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Bleacher Report has entertaining, interesting interview with DeMarcus Cousins

Sacramento Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins clowns around with a Stephen King book while posing for photos during the Kings' media day in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011. The Kings are expecting big things this season from the prolific power forward who was the team's first draft pick in last year's NBA draft. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Sacramento Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins clowns around with a Stephen King book while posing for photos during the Kings’ media day in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011. The Kings are expecting big things this season from the prolific power forward who was the team’s first draft pick in last year’s NBA draft. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)


When he was at Kentucky, I loved getting to interview DeMarcus Cousins. He never minced words, often he was funny and he was always honest. At times, he joked with me like I was his grandfather — and I’m old enough to be. But he respected me and I respected him.

Was he an angel on the court? Not all the time, but he was not the nasty bully some wanted to make him out to be.

Now he’s having image problems with the Sacramento Kings. He’s being portrayed as one of the NBA’s bad guys, and it’s no surprise that is bothering him.

Bleacher Report NBA lead writer Jimmy Spencer recently got an in-depth interview with Cousins that should be a must-read for every UK fan (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1604754-brs-all-access-interview-with-sacramento-kings-star-demarcus-cousins?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=nba).

Here’s a few quotes from Cousins just to let you see what you’ll get in the story by Spencer.

“I would like people to know the real me, to know I am not this crazy person—what I am drawn out to be. I would like that to happen, but at the same time, I can’t really worry about it. If I stress about what people think of me, I won’t make it. I’m still going to live my life.”

“I mean, it is [sad]. Of course I would like people to know the truth. But every person that says something, I can’t run up to them and try to tell the truth, ‘I’m not really like this. Think what you want to think, but at the end of the day, as many people that think negatively about me, there’s some that think positively as well. Some people think I am a good person. I appreciate all that do, and those who don’t, oh well.”

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  1. King Ghidora

    That report has Cousins repeating the very same things I’ve said about his situation all along. The media railroaded him into this thug image with Dick Vitale as the engineer. He knew from the start of that UL game he was going to make Cousins a thug period. It didn’t matter what he did. It didn’t matter what UL did to him. He was going to be the bad guy. Cousins gets kicked in the head and because he reacts he’s instant thug. Well it was LOUISVILLE that played the role of thugs in that game. And what Vitale did to Cousins was dang near criminal. He cost the man millions of dollars with his rotten attitude.

    Larry I know you like Vitale and I don’t like to bring this up in a confrontational way with you because I agree with you on 99% of the things you say. But Vitale is as guilty as sin of creating the image of Cousins as a thug. Cuz endured more than any 3 college players I ever saw yet he was always labelled the bad guy. Teams vowed to get him ejected but none did it no matter how dirty they got (UL – UT – MSU). He got punched in the groin and didn’t punch back. Any man that can do that has my admiration. I would have torn the head off of that punk Goins if he had done that to me. If Cuz is a thug then I must be a homicidal maniac because I would have reacted far worse than he did. Cuz showed true patience. And what did he get for his troubles? The NBA allows teams to bait him just like the NCAA did. I’d like to see what Larry Bird would have done to someone who punched him in the jewels. Larry didn’t take garbage from anyone. Sometimes I think Cuz hurts himself by not bringing it to a head and forcing the league to make teams play him fairly or have the league toss him out completely for ripping on some cheap shot artist. The NBA will never allow him to be as great as he can be. They don’t like former UK players. I mean seriously. How is it the #5 scorer of all time doesn’t make the top 50 player list when far lesser players do. I’m talking about Issel of course. He has never gotten any respect from the NBA. All they say about him is he was a big, slow white guy and they can’t understand how he scored so much. He did it by playing actual basketball the way it was meant to be played. But those bozos want showtime, not basketball.

    Cousins is right. The NBA is entertainment. It gets more like pro wrestling every day. And he’s pegged as the mad man, evil guy with MJ playing the role of saintly good guy and James as the talented but flawed pretender to the throne. It’s such a joke the way they do things. The Jordan rules, the rules created to hurt Wilt, the Shaq circle, and the instant technicals called on Cuz for looking at the ref funny. Where’s Haystack Calhoun when you need him. They made fun of him but when he got people in the ring he didn’t like he squashed them. That got him banned real quick but man he was the real deal when he wanted to be. So was Andre the Giant. People were scared to death of him for good reason. They’re scared of Cuz too but he’s a UK guy so they want him gone.

    Cal is forcing the NBA to change the way they view UK thank goodness. By gobbling up all the real talent he will force the league to give UK their due at some point. When all the great players are ex-Cats they won’t be able to get rid of them all.

  2. King Ghidora

    Wow I can’t believe no one supports one of our own here.

  3. Larry Pup

    King you pretty much nailed it. Not much else to say. Demarcus is missed at UK. He always did get a bum rap. he is a warrior, and a hard nosed player. But a thug, no way!! I agree with you about the way Louisville played him. They were the instigators big time. I wish him all the best.

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