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Brown can install new offense in first 3 days of spring practice and plans open competition with 3 QBs splitting reps


If new Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown is right, it won’t take long for quarterbacks to learn his system.

“It’s really a simple system. The first three days of spring practice we’ll install the whole system. It’s a system that the quarterbacks will be able to learn in a two to three week period while I’m gone recruiting. They can watch some videos and really have a good idea of what we want to do when I get back,” said Brown Tuesday.,

Three days and have the whole system in? What a refreshing thought to hear a coach say it doesn’t take months and months to learn an offense. Remember how in recent years UK’s offense has been “limited” because coaches said they could not install the whole offense. With Brown, he says that will be no problem — and he’s had one of the nation’s more productive offenses at Texas Tech.

He played under Hal Mumme at Kentucky and coached under Tony Franklin at Troy. Brown knows the “Air Raid” offense — and is all for bringing the sirens back to Commonwealth Stadium he said if that helps produce touchdowns — and says long-time UK fans who watched Mumme’s teams will see familiar plays.

“The base plays that you’re going to see on Saturday afternoons, when coach Mumme was here, those base plays are the same. Those base plays are really the same that you’re seeing at West Virginia be highly successful. They’re the same plays we used at Texas Tech. Oklahoma State’s using those same plays. Oklahoma’s using those same plays,” Brown said. “Those same base plays really haven’t changed since 1997 when coach Mumme brought those to really big-time college football.

“Now what we’ve done is, is we’ve made a stronger – I guess we’ve made a more concerted effort to run the football is the best way to put that. We’re playing at a faster pace, and we dress those plays up with motions, with different formations. Those are the things that the fans are going to notice.”

Brown calls it a “good problem” to have three sophomore quarterbacks — Maxwell Smith, Jalen Whitlow and Patrick Towles.

“It’s a good situation. We’ve got three guys that can play quarterback in the Southeastern Conference. How we’re going to handle that is, it’s going to be an open competition. I met with those guys, I guess it was Monday of last week, and all three guys (are) good people, very interesting guys, excited about a fresh start,” Brown said. “And it’s going to be a fresh start, not only for them, but for all the guys on our whole football team. I’m only controlling the offense, but it’s a fresh start. The way we’re going to handle it, it’s going to be an open competition. All three guys will split the reps a third in spring practice, carry that competition through the summer into fall camp and see who the best man is.”

He doesn’t want to prejudge anyone, including his receivers.

“Really been focused more on the recruiting end than the current personnel. During this dead period in recruiting, I’ll probably start peeking at those guys (receivers),” he said. “I think you’ve got to be careful of not watching too much, because it’s a different system. You don’t know what the players, where they were at that point in their career and all those type of things, injuries. I’ll peek at them just to have an idea, but I’m not going to get carried away watching a whole lot of the last couple years.”

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  1. Richard

    Larry, I agree wholeheartingly. It was always so frustrating to hear that it took our quarterbacks years in the system to be able to run it well, when we saw freshmen quarterbacks on other teams do so well.

  2. Terry Hall

    Took over 3 years, not 3 days, to learn old system!

    1. RJ

      You have that right Terry. It reminds me of the time, (back in the day) playing Sunday afternoon pickup ball at the waterworks park in Danville. Snap the ball, run deep and fling it. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Enjoy the game.

      I don’t think kids are allowed to do pickups at waterworks park any more are they? Is it even there anymore? I do not live in Danville anymore so I do not know.

  3. Ira

    You mean the playbook won’t be thicker than the NYC phone book? How refreshing!

    It used to gall me watching other SEC teams starting Freshmen and RS freshmen starting QB’s and our RS Sophmores and even RS JR’s still struggle with our playbook.
    By the time they learned our system they were a Senior, had a great year and then gone.
    Meanwhile the other teams just rolled on with their offense while we struggled along trying to find something that worked till our QB’s became SR’s and actually learned the system.

    Thankfully, we have an OC that “Gets it.”

  4. Paul Reynolds

    What’s pretty cool is the fact that the new staff understands that the “bigs” rule in the SEC. They realize they have to be able to run and stop the run to contend in the conference. Our best chance to recruit the precious bigs is to win – the spread is our best chance. Chicken and egg deal – – but more than likely UK’s best chance. Let’s proceed – hope springs………….

  5. shinny

    Been harping on those sirens ever since Joker left–wow can’t believe it;s finally going to happen again! Yes Coach it will help us win because CS will be wild-home field advantage is what it will be. All fans that can remember the Mumme years can atest to that!!!

  6. RJ

    Of course, coach brown is absolutely right that competition is the best deciding factor in choosing a starting QB. But one part of me wants to know why a guy that has “paid his dues”, so to speak doesn’t have a leg up? I’m talking of course about Max Smith. I guess I’m from the “Dance with who brung you” generation. No place for that sort of sentimentality today I guess.

    1. John

      Just because you’ve “paid your dues” should lift you above anyone.
      The “dues paid” were paid in a system that didn’t compete.

      I am all for open competition. It is nice to see that Coach Brown said that returning players game film will not hold much weight in his evaluations.

  7. Gene Tyler

    I agree with QB competition.It will make them all better.I’m not sure Smith is better than Towles now that Towles has gotten his feet wet in the SEC. I really like both of them, and the other option at QB Whitlow. I really think Whitlow is too good of an athlete not to be on the field somewhere. ie: Boyd stood on the side line for 3 wasted years.

    1. RJ

      Accuracy. Accuracy. Accuracy.

    2. RJ

      Gene: You’re right about whitlow. I see him as a Randall Cobb type athlete. Playing that role certainly didn’t hurt Randall Cobb’s career did it…..

      1. Love SEC F-Ball

        I agree – I have always thought that Morgan Newton could get a look from the pro’s if he had been at Tight End.

    3. Anonymous

      The good thing about Towles is he had J load the QB from the air raid era as his QB coach in high school.

  8. Mike Flannery

    I like the fact that each QB will get an equal chance to perform. From last year, it would appear that Smith is the most accurate passer between him and Whitlow, we did not see enough of Towles passing to make a decent judgement. I was at the last WKU game in Nashville with, as I remember, about 24,000 fans, there might be a full stadium this year with Stoops and Peterino coaching. With the good Lord willing, I will be there again and looking forward with optimism!

  9. Love SEC F-Ball

    I agree with others – What a refreshing change.
    Neal’s approach reminds me of a Quote from Chip Kelly –
    “Don’t put a limit on players minds, They will learn whatever you teach them.”

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