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Believe it or not, Dupree says Cats were “too overconfident” against Western


NASHVILLE — Kentucky junior defensive end Bud Dupree had a possible explanation for his team’s  often lackluster play in Saturday’s 35-26 loss to Western Kentucky that started the Mark Stoops era the wrong way for the Cats.

“We got a good wakeup call,” said Dupree even though Western beat UK in overtime last year and nearly beat the Cats in 2011. “We were too overconfident. We started off terribly. We played pretty terrible. We could have played a lot better. It’s not how we practiced or how we prepared for this game.

“It was very disappointing. We wanted to set a tone for rest of the games we have coming up.”

Dupree admitted some players may have tended to panic when Western got an early lead that it never relinquished.

“Everyone probably that thought in their mind with it being Western Kentucky. We should have just played like we practiced. It was our fault,” Dupree said. “After the game, the coaches did a good job letting us know they are still behind us.”

Kentucky’s hyped defensive line struggled to stop Western Kentucky which rushed for 216 yards on 41 carries. Dupree was in on only three tackles and Za’Darius Smith just five. Starting tackle Mister Cobble didn’t have a tackle and the other starter, Donte Rumph, had just three stops.

“They pretty much gashed us. We stopped the run through training camp. It’s all on us,” Dupree said. “I just don’t think we were focused. We should have played our keys better than we did and trusted our coaches.”

Now Dupree just hopes Kentucky fans come to see the Cats play Miami (Ohio) Saturday.

“It will mean a lot knowing the fans are still behind us after this loss. We will turn this things around next week and make sure we get on a streak,” Dupree said.

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  1. Andy

    As players you have to be focused. How do you let them push you guys around like that? Hopefully next week we can see a mean streak going on. Those who are not focused, need to warm the bench to make room for others.

  2. Ira

    I didn’t see anyone playing with overconfidence out there. I saw our D get whipped first series of the game. Play like you are in the SEC.

  3. Mike

    Sorry…..we did not see any overconfidence on the field. They played to the contrary and showed zero confidence, passion, heart, or the will to win. Understand why you want to stick up for the buds but ask Cobble and Rumph what they had in mind last night as they were manhandled. They both acted like they were clueless and really didn’t want to be out there. Can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

  4. Larry Pup

    Rumph and Cobble look out of shape. UK couldn’t have stopped that big back from WKU named Andrews with a rifle, no answer. Where were our power backs all night like George and Mobley? George scores and we hardly see him the rest of the night. One sack against a sun belt conference team won’t cut it, no pressure on their QB. Nor did UK effectively stretch the field with the spread offense. The offensive line and movement penalties killed us start to finish. The bottom line is WKU just wanted this more than UK from where I sat. Our young men just need to shut up and play football, quit all the interviews and talk. You let WKU whip you again. This was a tough loss and Bobby Petrino had a big ole smile on his face. It was hard to take after all the hype. GO CATS!!!!

  5. Mike

    The 2 worse jobs of the day are held by Mr. Stoops. 1…he has to watch the tapes from last night and 2. he has to watch UL today and wonder how badly they are going to pulverize us. The will be put 50+ today on Ohio. We were stooped into thinking this was going to be an improved team and one game may not prove anything, but if we go 0-2 the sky won’t be falling…it will have fallen.

  6. Georgia Blue

    Some thing you keep to yourself . Especially as a team when you haven’t did anything or proven that you can WIN. Now I see why we lost thinking because they play in the SEC that they can just show up. I was STOOP and I read this or heard this Dupree wouldn’t want to see me , because it would be a price to pay OVERCONFIDENCE. Man you got to be kidding me. I don’t even play and this crap piss me off, how can you embarrass your School and Teammates like that.

  7. Georgia Blue

    Larry as team you better be ready to play anybody these days. We had 2 TOP 25 TEAMS to lose to 2 FCS SCHOOLS . Overall 4 FBS SCHOOLS lost to 4 FCS SCHOOLS. So you better come ready to play every Saturday.

  8. coldspringmike

    Never, never, never in my wildest dreams did I think this team would come out in the first game of the year, against a team that you lost to last year, a team that bad mouthed you, a Sun Belt team and not be so fired up that you would be jumping out of your skin.
    Over confident ? geez, how can you be overconfident after winning 2 freaking games last year. Still love coach Stoops and his staff, they will turn this thing around but please don’t use the overconfident deal after this game and I hope we don’t hear that phrase the rest of the year. Larry Pup said it best, just zip it up and go out and play some football.

  9. TheProfessor

    This is not the first time a UK football player has made this same remark following an embarrassing loss. I am shocked by such a comment from any athlete who is blessed to compete in any sport at the highest levels, and football gets no higher than it does in the SEC. But, for any UK football player, in any year, against any opponent, to say he and his teammates were “over confident” is the essence of the ridiculous.

    1. RJ

      Ditto. The only thing this team looked Saturday was “we’ll fed”.

  10. Randy Scholtz

    Random thoughts…1) We underestimated the true genius of Petrino. WKU will go to another bowl this year…it will be interesting to see what they do against Tennessee! 2) We overestimated what a very young team could do against a veteran WKU team. 3) The biggest disappointment was the defensive line which did very little to keep us in the game. 4) We did not remember that we lost 20+ players off of a team that went 2 – 10 last year (and replaced them with freshmen). GO CATS!!!

  11. Litte Baron

    TheProfessor says: … for any UK football player, in any year, against any opponent, to say he and his teammates were “over confident” is the essence of the ridiculous.

    Oh, so true!
    I just hope it was a poor choice of words, by Dupree.

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