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Receiver Alex Montgomery should be ready for practice when season opens


Sophomore receiver Alex Montgomery seems to be “coming along” well from his season-ending knee surgery.

“He’s coming along. ACL’s (anterior cruciate ligaments) aren’t what they used to be. It’s a full recovery, but you can get back and play in nine months,” said Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown. “The surgeons do a phenomenal job at that now. You have to deal with a lot of pain and get your flexibility back, so it’s fighting through adversity and it’s mental.

“He’ll be able to practice when we open up the season. He probably will be a guy that we’ll have to watch his reps.”

Brown still has trouble believing the way Montgomery and Javess Blue were injured in such freakish ways in the same game last season.

“We were playing Alabama State, which is a game we should’ve won and we did win. We go out for warm-ups and we get off the bus and do the Cat Walk. We go into the locker room and they put on a pair of shorts before they go play a game of catch. Our best receiver is Javess Blue. Well, they’re out throwing the ball and someone misses and it hits him right in the eye, so he’s out for the game,” Brown said. “Not even during warm-ups, the pre warm-ups.

“We score a touchdown and the game is in our hand and Alex goes up and does one of those flying chest-bumps. He lands, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I see him land and I tell the guys on the headphones, ‘Alex Montgomery just tore his ACL.’ Sure enough, trainer comes off and I said, ‘Did he tear his ACL?’ And he said, ‘Yup.’ You lose one to pre warm-ups and another in the game. Unreal.”

Montgomery had 16 catches for 137 yards and one score before his injury. He had at least one catch in all eight games he played and a season-best four receptions for 47 yards against Florida.


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  1. Edward

    Alright Alex, way to work hard and come back to help your team. Think about receiving a wide open pass and running through the Swamp for a big TD, your 3rd for the 2014 campaign.
    Go Big Blue!

  2. Ira

    Easy fix. Stop foolish celebrations. I know they are great, but the injuries aren’t nor the penalties limit it to a high five something simple

  3. Larry Pup

    I hope he is 100% by game day. He is a good receiver that UK needs this year. Glad he is healing. Be smart and kill the opponents and not yourselves guys. Watch the celebrations in the EZ, and just be smart and careful even in warm ups.l. If it were not for bad luck, UK would have had no luck at all last year. Things have got to start turning there way, Geez!!!

  4. Paul

    What ever happened to the good ole’ ( and safe ) “low five”

  5. Jim Harris

    Hey, they may be in men’s bodies, but these are kids playing college football. They work their tails off to get the “free” education and some game playing time. They are as interested in having fun as we fans are in being entertained. There needs to be some reward when they make a real good play! For goodness sake don’t try to limit the well-earned celebrations if that is where their hearts are.

    Such accidents are called freak because of the highly infrequent repercussions of players jiving and horsing around.like that. The fact that the UK team had 2 freaks in one day makes it sound ridiculous. But over the past five years, how many such accidents in total has the team suffered.

    Big time college sports may have become a business but for the players it’s still a game. Let ‘em play!

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