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Breakfast with the Pattersons

Vaught’s note: Vaughtsviews.com reader Angela Carter had quite a Thursday and she was willing to share the experience. She also shares a birthday with Patrick Patterson Sunday and may just find herself driving to Nashville Saturday to be part of the SEC title game experience.


I think I’ve cried every day this week.  Sunday I cried because it was Senior Day,  and I can’t stand the thought that we might not see Patrick Patterson in his uniform on that floor again.  I cried because I couldn’t be there to experience it in person.  I cried on Monday when I found out I didn’t win a contest I had entered for SEC tournament tickets.  I cried on Tuesday because I felt like everybody was going to the tournament except ME.  I’m not sure why I cried on Wednesday, but cry I DID, and more than once.  I’ve just been BLUE.  Poor, pitiful, left-out ME.

Thursday morning was no different… until I got a text message:  “Hey, Lady!  We’re in E’town.  Call me.” It was my dear “T.”  Tywanna Patterson and I have become friends this year, and she and Buster continue to bless my family and I with the most wonderful surprises and opportunities.  They were on their way to Nashville, but, YES, they would love to visit for a while over breakfast.  It’s amazing to be with them.  I knew they were both tall, but they looked twice as tall in Cracker Barrel.  They are such a handsome couple, and people just notice them.  There were lots of travelers stopping for breakfast, and most of them were dressed in blue and white.  It was obvious that many of the restaurant guests knew they were THE Pattersons, and a few stopped by our table to say kind things about Patrick. I’ve never seen either one of them be anything but gracious to the fans.

Even though I’ve had several opportunities to be with them this year, this was really the first time we’ve been able to just sit down and talk.  We shared funny stories and good laughs … we talked friend-to-friend and mother-to-mother. That’s what amazes me — despite their celebrity status, they are the kindest, most down-to-earth people you will ever find. It’s no coincidence that Patrick is the type of person he is.  He comes from really good stock.

I can’t begin to tell you how much that visit lifted my spirits. No, I wasn’t at Rupp for Senior Day, and I didn’t win that contest, but I had breakfast with the Pattersons today.  Lucky, lucky  ME.

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  1. KY_Wildcat_AL

    You have a blessing that most of us do not have… a relationship with the PATTERSON’s! Count it as a special blessing… and go to Nashville Sunday!!!


  2. Larry Vaught

    I agree. she has to be here for Pat’s birthday to celebrate with Tywanna

  3. Tana

    What a nice read! Too, I just cannot imagine the experience of meeting the Pattersons (and Tywanna, especially, of course), whom I so admire from everything I’ve read and seen, particularly the job they’ve done raising Patrick.

    Also, I hope Angela does get to celebrate those birthdays in Nashville. I had not realized it was Patrick’s birthday. I have especially wanted a Final Four and national championship FOR PATRICK. Now I say that Patrick’s teammates had better reward him with fine performances and a championship as a birthday present tomorrow!

  4. LindaS

    Angela, how wonderful. I’m crying because that must have been so special! GO CATS! 31-2

  5. gmoyers

    I hope the Pattersons will have a gathering for all UK fans to meet and greet them when the season ends

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