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Blue Ribbon Yearbook ranks Kentucky second in preseason poll

Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook has ranked Kentucky No. 2 behind Michigan State in its preseason poll.

Kentucky plays the Spartans in the Champions Classic in Chicago Nov. 12. Louisville (3), Florida (7) and North Carolina (10) give UK four opponents in Blue Ribbons’ preseason top 10.

1. Michigan State
2. Kentucky
3. Louisville
4. Duke
5. Arizona
6. Kansas
7. Florida
8. Syracuse
9. Michigan
10. North Carolina
11. Ohio State
12. Oklahoma State
13. Wichita State
14. Gonzaga
15. UConn
16. Marquette
17. Memphis
18. VCU
19. Notre Dame
20. Tennessee
21. Creighton
22. Baylor
23. Colorado
24. Iowa
25. New Mexico

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    UK is the Cassius Clay/ Ali of College Basketball…Bring on all contenders…” Lets get ready to Rumble ! “

    1. King Ghidora

      Anyone else notice SMU isn’t on that list? But that doesn’t matter to some people I guess. Who wants to bet they won’t be there next year either?

  2. King Ghidora

    It’s way too early to worry about polls. I would have thought we would have learned that lesson last year. Sure it’s something to talk about in the off season I guess. But that’s all it is really. Nothing will be known until they lace up and hit the floor. And the big show down won’t be long in coming. Just remember 11/12/13. Then comes the really tough test – Robert Morris. Does anyone else predict a severe pounding that day? I would think WCS and Poythress in particular would want a big bite of the Financier of the Revolution or at least the university named after him.

  3. JimHarris

    I’m surprised that The U isn’t in the group.

    Too, I find it interesting that the WEAK SEC has about as many (3) teams in the group as the big time conferences.

  4. ukscat

    King, funny bit of trivia – – do you know the line on last years Robert Morris / UK game ?
    Will give you a new respect for the “college fans” in Vegas.

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