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Archie Goodwin already impressing Suns with his play


Craig Grialou of ArizonaSports.com had an interesting article explaining how pleased the Phoenix Suns are with the early play of Archie Goodwin.

“He’s got that ability to get to the basket,” head coach Jeff Hornacek told Giralou about Goodwin, who will turn 19 on August 17.

Goodwin went hrough a three-day minicamp this week to prepare NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

“(His age) was one of the things that maybe was a concern when he came in,” Hornacek told Giralou. “How much of the game does he know? How fast will he pick stuff up? He’s picking stuff up better than we expected. We’re throwing a lot of stuff at these guys. He knows it all.

“When he attacks the basket (he can’t) just think shot. He’s got to think, ‘Is it open for the shot?’ If it’s not, then make that extra pass. Those are things that — it’s a little different in the NBA when things collapse a little bit quicker than in college.”

Hornacek likes what Goodwin has shown he can do.

“I think the first practice was maybe a little, the physical play maybe his eyes were opened a little bit,” Hornacek said. “But he’s battled these last two and now he doesn’t even look like he’s an 18-year-old out there.”

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  1. King Ghidora

    It’s always been obvious that Archie had the ability to be a scorer. He can slash to the basket with the best. He needs to learn some things and let’s be honest – he had to play out of position too much last year. He’s never learned to be a point guard. It wasn’t his position. Anyone who tried to use him as a PG in high school wouldn’t be a smart coach at all.

    UK had their problems last year. Archie was far from being the reason they didn’t make the tournament. I won’t go into why I think the Cats ended up like they did. They are kids and kids sometimes have to learn things. Very few freshmen come in and play like an Anthony Davis or John Wall or MKG or Bledsoe, or Cousins or Orton, or Knight. Those guys were exceptional. Most players need a year at least to get accustomed to college basketball. It took UL’s players 3 or 4 years to really come together as a team.

    When Cal won with freshmen and sophomores he set an almost impossible standard to match every year. Yet we’re looking at a team that could well do it. The fact Cal can put together teams like that is miraculous really. It’s never been done before. I’m amazed it was done now. I hope Cal gets his way with the National Association of Basketball Coaches board of directors. He’s pushing for ending the one and done system. I think it will be good for the university and for the kids in many ways. But it can also hurt some players who truly are NBA ready. I was sorta surprised to see Cal push it so hard. But the one and done system is nearly impossible to work the way Cal has done it. No one else has. I’m a UK fan and I want what’s best for the school but at the same time I can’t see holding back a player who’s truly ready for the play for pay circuit. They have too much to lose due to injury. At the same time they probably risk injury more trying to impress more in a single year rather than doing it over two years. When you try to hard and fly too high you can get burned by the sun. I broke my ankle trying too hard to make the Holmes Hall intramural team. I was told there would be people there from the Cats watching me but to be honest I didn’t know whether to believe it or not. It was in the back of my mind though. And instead of making the team I broke my ankle trying too hard to play good defense on a jump shooter. I rolled my ankle on the side of someone’s foot when I came down.

    I was asked to play by the guy Joe Hall sent to watch me “if” my ankle was ok. It wasn’t. I think Goodwin is an example of someone that tried too hard to make it in a single year. You play out of control when there is so much on the line. The pressure makes you do things you know you shouldn’t do. Archie came out OK thank goodness. Some of us weren’t so lucky. I played football in high school on a 4A team. I never got out of control there and I rarely got hurt at all. But that pressure pushed me into an ankle break IMO. Of course sheer stupidity was a contributing factor too. :D

  2. Larry T Clemons

    I always had Archie in the first round,(23 or 24)…He is showing everyone he earned it ! Hornacek told Giralou. “How much of the game does he know? How fast will he pick stuff up? He’s picking stuff up better than we expected. We’re throwing a lot of stuff at these guys. He knows it all.” He knows it all, ” Now you see why Coaching at Camp Calipari helps these Young Players, DAY ONE….

  3. Katbluefan

    Where did that guard for the Louisville Cards go in the draft ? Is he on an NBA team ? Like I said Kevin Ware breaking his leg and all the cry, cry, for the Cards helped in the wins for them in the Big Dance.

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