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Former Coach Rich Brooks: UK needs to renovate stadium, build recruiting room, add club seating


I didn’t get to hear Rich Brooks on the radio this morning with Joe Hall and Denny Crum because I was working, but reader Derek Kirby did and offered this terrific recap of what the former UK coach had to say courtesy of Kentucky Sports Radio:

“I was there and I was told that we were going to renovate our stadium, have a recruiting room, have club seating and do all the things that all the other schools in the SEC have. That didn’t come. It got mired up because a new basketball arena and new baseball stadium were thrown into it and it was just too big of a number.

“We’ve been known as a basketball school and basketball needs to get what they get and keep getting it, but there is enough money that football brings in that needs to be invested back into the program.

“You put suites between the goal lines and raise the press box on top of the stadium because that is so antiquated and so old. Get club seating in there with an area behind the concourse so they can go inside and get food and drinks. Then maybe you get more people tailgating inside and get more people in the stadium earlier as well.”

What do you think? If you are a football fan, hard to argue with the former coach and don’t ever underestimate those reasons for why he left the job when he did.

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  1. pacman

    Rich Brooks knows football. If anyone knows what it takes to make UK competitive in the SEC in football it would be Rich Brooks. I think he is on target about facilities but I also think it takes a coach that brings credibility and can attract top notch players. You’ve heard the old adage that a mediocre coach becomes great when he has great players. When you consistently have the 11th best recruiting class in the SEC it is going to be tough to get out of the SEC basement

  2. Eric

    I agree with Pacman. Nobody likes mediocrity (if that is a word). After one season with Mumme didn’t a booster step forward and provide a huge sum of money to help build new football offices? We should not depend solely on boosters, the administration has to help also. Brooks mentioned Phil Knight in the interview and how involved he got with Oregon after the Rose Bowl. My point is that we need to put an entertaining product on the field, the UKAA has to step up and boosters will follow. UK football is never going to get anywhere lining up and trying to play smash mouth football, we need creativity and excitement.

  3. Shinny

    Tell it like it is Rich. “Build it and they will come” Miss you man!

    1. larryvaught

      Like him or not, Rich always tells it like it is. One reason players always respected him so much

      1. Katdaddy

        Amen Larry. Saw coach driving his shiny F-150 into the Blue Lot near us last Saturday night. He too looked disgusted after the game like the rest of us.

  4. MickintheHam

    Broken Promises! I don’t know who makes them and breaks them but it all points to a failure of leadership. We need a plan to get athletics back on track and people who can get the job done!

  5. R.C.

    CRB is right on with this!!!

    The conference alignments are about money, football and nothing else, UK needs to realize this and get on board or be left at the station.

    Whether this means a new AD is up to the powers to be at UK, I don’t see Mitch as the right man with these new football driven power conferences springing up. Olympic sports are great but we have to get with program and at this point football is King and UK, boosters, alum and fans need to realize this.

  6. TheProfessor

    In my opinion, the responsibility for this rests with the UKAA. I am not a Mitch Barnhart fan, but it seems clear to me that he is the most pro-football AD in my lifetime at UK. Yet, he has not been able to deliver on promises to Coach Brooks, or to the segment of the fan base that supports the football program with their time, their money, and their back sides in the seats.

    If the institutional goals are to have a nationally competitive football program, the SEC is the place to be, but if that is not really the institution’s goal, then why not leave the SEC and move to a basketball oriented conference like the ACC that also plays BCS football, but not on the same level as the SEC. Then be committed to a goal of fielding a competitive football program in that conference.

    Now may be the best opportunity for UK to give this idea serious consideration with all the shake downs going on among the various conferences right now.

  7. TrueBlueJohn

    Maybe one of the underlying factors in Rich Brooks’ retirement was promises that were not kept.

  8. Derek

    Football pays the bills folks. Even at UK!!!!

    1. mickintheham

      Derek, the troubling factor is we are having declining football revenues. Lower season ticket sales, and that debacle in Nashville turned into a real bad deal for UK. I don’t know if we lost money on that game, but we couldn’t have made much. Our portion of the gross before expenses had to be less than $340k. We could have scheduled Little Sisters of the Poor in Commonwealth and everyone would have come out a lot better. I hope that exposure for playing in an NFL stadium that Joker was pleased with pays big dividends with signees in February.

      1. Derek

        Revenues are going to decline even more. I can’t even sell my Florida tix for face value in the lower level! When it declining football revenues impact basketball they will wake up.

  9. Pacman

    Derek, post them on Craig’s list in Northern KY. Several friends of mine sold theirs on Craigs List that way in one day.

  10. Tana

    First, I am a Mitch Barnhart fan, Professor, and in my lifetime, too, he’s been the most pro-football A.D. we’ve had at Kentucky. Secondly, while not knowing the exact circumstances of why Coach Brooks had not been given that room, I say I think it is most important that we build a recruiting room. I have the highest respect for Coach Rich Brooks, and on three separate occasions I have listened to him discuss the need of a recruiting room that is at least fairly competitive with our SEC peers, something he believes is very important in regard to our getting recruits to take our program to a higher level in the SEC — and through experience I well know how impressionable high school youngsters are. Many years ago I sat in that recruiting room for a student’s/recruit’s visit — or at least it’s the same room I saw in a picture on Aaron’s site. Even as an adult, I had been most unimpressed (although I have certainly been impressed with some of the improvements/facilities I’ve seen at our women’s clinic and am pleased that we have at least gotten new video boards and ribbon boards that can impress recruits a bit more). Just saying. GO CATS!

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