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Julius Randle photo courtesy

Julius Randle photo courtesy


Jeff Sheppard has not seen any of UK’s incoming freshman players play, but he heard plenty about Julius Randle from former Cat and current NBA standout DeMarcus Cousins.

“He said ‘that Randle kid is phenomenal.’ He says is a top five draft pick right now,” Sheppard said. “DeMarcus does not give out many compliments at all. He is pretty proud of his ability. He says everybody else (coming into UK) is only alright. That means they are very good and special.

“But for him to call out Randle said a lot coming from him. I think that means you can really expect big things from Randle.”

4 Responses to Based on DeMarcus Cousins’ report, Sheppard expects “big things” from Julius Randle

  • Larry Pup says:

    Randle will come to play. He is the real deal.

  • Judi Cole says:

    I already know that I’ll like Randle a lot. His demeanor and team first attitude are so impressive and who can resist that wonderful smile?!

  • GrampyBlue says:

    After Sheppard’s remarks @ the UK convention in Ohio last week, I don’t value his opinion at all. If he feels so comfortable in the UL basketball office he should just talk about Louisville!

  • OlBlue says:

    Randle seems to be a very mature young man. This year’s team needs maturity. Can’t wait to see him wear blue and white and hit the court.

    It does seems that with Sheppard’s recent comments he has started a ball rolling that he might not be able to stop. Former players need to think before they speak in public.


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