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Bria Goss credits long-time friend Marquis Teague for helping her development


They were high school friends in Indianapolis that both ended up playing basketball at the University of Kentucky. Now Marquis Teague is preparing for his second season with the Chicago Bulls after helping UK win the 2012 national title while Bria Goss is preparing for what she hopes can be a national championship junior year at UK.

“Let me tell you about Marquis. We have been friends since we were about fifth grade. We both had the same trainer at home, so we worked out together,” Goss said. “My senior year he would even pick me up after school or I would drive to his house and we would go to work out and come back to his house, eat some dinner and then maybe play some video games.”

She says they probably played one-on-one basketball games a “million times” in Indianapolis.

“He beat me most of those times. I can remember one game, but he won’t ever admit to it. But I have beat him. Maybe it was a dream. No, I know I have beat him,” Goss laughed and said.

Goss admits playing with and against Teague “definitely” made her better.

“I am older than him, but I look up to him like he is one of my older brothers because there were times he was on me more than the trainer. He pushed me,” Goss said. “He would have these one on one drills where he would be the one to guard me, and he is a lot stronger, faster. He’s a guy. He’s in the NBA. All that really helps me. I don’t know if I would be in the same position I am without him.

“He is not the reason I came here. I knew he had committed, but by that time Kentucky was already at the top of my list. I asked him how it is and if he liked it and he was excited to know I was coming here, too.”

She says they still talk and exchange text messages.

“I see him sometimes at home and we will hang out. His mom is like one of my moms. So it is good,” Goss said.

However, Goss says there was never a time they were more than just “friends” in high school or UK.

“It was always just friends. He dated one of my really good friends and that is what really made us closer. He would come talk to me or she would come talk to me and that just made us stronger,” Goss said. “I was like a problem solver. Most of the time he was the one who was wrong if they had trouble.

“He admired me because I was really the only one who kept it real with him. He would have other girls to go talk to, but nobody would really tell him what I would tell him which is the truth. If he was wrong, I would tell him he couldn’t do this or that.”

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