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AP writer praises Knight, rips Calipari, UK

Editor’s note: Tim Dahlberg is a national Associated Press columnist, so this means his column was available to the majority of newspapers across the country and will only add to the perception of Calipari that Knight wants to spread. Posting column so you can see what it said and what Cal and UK continue to be up against nationally. His email address is at the bottom if you want to respond to his column.

By Tim Dahlberg  

My guess is Kentucky coach John Calipari probably won’t earn the US$50,000 bonus in his contract for graduating 75 per cent of his players. Surely, star freshman John Wall won’t be sticking around four years just to help his coach out.

There’s a better chance Calipari will get the $175,000 bonus for taking the Wildcats to the Final Four this season, and maybe even the extra $375,000 for winning the national title. Wall’s presumably brief stay at Kentucky could pay dividends for both coach and player.

That’s really all that matters in Lexington, where boosters were so desperate to return Kentucky basketball to national prominence that they not only gave Calipari $4 million a year over eight years but added in incentives that could make him even richer.

So far, it seems to be working. Calipari’s record is perfect so far, his team is ranked No. 3 in the nation, and Wall has committed to staying at least through the end of the season.

Then along comes Bob Knight trying to spoil everything.

The volatile former coach called out Calipari and the NCAA in a homecoming speech of sorts Thursday at an Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame fundraiser, saying he doesn’t understand how someone who left two programs with NCAA infractions should still be allowed to coach.

Knight followed that Saturday with some equally strong remarks while doing the Xavier and Butler basketball game on ESPN with Brent Musberger.

“I think if the blame was laid right at the head coach’s feet instead of putting the team on probation, put the head coach on probation rather than the school,” Knight said. “It would clear up a lot of things when the coaches know, hey, they’re going to come after me if I screw this thing up.”

It’s a simple concept, which is probably why the NCAA has never even considered it. Discipline the person running the program instead of the program itself and coaches might become more careful about what they do on the recruiting trail or inside the admissions office.

Of course, that might have cost Calipari his $32 million contract with Kentucky since Memphis was cited for infractions during his tenure there. Instead, the school was forced to vacate its Final Four appearance, the same penalty paid by Massachusetts after Calipari left there.

Calipari was not directly implicated in either of the violations, but they both occurred on his watch. Both also involved the biggest stars on each team, Marcus Camby at Massachusetts and Derrick Rose at Memphis.

Calipari didn’t directly respond to Knight’s remarks, saying only that he doesn’t believe college basketball lacks integrity and that he remains a “big fan” of the former coach. That was probably a smart thing to do, since no one wins arguments with Knight.

Of course, Knight had his own share of issues while winning 902 college games, though most were caused by his inability to control his temper. Like him or not, he ran clean programs, graduated a ton of players and generally made young men better men by the time they left his employ.

Those don’t seem to be the goals of most coaches these days, no matter how much the NCAA likes to promote the concept of student-athletes. They’re employed to win first, with the understanding that the more they win the more they will make.

They seem to recognize that at Kentucky, where the bonuses to win are far bigger than the bonus to graduate players. Calipari can recruit one-and-done players like Wall without worrying much about taking a financial hit as long as they perform on the court.

It’s conceivable that Wall could return for a second season at Kentucky. But that’s about as likely as Calipari refusing to take his bonus pay if the Wildcats win the national title.

Wall was recruited to win games for one season, then head off to the NBA. His only real requirement as a student, Knight points out, is to pass six hours of class in the fall.

Knight has a problem with that, too. Call him old fashioned, but he believes that student-athletes should occasionally to go class.

Knight wasn’t always easy to listen to as a coach. Most of the time he was arrogant, condescending and dismissive of anyone who didn’t agree with him.

It’s doubtful he’s changed much. But, unlike other noted college basketball analysts, he’s got the guts to say what he thinks is wrong with the sport.

It helps that this time he’s right.

 * * *

Tim Dahlberg is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at tdahlberg@ap.org

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  1. Dennis

    Larry, I really enjoy your blogs. They are always packed full of information that fascinates me. Its VERY difficult for me to listen to Bobby Knight spew his hate without getting as angry as Bobby Knight throwing a chair across the court. I know Coach Cal is taking the Classy approach to handling that bully, but someone from Coach Cal’s inner circle needs to step up and put Bobby in his place. I can’t wait for Knight to come to Lexington.

  2. gmoyers

    Thanks for the kind words.
    And it should be fun when Knight comes here

  3. Ref Mike

    Larry, the more I hear about these “insights” Coach Knight (misnomer- He’s NOT A COACH anymore) has about Coach Cal, the more I feel the need to voice my perspective.

    Coach Knight HAD a very successful career concerning wins & losses and graduated a fair number of student-athletes; and No Class.

    Coach Cal HAS a very successful career concerning wins & losses and graduates a fair number of student-athletes; and has show a lot of class.

    Mr Knight has some excellent insight on X’s & O’s as does COACH CAL.

    Former COACH AND Mr. Knight, now has ONLY opinions and still HAS NO CLASS!
    Concurrently, Coach Cal has demonstrated nothing but class. And that’s my perspective.

    Mr. Knight has become as relevant as cold grits on a Monday morning. Mr. Knight keep the opinions to X’s & O’s and I will listen, everything else- please, keep a sock in it.

  4. Tanner

    I agree with Ref Mike. You know, when you start to realize that noone really pays attention to you anymore, just target the most popular program or coach at the time, and it will put you back in the headlines. He wants the attention, plain and simple.

  5. Jim Boyers

    Yes, by all means, let’s make the coach responsible for everything. Let’s put him on probation for something that there is absolutely NO PROOF he knew anything about. But, better yet, we should put the AD on probation because he is ultimately responsible for the athletic programs (He even has DIRECTOR in his title, which indicates he is directing what goes on in every phase of the program). But that’s not where it should stop either. Shouldn’t the University President be placed on probation. I mean he is the PRESIDENT!!! IT DOESN’T GET ANY MORE ACCOUNTABLE THAN THAT!!

    That is one of the most ASININE ideas I have ever heard. This is still the U.S.A. (for now) and we have a little ideal where a person is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!!! Now, I know that NAZI BOB would like to run the world by his own rules, but that just isn’t going to be. If there was one shred of evidence against Cal, I would be all in favor of him being punished, in some way. But that is not the case here. The whole “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” line, that detractors like to use, is also not the way things are proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Everyone knows there was a fire, but nobody saw Cal stacking the kindling, lighting the match or warming his hands over the flames. Quite the opposite. As has been stated by countless people before, including myself: The NCnoUK would like nothing better than to screw Cal and/or UK. IF THEY HAD ONE OF CAL’S SHIRTS AND IT SMELLED LIKE SMOKE, THEY WOULD NOT HESITATE TO CRUCIFY HIM!!!

    It’s time to stop giving the General, I mean the MAJOR A-HOLE any more of our thoughts. He is beneath contempt. He needs to stick to beating his dog or whatever he does to alleviate his anger these days, since he doesn’t have players to slap around anymore. But I’m sure he will get back to that, as soon as his little dog pulls his sleigh full of Who-toys and Who-decorations back to his mountaintop, where he can gloat over all beneath him

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!

  6. Bryan.M

    I agree that Coach Cal’s high road response to Knight’s criticism is the right approach. But doesn’t there come a point where the constant attacks and false yet still negative comments/publicity hurts the reputation of the Kentucky organization and damages there ability to recruit. I hope the slander gets boring for the media soon, or else Kentucky could start losing future prospects.

  7. scott

    kentucky basketball fans dont want to hear the truth. they knew cal had a shady past when he was brought in. most of the people praising him now, have probably called him a cheater in the past. oh, coach cal has gotten a clean bill from the ncaa. so did hal mumme. we all are pretty sure mumme knew what claude bassett was up to. why does calipari get a pass? because he coaches basketball! its the perfect match. a shady coach at a program with a shady past.

  8. Dennis

    UK is again back to Elite status. Its VERY evident when folks like Scott(above) and Bobby Knight attack us. Its GREAT to be relevant again. Success breeds JEALOUSY as you can see in Scott’s post. GO BIG BLUE!!

  9. Andy P.

    What did Calipari do to earn the shady past label. What did he do when he found out Marcus Camby was taking money from an agent? He informed the NCAA.

    Did Adolph Rupp have a shady past? He had the best team on the planet and his kids got hooked into a scheme by gamblers. It’s not rational to believe either coach would have known about this at the time it occurred.

    What did Calipari do to earn the shady past label at Memphis? He recruited Derek Rose. The NCAA Clearinghouse declared Rose eligible to play. After the season was over, the NCAA sent an inquiry to Rose about his SAT test. He was in school in Memphis. They sent the inquiry to Chicago. When he didn’t respond, they ruled that Memphis had to vacate 38 wins and their final four appearance.

    This issue is about fairness and equity. John Calipari has been a D-1 coach for 19 years. In that time, he has never been cited in any way for anything by the NCAA and yet he has “a shady past”. It appears to me he is the victim of a smear campaign. This is America, not Nazi Germany.

  10. robert smith

    First of all Bobby Knight never attacked Calipari while he was at Memphis or U-Mass. He hates Kentucky so the best way to attack Kentucky is through their coach. Kentucky beat him so many times and knocked his greatest team out of the NCAA Tour.in 1975 He graduated more players than most because in his last 15 years or so, he could not get the great players to play for him. The players he had, had to get a college educ. since they were not going to play in the pros. He had players like Isiah Thomas in his early career, but that dried up for him. Boys don’t appresiate being strangled and treated like dogs in front of the public. When John Wooden coached at U.C.L.A there was one particular supporter that violated many rules helping the players. Would you say that Wooden should have been fired and U.CL.A. should have lost their NCAA Championships. Wooden was probably unaware of that at the time, but it happened. Bobby Knight said tha Calipari should not be coaching. I wonder how many sports fans said the Bobby Knight should naver be coaching or around young boys. You know that people who live in glass shoud not be throwing stone. :)

  11. Juan

    I sent this to Dahlberg:
    I’m trying to give you the benifit of the doubt here. I understand that people look at headlines and browse articles then form opinions that are “good enough” for their purposes.
    First off, Bobby Knight
    Please try to do a more in depth and fair article for public consumption. In any part of the country, Knight should have done jail time for the half a dozen physical abuses he was guilty of.
    Bobby Knight with a clean program, well everyone believes that to be the case, but I believe that there are certain practices with the Pump brothers that would have tarnished that image. Think Coach K, investigate all the quiet rumors about K and see if your editors ALLOW you to print it.
    The point being is, a convicted felon (see puerto Rico) with a physically abusive nature(see his history) has too many people taking his view as gospel.
    Bobby, while I believe he was with in the rules mostly, wasn’t as squeaky clean as people believe, just as K is not.
    Second. If I am in charge of a department, and an employee takes the whole company down, I could never defend that employee. Yet, from his athletic director at UMASS, he gets defended. They just inducted him into their HOF. The people directly affected by a situation usually have a pretty good feel about what is going on, don’t you think? BTW, Cal turned Camby in, surely you know that. Is it likely that Cal turns him in if he knew what was going on? Or do you think maybe he knew all hell would break loose but did the right thing anyway?
    Even with everything going on at Memphis with the Rose thing, Memphis tried to counter offer Cal to keep him? Sound like they think he did something wrong? Have you looked into the Rose case? Are you aware of the ridiculous turn of events? All of the questionable assumptions left unclear in the verdict, that even the NCAA knows isn’t airtight?
    Just be fair, be even handed.
    BTW, Wall is taking 5 classes this semester w/ a 3.5 GPA (I think) and plans to take 18 next semester.
    If you need some links let me know. But you might be more entertained to make this discovery on your own.

  12. Juan

    Can you get the audio of Oscar Combs talking about bobby? or link it?

  13. gmoyers

    Thanks to Juan and others who have taken the time to email Tim. I hope he responds and some will share what he has to say. I know Tim and he’s a good guy. I think he might be surprised by the reaction here, or at least I hope he will be.
    Terrific responses and opinions again here. I enjoy reading all the perspectives and I do believe jealousy could be a key here.
    sorry, no access to Oscar’s audio.
    And I do think a stronger response is going to eventually be needed from Cal and/or UK to make Knight shut up or it will impact recruiting

  14. Wayne C

    I’ll have to agree with Larry, Bobby Knight is a washed up Bully.
    It kills Bobby Knight that he had his friend Dickie V promoting him for every SEC job that came open last season including the UK job, and now he has to watch them win 2,000 under Cal when deeep down he wanted the job. Nobody wants him because he’s washed up and the college game has passed him by.

  15. Juan

    UK made Jemele Hill of ESPN apologize
    see what you can find out about some of this Larry.

  16. Rick

    I sent the following to Dahlberg:
    I read your recent article concerning Bobby Knights accusations , and being a UK fan I find it quite offensive. You stated that Knight graduated “tons of players”, which certainly was the case at least while he was at IU, if you do not count the number of players that transferred away. However if you examine the empirical evidence of the NCAA GSR for the time he was a coach at Texas Tech you will find his rates were only slightly better that the nation as a whole. His graduation rates were also 10% less than the rates at the University of Memphis coached by……… John Calipari. http://www.ncaa.org/wps/ncaa?ContentID=38485

    I won’t even address you other accusations since I would imagine by now you have heard from many other UK fans. But before you present Bobby Knight as the Paragon of virtue you should examine this article from the Indianapolis Star. http://www2.indystar.com/library/factfiles/people/k/knight_bob/knight.html

  17. Jim Boyers

    Thanks for that little pick-me-up Juan. I hadn’t checked KSR since early this morning and that story wasn’t there then. You gotta love that site (Second only to Larry’s). Matt is right. She fell on the sword so that 4D, Clueless and The Major A-hole will never have to say they are sorry. All three of those mental midgets would choke to death on true words or apologies. ESPN probably doesn’t want to deal with the families’ “Wrongful Death By Apology or Factual Statement” lawsuits that would come from this.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  18. gmoyers

    Very interesting stuff there as there usually is

  19. Aaron

    I love how the national media are so forgiving of Knight’s past transgressions, chalking them up to “not controlling his temper”. Well to lots of us, that is a big deal. Knight is the classic bully, whose behavior has been accepted and overlooked by many people because he won games and “ran a clean program”, allegedly. Calipari is accused of breaking arbitrary NCAA rules, none of which are rules, or are even based on any moral standards whatsoever.
    The NCAA’s rules are by and large hippocritical and ridiculous in many instances. The organization makes billions of dollars off of kids, yet rarely has the same kids’ best interests at heart. Knight himself made a fortune off of these kids, and then turned around and physically abused many of them. Knight breaks laws and gets away with it (has had multiple instances of assault), yet feels he should take a moral stand on ethics in today’s game??? What a joke Knight has truly become.

  20. Linda

    I hate this, as I stated before I am tired of all these yahoos. Does the NC2A have to make another statement? Why is the media so forgiving of an insane clown who only knows how to bully young men? No one has forgiven Hitler yet, why forgive him? He has enough transgressions to fill an encyclopedia. Have you ever seen him smile? Have you ever seen him be cordial or pleasant? Has he ever made an intelligent comment in his whole life? He is arrogant and one of the most egotistical people who has ever walked this earth. He has lost the limelight and jealous. He can’t stand Kentucky being the #1 sports story. He is old, senile, deranged, unbalanced and I have always said, mean and nasty. I have a list of things God could have done without creating. He has always been on the list, along with slugs! If I can get to Lexington on game day, I’m going to stand outside of Rupp with a poster telling people exactly what I think of him. I hope more people will do the same. Am I mad? Darn tootin’ I’m mad and don’t get an old blonde Kentucky broad mad! My blue eyes are going to turn luminous scarlet soon with fury!
    Where’s that heat seeking missile when I need it, gonna aim it right at the lunatic.
    GO CATS! 11-0, stick that BK and all the media who are supporting and agreeing with him where the sun doesn’t shine. Man, that felt good, glad I got that out of my system. GO CATS! 11-0, 11-0, 11-0!!

  21. King Ghidora

    Actually John Wooden knew all about the man who gave his UCLA players everything they wanted or needed. Sam Gilbert was that man and Wooden took his players to Gilbert’s house for free meals and help with everything they desired. UCLA broke every rule in the book and the NCAA knew about it. They waited until Wooden had retired before ruling that Gilbert couldn’t associate with the team any more. What a joke! They wanted the money UCLA brought to college basketball because the media jumped on the bandwagon because the Los Angeles team was on top. If UK had violated rules like that the NCAA would have given them the death penalty 5 times over. UCLA should have every title vacated. The players from that era admit they were given cars and cash and clothes and you name it. I wonder why Knight didn’t find fault with the integrity of the game in those days? Knight is sucking up to the media powers of college basketball. If you think there isn’t bias in the media count the number of ACC and Big East games on ESPN Classic. They have a ratio of about 50 to 1 over UK games. Yet UK has dominated the sport like no ACC team ever did. Funny how that works. And now Knight is one of them. It’s the same reason certain local sports writers attack UK. He also wants to be a part of the Northeast corridor sports media establishment. The first rule of being a part of that monolith is to bash UK. Welcome to the club Knight. You speak volumes for the integrity of that behemoth.

  22. King Ghidora

    I should have pointed out what a refreshing change Mr. Vaught is to the sports media world. He actually supports the team of the Commonwealth like any writer worth his salt should do. Thanks Larry. We appreciate what you do!

  23. barry

    WOW !
    A reporter ? And all along I was led to believe the actual object was to “REPORT ” ………Now I get it , You are not a reporter , you’re an Opinionmeister………..Well , now that we’ve gotten that outa the way , heres my “Opinion ” YOUR VIEWPOINT SUCKS !
    ……See ! now you and I have both put forth our “OWN ” ideas ,Factless, self-indulgent, and without any merit. But you have the misguided sense that yours is actually worthy of wasting the ink used to print it. I have a word thats more descriptive of your skillset , “H A C K ”
    Oh , how ” REAL” Reporters must shudder to read your drivel

  24. scott

    world wide wes = sam gilbert. take off the blue tinted glasses and be honest with yourself people. if calipari were at any other program nobody would have a problem with what knight said.

  25. Jared Powell

    Did Larry still your wife or something? He would be the last to admit it, but Larry is just about the most respected member of the UK media for NOT being a hack. I’m hoping you’re just joking…

    please take your cardinal opinions elsewhere. If Cal were at any other program we wouldn’t CARE what Knight says. But since Bob has always hated Kentucky and Cal IS our coach…it is natural for us to stick up for him. And it’s not that difficult to do given the FACTS.

  26. Jared Powell

    And to Dahlberg…
    He must have never heard of Tubby Smith. That guy who was respected by all for his integrity-honesty approach to coaching. Yeah, that guy coached here for 10 years, the latter of which were mostly unbearable. Then along came Billy the drunk..who was paid to leave based on NOT having integrity.

    He must also have never heard of Mith Barnhart. This guy is a shining light in the world of collegiate athletics. He takes flack from all angles, but continues to do an incredible job and continues to be an honest, God-fearing, respectable man.

    He must also have never heard of Sandy Bell. She assures “institutional control” unlike any other outside of maybe Southwest Bible College.

    Finally, Dahlberg has a few things to straighten out before he talks about the school-athletics marriage.
    -First, Wall is taking 12 hours. He must in order to be considered a full-time student and play sports. Wall has also sported an awesome study record and pledges to continue his studies no matter his NBA future to get a degree.
    -Second, he should ask himself what the purpose of graduation rates is. Allow me to answer it. It is a measure of whether or not a school is using its athletics department strictly for its own good or also for the good of the student-athlete. You want a high graduation rate because it shows kids are leaving the program in a better situation than when they came into it. Someone explain to me how becoming a lottery pick leaves a kid worse off than before he entered college…

  27. King Ghidora

    World Wide Wes could never get by with what Gilbert did. No way on earth. And the reporter being discussed in the negative is not our my Vaught. It’s Dahlberg.

  28. King Ghidora

    That should read “…our Mr. Vaught.” Shouldn’t post after democracy destroyed earlier.

  29. memphis wildcat

    When Cal came to Memphis, the graduation rate was ZERO. He got his kids to class and no one every mentions it. Rose had good grades, if i recall…

    Larry, I wish you would spend some time writing about Cal’s graduation record at Memphis – it may not be where it should be but it was headed in the right direction….

    Rick – above comment – hits on the past record.

    Bobby Knight was PRAISING Cal last year for the defense he taught – and now this comment. BK is eratic at best and at worst, well, has some issues…

  30. gmoyers

    Thanks for that info Memphis Wildcat.
    Will try to find a way to use more about that if information is available, and it should be.
    I do think John gets some bad raps. Sometimes he probably brings some stuff on himself, but fair is fair. Or should be and it just was not right for Knight to go off like this

  31. BarryRussell

    When Bob Knight comes to Lexington, I am sure the welcome will much worse than RP’s. RP’s greeting will be tongue-in-cheek although somewhat distasteful to some, funny to others. Bob Knight’s will be full of vengance and a wish to crucify. Right or wrong, ESPN is glad for the candor of Bob Knight. Now viewership would be more than normal when Bob knight is on a UK telecast.

  32. mike

    My submission to mr. dahlberg.

    Mr. Dahlberg,

    I’m sure you’ve been inundated with angry e-mails from Kentucky fans, upset with your article that indicates your agreement with Mr. Knight’s statements regarding NCAA violations and Coach Calipari. However, as a Kentucky fan and former D-1 athlete, I agree with your assessment that the NCAA has been overcome by the business aspect while ignoring the well-being of the student athletes.

    It is unconscionable that the coaches and athletic directors are in no way held accountable for the illegal acts perpetrated by their athletes, and at times themselves. Florida has had numerous football players arrested over the last 4 years, while their coach has avoided any NCAA reprimands or sanctions. Tennessee, Alabama, and USC players have all had run-ins with the law while their universities and NCAA turned a blind eye to the accountability of the coaches for their players actions. Indiana allowed a man convicted of assaulting a police office (in abstentia after fleeing Puerto Rico to avoid the jail time) and long rumored (later proven) to be physically assaulting his own players to coach for 30 years. In fact, after he was fired for his actions (more than 20 years after his assault conviction), Texas Tech hired the same man, because he won games.

    NC State’s coach in the late 80’s allowed his players to engage in all forms of NCAA rule-breaking, from improper benefits to academic dishonesty, and while the university did strip him of his title as athletic director, they allowed him to continue coaching for another year, once again the NCAA failing to punish the coach who was responsible for his player’s actions. The coach of last year’s national championship team KNOWINGLY allowed players to receive extra benefits in violation of NCAA rules, resulting in a probation to his former school that was still active when he was coaching his new team to the championship. Then there is the issue at Duke, in which NCAA violations, similar to that of Marcus Camby at UMass 5 years prior, were admitted to under oath in a criminal investigation, yet the NCAA failed once again to punish the coach responsible for the actions of his players (although in this case no punishment was handed to the university either as the case is still “under investigation).

    It is my sincere hope, as I am sure it is Mr. Knight’s, that coaches that allow such rampant law and rule-breaking be punished with suspensions and that their records (not their teams’) be purged of the wins that occurred during their times of irresponsibility. Mr. Knight might have been mistaken about the timeline for such atrocious leadership by college basketball coaches, but he is no less wrong that it is about time that the NCAA finally take a stand to ensure that coaches be held responsible for their actions, and the actions of their 18-22 years old charges.

  33. Paul

    There can be no serious debate that the NCAA selectively prosecutes alleged rules violations and routinely dishes out arbitrary punishment. We could all cite countless examples. It is a very subjective process and the concept of “due process” (fundamental fairness) plays little, if any,part in it.

    As to the notion that a coach should have to live with the sins of others, I wholeheartedly disagree. That is as inequitable as the current (flawed) system that seems to ignore the coach notwithstanding his or her involvement — whatever that may be. If a coach does indeed bear responsibility for the infraction at issue, that coach should be the first in line when punishment is doled out. But remember that in all of this, as hard as we may try, we cannot always control the conduct or actions of others — especially 18-22 year olds. People will sometimes screw up (whether it’s a booster, a coach or a kid in college). Sometimes it may be an innocent mistake; sometimes it will be calculated and intentional. The issue in my estimation becomes in part (1) what degree of wrongdoing is at issue and (2) how an institution (or coach) responds to the discovery of the wrongful conduct. Those who are found to be responsible should have to account for it. The fundamental problem is that the process by which responsibility is determined is handled by the NCAA and thus, it is routinely mishandled (see above). It has become very hard to respect the NCAA because it is no longer what it purports to be (if it ever was what it claims to be).

  34. gmoyers

    Wow. Mike and Paul you both had such solid, insightful posts. You guys should be writers. Very, very interesting to read. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to share with us. Really good stuff

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