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Brandon Knight always a serious student


Brandon Knight joked during the NCAA Tournament that he “guessed” his grade-point average was 4.0 since he had made all A’s during his time at Kentucky. That prompted a question about his favorite class.

“My favorite class is probably anthropology. That is one of my favorites right now at least,” he said. “It is the study of humans across the world and how they interact with each other, their different cultures and how it is different from the American culture.”

He even went on to explain more about why he liked the class.

“There is tribe called the Dinka Tribe and cows are very important to them. They have over 200 names for different types of cows. That is kind of interesting to me just to learn and understand what different things meant to their culture,” he said.

Knight said his parents sent him to Pine Crest High School in Florida because of academics, not athletics.

“It is one of the best schools academically in my area and my parents wanted to challenge me academically. I didn’t worry how that would impact me athletically,” UK’s leading scorer said. “I knew they were not great athletically. I was going to play with a lot of different guys and we did our best to succeed athletically as well as academically.”

He even took his books on AAU road trips so he could study to maintain his high grade-point average.

“I did take books with me. I am not sure what other guys did, but I had to take my books because over the weekend if you did not do your work when you got back you might be up to 4 in the morning trying to finish,” he said.
Knight didn’t even mind taking his books to the Final Four.

“We had to bring our books here. We have study hall, but I like that. I just had a couple of assignments to do, but there was no reason not to do them or stay caught up,” he said.

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  1. Martyman

    He is the true Epitomy of the Student/Athlete!

  2. gmoyers

    Yes he is Marty

  3. LindaS

    I remember something Brandon said about study hall and tutors first semester. He said he really didn’t need a tutor and the tutor would ask if he had any questions and he said no. I think he asked the tutor if he had any questions, that is funny. I acknowledge this young man in Oct. at the women’s clinic and thanked the coaches for recruiting someone the caliber of Brandon Knight. 4.0 GPA is not an easy accomplishment for someone who also is participating in sports, especially at the academically challenging Pine Crest High School. Don’t forget Brandon has never received anything lower then an A his whole academic career; grade school, middle school, high school and now 2 semester at UK. God has truly blessed this young man and I feel privilege to be able to watch him run up and down the hardwood at Rupp Arena. Brandon will accomplish a lot of things in his life whether it be on a hardwood court or just reaching out his hand to another young person who needs a handshake.

  4. larry vaught

    Brandon is as special as he can be

  5. david ball

    and where is the national media on this topic….nowhere….but if he decides to declare for the draft, they will be all over it…and the pundits will claim that he should never have gone to school…ha…I think BK stays to get a degree…he’s close…and I think his parents will put their two cents in (combined with an almost certain lockout) and BK will be playing next to Teague next season…great kid…

  6. Tana

    Thanks, Larry, for still another feature story on Brandon Knight, a young man I so respect and admire. Too, while this piece concentrates on Brandon’s impressive academic endeavors and accomplishments, Brandon is just so “special” (as you called it, Larry), period. Brandon truely tries to be his best at everything.

    Still again, how blessed we Kentucky fans are to have this unique, rare individual as part of our Kentucky basketball program, whether it’s for one or two seasons. Also, it’s thanks again to Brandon’s parents, who have done an absolutely tremendous job raising this young man.

  7. John

    He’s a great guy! What is Brandon’s major, Larry? I’d be interested in knowing where I could find out what the guys on the team are studying. I think that information should be more readily available.

  8. Sarah White

    Please send a copy of this to Bobby Knight – if he can read. He obviously doesn’t think our student athletes go to school.

  9. gmoyers

    He would just ignore it Sarah

  10. John

    I guess you don’t know Brandon’s major…

  11. LindaS

    John, sounds like you have doubts about Brandon’s intelligence. This young man went to one of the toughest schools academically in Florida. For he post college educational career Brandon had a 4.0. that is for 12 years of school. He had enough AP credits to graduate in 2 years if he had stay at UK.

  12. DonP

    LindaS – According to David Aldridge, on NBATV last night, Knight had 24 AP credits and 36 credits at UK. Graduate in 2 years?

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