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Auburn center believes Nerlens Noel is about the same player as Anthony Davis

Nerlens Noel scores on a soft right-handed hook against Auburn. (Victoria Graff photo)

Nerlens Noel scores on a soft right-handed hook against Auburn. (Victoria Graff photo)


Auburn center Rob Chubb certainly was impressed with what he saw from Nerlens Noel Saturday.

“He was a great player. He was a great shot blocker. He was stopping people from coming in the lane so whenever he wasn’t in the game, it helped us a little bit whenever we could drive,” Chubb said.

Last year Chubb played against Anthony Davis, the eventual No. 1 pick in the 2012 NBA draft. He didn’t see any major difference between Davis and Noel

“He’s about the same player. Anthony Davis and him both have a great feel for shot blocking, it doesn’t matter if you pump fake them, they’re so long they can just get to the ball,” Chubb said. “He had some great timed shot blocks tonight, and that’s pretty much what everyone knows him as.”

So what do you think? Is Noel “about the same player” as Davis or not?

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    In Chubb’s defensive on the Flagrant one call with Noel…If you watch, Chubb was going for the Ball and Noel’s reaction of lifting his arms, caused his (Noels) forearms to force Chubb’s Foul…In (Chubbs) retaliation comments directed towards Goodwin, Chubb’s was only reacting to Archie’s aggressiveness, because Chubb’s knew he didn’t do the foul on purpose….After reading his quotes and compliments, it’s only right to, ” set that straight “. Don’t argue the point, til you see the REPLAY…

  2. TonyJ

    Actually it wasn’t against Noel, but Poythress. I actually believed it was a flagrant foul out of frustration. It didn’t appear to me he was trying to stop the ball but going for the player. His reaction afterwards was of a person who meant to foul. Yes he was responding to Goodwin because Goodwin was taking up for Poythress.

  3. King Ghidora

    It wasn’t too long ago that fouling a player who was heading for a wide open layup was considered the thing to do. I didn’t see any bad intentions in that foul. I thought he just wanted to make sure he didn’t give up a 3 point play. It looked a lot worse on his part because Alex brought his arms up really strong which made the contact look worse. I thought it was a foul and maybe a flagrant foul but only because he went for the arms instead of the ball. I didn’t see any malice there.

    Personally I think the rule is too strict. Uncontested layups aren’t fun to watch and it is a big advantage for a team that’s behind to be able to send weak foul shooters to the line especially late in the game. The players always understood how things went before this rule. I think it contributes to more exciting games by making games closer. Not many players miss layups but a lot miss foul shots. It works for both teams equally too. If there’s actual malice involved then yeah give them a T but if it’s just a matter of trying to stop a layup and they don’t take the legs out or go to the head then I think it shouldn’t be a technical.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I agree…simple foul in my book.


    I actually don’t think Anthony and Nerlens are similar on the defensive side of the ball…just my take. Nerlens appears to me to be a little quicker off his feet in his slightly, bent, straight up position, closely behind his man…reacting like a pogo stick that swats equally well with both hands. Anthony seemed to be a little more crouched, and away from his man,(not giving his feel position away as easily) and utilizing his extra reach. That “not quite knowing where he is ‘doubt’ ” added an extra dimension to his defensive skills, since he could come out of no where so quickly. I guess I’m simply saying that I don’t see any comparison of how they position themselves on defense…more like speed vs reach. No great shakes since the results are both outstanding…Go Cats!

  5. Tyler

    He is not the same he is diffrent from anthony Davis

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