus the additions of the recruiting classes.I look for a 7 this year on a scale of 10 but next year they will def be a 9 maybe 10.Neal Brown is the man.

  3. Ira

    Blue should be starting, if he doesn’t it will surprise the heck out of me. Heck every WR we have will see playing time regardless. We are to short at this position. It is a freshman’s dream right now coming to UK. they are going to see playing time. Be a great time to play for UK.

  4. Tcat

    Don’t forget about D Collins… I don’t know how well he done in spring but he could end up being a stud Slot WR in this offense. The kid is like a RB in the slot, he consistently got behind secondary’s all season no one ever hit him though… Hopefully he gets a chance to bring a few of those deep balls in this season…


    Good points and good post!

  6. Pablo

    Looking forward to Blue adding to the WR core.

    Ben Jones was one of the few who recorded how UK lined up in the Spring game at the WR and TE positions.

    The white team (1st string) were Robinson, Collins, Sheehan, Tanner, Legree and Johnson at WR, and Robinson, Borden, and Kendrick at TE.

    The blue team (2nd string) were Sweat, Quarles, Shields, Cobbins, Cunningham, Wilson, Moore, and Saifullah at WR, and Aumiller, Ballis, and Ligon at TE.

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