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Bledsoe never anticipated being a star


Eric Bledsoe and his mother, Maureen Reddick, have a special bond that he says helped him cope with the pressure of playing at Kentucky this year.

“We are all close. We are best friends. I am his mother, but at the same time I am his friend because I want him to come and talk to me about anything. I have to have an open mind about it,” she said.

Actually, she tried to mother other players as well. It was not unusual to see her hug Cousins before a game or talk to other players after games.

“They are all my babies out there. Can’t you tell? I call them and they will call me,” she said. “They talk when I come around. We just have fun. I want them to not look at me as mom but as a friend. I have kids at Mississippi State, Alabama State, Memphis that knew my son and they became close with me, and they will call me every day or check on me. I want them to do that.”

For Bledsoe, he’s still dealing with the reality of becoming a college star.

“I always watched basketball,  but I never thought I be out here in March doing what I did. I never thought it could happen. I always dreamed about it but I never did think I would be in this position. I dreamed about being on a team that could win it all, and I just wish we could have,” he said.

What about making the shot to win the national championship?

“No, I didn’t dream that,” he said. “But this whole year has been crazy. My grandma told me to never give up and that I would get this kind of chance eventually, and I did even if we didn’t finish the way I hoped we would.”

Bledsoe also said he hoped Kentucky fans grew to understand that even when it might have looked like he was moping or pouting, it was merely because he was upset with his play and worried how it would impact the Wildcats’ chances of winning.

“When I am not playing well, I tend to get down on myself. Coach (John Calipari) told me I can’t be doing that or I hurt the team. I know that, but I’m emotional. I want the team to win. If I am mad, it’s only because I think my play might keep us from winning and I don’t want that to happen,” he said. “Not winning the title and making history really hurt.”

Enough to make him come back to Kentucky?

“It could. Or at least it gives me more to think about,” he said.

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  1. Brian

    I hope Eric comes back. Him and Knight in the backcourt, that would be nice.

  2. HDCKY

    Great write up Larry. Eric Bledsoe is a fantastic player and represented the University of Kentucky well. He quickly made a name for himself in his first college game and never looked back after that. It would be a treat to have Bledsoe back for another year. I feel confident that even if Wall, Cuz, and Pat go to the NBA, Bledsoe can lead this team to Houston in 2011! Come on Eric, ONE MORE YEAR!! If not, best of luck in pursuing your NBA dreams. You will make an NBA team very happy.

  3. Jim Boyers

    Eric took a chance by coming here, knowing that Cal was recruiting John and by staying here, after John decided to sign. His belief in himself and his trust in Cal to honor the “2 point guard” promise, led to an amazing season for him.

    I truly hope he decides to return (especially if it is true that the 3 Amigos are going to follow each other’s decision and stay together), but I’m not holding my breath.

    Good luck to you on whatever you decide Eric. It was a pleasure to watch you this year.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  4. gmoyers

    Would be nice to have him back, but NBA buddies keep telling me he will go in the first round

  5. BarryRussell

    Agree Larry – It was a fun ride.

  6. bush man

    he may be a 1st rounder but probably lower down. another year at least would push him up the ladder. makes too many mistakes to be called a star so far.

  7. Corey C

    Eric, if you read these comments, you are awesome!!! God bless you and we’ve got your back on whatever you do. Whatever it is, I hope it brings you more happiness than you could ever imagine. Thanks for playing for us.

    Great article, Larry.

  8. gmoyers

    Will be toward end of first round I would think, but that is still a nice chunk of change for any young man. And I am with you Corey. Have to wish him well and thank him for a great year

  9. BigBlueBeck

    Thanks for a GREAT year! We love you. If you choose to come back we would be honored to have you wear the blue and white again! If you go, are hearts are heavy, but we wish you all the best! You deserve it. You remind me of another former #24 Kelena Azabukie. You do #24 justice. Rock on!

  10. Tana

    Great job, as usual, Larry. Too, I love Eric’s mother’s attitude: “They are all my babies out there.” She sounds like a very nice lady.

    Also, I still remember Eric’s smile and manners when he arrived at Kentucky. Like others, I so enjoyed Eric this past year and wish him the very best next year, wherever he lands.

  11. Jack

    I also did not know he was a ‘star.’ He certainly has NBA talent and athleticism, and I do wish him the best in his decision. I will root for him if he goes to the NBA.

    I also hope he comes back but I do not share others’ love for his behavior on the court. I sincerely hope he leaves his double technicals (I recall 3 off the top of my head- UL, MSU and Vandy) and the attitude that lead to them behind. He, not Cuz, was the boiling pot I worried about this year.

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