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Blue Ribbon editor Dortch says maybe joining elite UK class could be intriguing to Randle and Wiggins


Chris Dortch, the editor of Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook, isn’t sure how recruits Julius Randle or Andrew Wiggins will be impacted by Dakari Johnson’s decision to join Kentucky’s elite recruiting class.

“But it has to be intriguing to either one of them to consider joining that great class. Should that happen, and I’m no recruiting analyst, wouldn’t that have to be the best class of all time?” Dortch said.

And how good could Kentucky be next year even if Wiggins and/or Randle aren’t Wildcats?

“I’ll reserve judgment to see how many freshman stay around. But even if they don’t, this class is shaping up to be epic, and Kentucky will have a chance to do great things despite being so young,” Dortch said. “It’s an overlooked fact that Kentucky doesn’t just recruit five-star players. It recruits five-star players that, for the most part, want to work, want to be coached and want to get better.”

Dortch says if freshmen Nerlens Noel, Alex Poythress and Archie Goodwin are projected as NBA draft lottery picks, it would be “hard to turn that down” to stay at Kentucky another year.

“Having said that, maybe one of them may be intrigued about the possibility of returning to a team that will be so loaded,” he said.

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  1. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

    Here’s a link to a compelling article by a good writer who’s a UK student himself.
    Matt Overing can be found on twitter @MOvering and follows back when asked.


    Larry Vaught, you need to look into maybe having an edit option or delete option for passionate fans to edit comments or delete when someone wants to do so.

  2. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

    There hasn’t been much talk about Aaron Gordon, Most people think he is a lock for a Pac-12 team.

    Here’s some opinions about Kentucky from Kevin Cacabelos @KevinCacabelos Sports Editor @LoyolanSports.

    Aaron Gordon recruiting:Pac-12 schools,Kentucky battle for 2013 five-star recruit by Kevin Cacabelos on March 5th 2013 9:00 a.m. WST

    “Most experts think Kentucky is not a valid option for Gordon because of their current depth at the power forward position.Five-star power forward recruit Marcus Lee and three-star forward recruit Derek Willis have both already signed their LOIs to Kentucky.The Wildcats will also likely return current sophomore Kyle Wiltjer at their power forward position. Assuming at least three Wildcats bolt for the draft (Nerlens Noel,Alex Poythress,Archie Goodwin,Willie Cauley-Stein),Kentucky will have around eight scholarships to give out.

    “Currently the Wildcats five LOIs signed and one verbal commitment from Dakari Johnson,putting the Wildcats at exactly 11 spots if four players declare for the NBA draft.Amazingly,the Wildcats are reportedly still involved in the recruitment of two players ranked ahead of Gordon;small forward Andrew Wiggins and power forward Julius Randle.Right ,Gordon’s potential contribution to Kentucky is up in the air.If Julius Randle chooses the Wildcats and if either Poythress or Cauley-Stein decided to stay,Gordon probably will look to stay on the west coast”.

    Here’s the link to that article: http://www.pacifictakes.com/pac-12-basketball-recruiting/2013/3/5/4064528/aaron-gordon-recruiting-news-oregon-wahintonton-arizona-kentucky

  3. Anonymous

    I think Randle and Wiggins would be an absolute wonderfull fit for Kentucky. I think the y they should both sign with kentucky. I have been a kentucky fan all my life. I want them to imagine being on a team if they sighned going undefeated and winning the national title. They could be part of a special team and have a special year . Teams like those don’t ome along very often. They could even be better then the team that one it all last year. The key is that if they did sign and they all played unselfish like last years teamthey could set all kinds of records as a team . I hope they read this because just imagining all of those players together i can vision another NCAA Title and going undeefeated. But they would have to put their greatness aside. and play as a team James E Long

    1. King Ghidora

      I do think it’s a big chance to be a part of something very special. And players who play on teams that win in a spectacular fashion take on a reputation of being superstars. I’ve seen that going all the way back to UCLA and Lew Alcindor. Was he really special? He just set the high scoring mark for the NBA that has stood for decades. Sounds pretty special to me. The thing is NBA teams pay attention to the hype a player brings with him to the league. And players like Randle, Wiggins and Gordon can set themselves up to be the next great superstar by winning really big in college. That used to be the great goal of a college career for “NBA bound” type players. Jordan did it. Magic Johnson did it. Larry Bird did it. Dan Issel did it. I could name a bunch of players here. If you want that really lucrative sports endorsement scenario it generally starts with a spectacular college run. And that generally happens on a great team but not always. Bird did it on a mid-major team. But players like Walton, Jordan, Jabbar, and Magic are all household names around the world even still. That’s not easy to come by. The best way to get there is to win and win really big in college first.

      But of course we’ve seen UK send several players of that caliber to the NBA in recent years. The thing is an undefeated season would have give them a huge push on up the ladder though. Fans want to see the very best players of all time and if you want to see yourself as being on that level a truly fantastic college career will do it faster than anything. It’s hard to get to the NBA and become an instant star. Few players have done it since the NBA started drafting players before college and then after one year of college. I really think it’s easier to excel early on as a pro if you have some great college experience.

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