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Audio: Larry Vaught and David Hopewell with Howard Schnellenberger on Blue Zoom Radio 11-8-2012

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  1. oldblackhightops

    REALLY enjoyed that Larry…

    Hate to ask a dumb question,but are you and Hope on every Thursday night?

    1. larryvaught

      EVery thursday during football. believe next week will be our last show

  2. john4uk

    Hopewell says that Petrino left the Louisville program in shambles.I beg to differ.The program was not in shambles,it was not under any NCAA sanctilons,and he left some good athletes for his successor.What happened at Louisville was Petrinos successor was a coach who could not fill Petrinos shoes and deliver the kind of offense that made UL so successful.
    I wonder if Cal left UK would Hopewell say he left the program in shambles if his successor could not match the success Cal had.

    1. larryvaught

      Just have to excuse Hope. He forget that Kragthorpe ruined the Cards, not Petrino

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