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Brothers Pancho, Khalid Thomas dismissed from UK football team

uk footballNumerous media outlets are reporting that brothers Pancho and Khalid Thomas have been dismissed from the University of Kentucky football team for an unspecified violation of team rules.

UK spokesperson Tony Neely confirmed the news to The Courier-Journal Thursday.

Pancho Thomas, a linebacker, played mostly as a backup last season as a freshman.

Khalid Thomas, a running back, signed with UK in February and would have been an incoming freshman.

The brothers are from  Godby High School in Tallahassee, Fla.

There has been no official release from UK.

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  1. Gary Dearborn

    With these 2 dismissals this brings a total of 11 players that have left the FB Program . Is that a high number?

    1. larryvaught

      No, I don’t think so Gary considering over half were for discipline or academics

  2. Larry Pup

    I hate to hear this, and feel for these young men, but Coach is trying to build a football team. On a team you can’t have individualists, and those that won’t buckle down and abide by the rules. Stoops is not playing around with these guys. It will pay off down the road. I hope these guys learn from this and get their lives straightened out.

  3. Georgia Blue

    We need to Pray for Pancho and Khalid Thomas, because its sad to see a young men make Bad Choices not thinking about the CONSEQUENCES that come with it if you get CAUGHT. I just pray that if giving a second chances by a team that they dont make the same mistake and that they take full advantage of a second chance. We still got to remember that these are kids and that we hope they do the right thing. Football haven’t even started yet and there is so much going on in the NFL and COLLEGES about PLAYERS getting into Trouble

  4. Andy

    I wish these young men luck moving forward. We do know Stoops is setting a standard in terms of player responsibility and ownership.

  5. Kokamo Joe

    So Stoops has seen 11 players leave, some for academics and some for discipline problems.

    What good news!!! This means that Stoops is building the program the right way. Unlike Joker Phillips, Stoops is not going to put up with alcohol or drug problems or kids who can not or will not keep up their academic work.

    Yes, losing these two, plus others will hurt next year. We have to realize that it will take at least the third year before the Stoops affect will be evident. Part of that affect is weeding out those who should not be here and setting a standard that the players and University can be proud of. So far, I am highly pleased with the Stoops approach.

    The ones that he put on the road? Maybe they will learn from their stupid mistakes, and maybe they will not. Pity for them is something that I do not feel. These kids had a golden opportunity that few have. They abused the opportunity. Some school will give them a second chance. How they react will be up to them.

  6. Ira

    To me it points more and more how loose Joker ran his team. He didn’t discipline his team, and they knew it. Sad thing is, Joker’s recruited players are not listening and paying attention to Coach Stoops staff. He is a disciplinarian. He has proved it. Hope the 13 and 14 team understands this,

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