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Incoming running back Boom Williams, UK RB coach Chad Scott agree that Kentucky offense will be more explosive

uk football helmetBy LARRY VAUGHT

Kentucky running backs coach Chad Scott likes Georgia star Stanley “Boom” Williams, who will arrive at UK in June.

“Boom is explosive. He is zero to 60 (miles per hour) right now and he has that ability to make something happen. He is the kind of kid that you just have to find the way to get the ball in his hands whether run, pass or return game. He brings the home run ability and kind of speed that defensive coordinators have to look out for,” Scott said.

The 5-9, 190-pound Williams, ranked as the eighth best player in Georgia by Rivals.com and the 16th-best running back in the nation by ESPN.com, rushed for 1,416 yards and 21 touchdowns as a senior and 1,948 yards and 24 scores as a junior. He had offers from Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, Middle Tennessee, Mississippi State, Missouri, Notre Dame, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

“So many positives are going on at Kentucky,” Williams said. “The offense is real explosive, or will be. There are going to be a lot of great players on campus. I think there will be a lot of playmakers on the team in the class of 2014 that will make the offense more dangerous, more explosive. We will take more shots down the field. I think the overall offense will be very explosive. Once we get all the guys in and start making plays, the offense will get rolling.

“Myself, I don’t want to be the big guy on campus. I just want to be part of the team and help the team win. I want to compete and make everybody better. If I don’t get the starting job, then I want to be in the rotation so I can make plays. We’ll have a lot of options on offense. Coach Brown can move JoJo (Kemp) and Ryan (Timmons) around. Wherever they want to put me, I will look to make plays and put the team in the best position to score. I just want to win.”

Williams has been working on his receiving skills in case he’s needed to play on the perimeter more like Timmons did last season as a true freshman.

“I work on my footwork every day. I work on all aspects of my game, but I really work on catching the ball,” Williams said.

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  1. Larry Pup

    I can hardly wait to see Boom play. I also think Timmons and Kemp will be real threats too come fall.

  2. Ira

    Saw his film and the Boom is real. That one step and full speed is the real deal. Has great patience as well. Will wait on his OL to block and develop a hole and then he explodes thru, I’m not sure how many UK fans realize what kind of back we got in this guy. Wish he’d been able come thru spring and learn the offense early

  3. David

    Boom was by far one of my favorite commitments last year. We definitely need some home run hitters on this team and he will be one of them that can make this offense more exciting.

    I really believe we are going to be a whole lot better than most people thought and most critics will be scratching their heads wondering how to stop this freight train. I am looking for 6 to 7 wins this year 5 on the low side. I am an optimistic CAT fan and want nothing more than see these boys succeed. BBN forever!!!

  4. Ira


    I like UK odds about their wins as well. But it still hinges on QB and OL play. Get the QB play and yes I see 5 winnable games. Think UK can get lucky enough and pick up 1 or 2 more wins and go bowling. Be awesome!

    1. Larry Pup

      Ira..how do you think UK will stack up against Louisville at their house this year? UK needs that game, and I’m a little concerned with BP calling the shots for the Cards again. I think it is the last game of the regular season. I like UK’s backs a lot, but agree with you they need a gunslinger, and a big nasty Oline to get Brown’s offense going. If they don’t come out of spring with a leader at The QB position, I will be concerned big time and a little disappointed.

      1. David

        Louisville does not have Bridgewater anymore. I expect a win this year. Our defense is going to be better than last years and our offense is going to be better with lots of depth at receiver and backfield will be stacked.

        1. Larry Pup

          Yeah, that is so true, but they have BP like WKU did last year. Any concerns there? Of all the games on The CATS schedule next year, I am more concerned with that one. I don’t want to see UK loose to that guy two years in a row. UK has got to win that one. One thing is for sure, BP is great coach and offensive mind.

          1. Larry Pup

            This year 2014 I mean.

          2. David

            Yeah BP is a proven coach but I think this is our year and the future will belong to us from here on out. Looks to me that Coach Stoops is going to recruit and recruit hard so that we will be able to compete in the SEC and refuses to have us as the door mat any longer. So if we can compete in the SEC I will never fear Louisville again

          3. Larry Pup

            David I sure hope you are right. One thing to remember is that BP, once he gets rolling, can also recruit and has everywhere he has been in college coaching. He put Louisville on the map long before Strong was even thought about. Arkansas was rolling under BP until he crashed his bike with a skirt on the back holding on for her dear life. I hated to see Louisville get him back. I fear he will be a thorn in the side until these UK coaches can start winning some of their own, because success breeds success. One thing is for sure, BP will have it to do with stiffer competition in the ACC he will face. I was thrilled to see Charlie move on, but this Louisville coaching hire has me concerned big time. He is a problem, UK has to suck it up and get after him big time.

  5. David

    I agree that we need the offensive line to be better than the last couple of years. I think Philips or Towels can provide us with better play than what Whitlow did last year. I would like to see Whitlow get some playing time at split end and tight end. Have not heard anything on Smith’s shoulder, hope it is coming along and he can compete for that starting position also. Looking for some upsets and surprising some SEC teams this year. Go Cats!!!

    1. Larry Pup

      Matt Smith has paid his dues and is a fine young man, but I personally think he will have a tough time in winning that battle at the QB spot with the influx of talent. If he does, I will be surprised. I agree that UK has to find a way to get Jalen on the field making plays from another position. That could be a major development with his running skill, just not sure he has the hands to catch the football, but perhaps.

      1. David

        I am thinking if he can play QB he should be athletic enough to catch the ball. He has good size at 6’3″ and I think he weighs around 220, runs a 4.4 forty, we need him to contribute some how. I am thinking we have all the running backs that we need for now. I guess time will tell where coach Stoops wants to use him.

  6. Georgia Blue

    Good to hear but we are still lacking at the main position QB. Our offense will be explosive with some talented players on paper, but time will tell if they can transform it on the Football Field. UK has a lot of talent in the Skill Position . The Question is can we get them the ball in the open field.

  7. Ira


    I think we take Louisvile this coming season in their house anyway. Will be close, but it will be end of season for us which will favor Cats so much more. We have got to have that gunslinger though. Be it either Phillips who may have gotten the nod last yr, if he wasn’t REDSHIRTING and our season tanked anyway or our new incoming freshman at QB who did so much with recruiting gets to thru spring training so that will help him as well.

    Also Larry thinking back on Maxwell Smith, you know with him having shoulder surgery now, I’m wondering how much his shoulder affected him last season. Seemed like when he had a game or two as not being the starter he threw better, but when he was back to back games he got erratic. I’m wondering if his injured shoulder just couldn’t keep up with the demand put up to it. Of course no idea on my part just conjecture, not a Dr, no inside info and I didn’t stay at the holiday inn either just random thought.

    I do think we get better OL play this year though. I distinctly remember an interview by our OC Brown talking at the end of the season it had to improve and he gave a couple of thoughts. One was he thought our OL suffered at times due to no competition or inferior competition at the beginning of the season and as it progressed, guess he was saying a few of the starters were lazy at times on the field. Then he went on and pointed out 2 freshmen last yr that had been RS and a walkon OL that had really been impressing the staff and he looked for those 3 to either replace or see significant playing time this upcoming season which he said would improve our OL play. Ramsey Meyers was 1 of the RS and if I remember the walk on it was Cole Mosier. I want t say Haynes was the other RS freshmen but that interview was in DEC. But at the time it did make me a little excited. I was like their is a little light at the end of the tunnel. Cause these coaches/staff just don’t seem to spout BS pump sunshine to mislead the fans like Joker did.

    1. Larry Pup

      That is encouraging Ira, your input on the OL changes, additions, etc, it is. I so desperately want to see Coach Stoops succeed. He has worked so hard. I do believe the whole season hinges on a starting QB other than last year’s cast. I don’t mean any disrespect to Jalen and Max, but just my opinion a change is needed for the good of the team. I suspect as you do that Max’s shoulder is shot, and Jalen could help the team as a WR or TE as David suggests. I don’t know what else they could show us that we have not already seen at QB. I say that Louisville game is an important game to circle, UK needs that one big time.

      1. Love SEC

        I agree that the UL game is important but a win or loss to the dirty birds will not define our season. I remember many times in the past where the expected team did not win in this series & this could continue. You are right that BP is a good game time coach but I am so happy that we have our current staff.

        The loss of Bridgewater is huge for them but BP will have a QB by the time we play them, They also had some underrated receivers in my opinion. Hope that we can dominate the series over time.

        1. Larry Pup

          Need the win for instate recruiting purposes, plus right now they own UK with about 3 or 4 in a row, plus BP’s win as HC at WKU. UK has to get that monkey off their back.

          1. Love SEC F-Ball

            I did not mean to minimize the importance of the UL game.
            You make some good points. I do think that Stoops has already moved ahead in the recruiting battle.

    2. Love SEC

      Good memory, Ira. I agree. Both Stoops & Neal Brown talked about redshirts.
      I think they mentioned Kyle Meadows on offense & also complimented Reggie Meant & Jacob Hyde on defense. UK fans are not used to a planned redshirt program.
      We have always wanted to see these talented players play immediately.
      If we are patient, we will see these this program being built.
      We now haw a planned redshirt program –
      Not a redshirt by default

      Matt Elam will benefit hugely with a redshirt.
      Could he play now? Yes.

  8. fanfan

    I see u people are still stuck on stupid. …New coach, new offense, weak ol, young wr, best football conference in the world and u tell me how u would play running for your life. Jalen has more talent in his finger than all the other QBs combined. If he played for Auburn Ol Miss, or some of the others he would be first team SEC

    1. Larry Pup

      Stuck on stupid you say genius? You don’t even make sense. Sorry we woke you up.

    2. Love SEC

      fanfan, we are not stuck on stupid. We have opinions & we are all entitled to have opinions. You are too but don’t insult others that do not agree with you.
      We all think that Jalen is a great athlete.

      I agree with Ira & LP. They have posted several times on this board and they are both knowledgeable about UK sports.

      1. Larry Pup

        Love SEC…I would be thrilled if this UK team could win 5 or 6, and maybe slip one in on somebody, upset a power. That, to me, would be awesome achievement.

        1. David

          5 or 6 very possible hoping for 7. Go Cats, BBN forever

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